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One of the best ways to quickly expand an overseas US military job search - especially during a hiring freeze - is to start a job-club.

Here's a quote from page 10 in the 2011 edition of What Color is Your Parachute:

During and following a Recession, the methods we use successfully to find a job when times are good - sending out resumes, plying the Internet looking for job postings from employers - don't work very well at all when times are tough. We need new strategies, new thinking. That's what (Parachute) is about. A lot of people are finding jobs; why shouldn't you be among them? Lazy people who don't really want jobs use the above methods, and probably end up spending more time surfing the Internet than actually applying for jobs.

If you really, really, really, really need a job ... use a job club.

The reason job clubs work so well - is because they employ social networking methods that are very similar to the digital social media sites that are so popular these days: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so forth.

Mr. Bolles added references to the social media sites noted above in the latest edition of his Parachute book - but his job club method has been telling job seekers to leverage the work of other people (which is what the social media web sites do) since the book came out in print in the 1970s.

Here's how it works ...

The more the merrier - or not - doesn't matter. Don't place too many limitations on your new overseas US military job club. Some people may tell you that many members are better than few. But if all you have in your area is a small group with three or so people - or even two, you and a friend in your housing area - go with that to take advantage of the elbow grease of other human beings.

On that note, the more members you have in your club, will mean that much more work for you - as you supply each other with information about your job search. Additionally, the actual number of members may not mean much after you start losing people as they find jobs.

Parachute suggests a group with "about seven other job-hunters" who will help you identify "subjects or fields of interest to you in the town or city where you" live - using a paper or online installation telephone book.

Regardless of club size - all group members research and provide all other group members with contact and background information about potential employers found in the base phone book. And then you, the individual job seeker, visit or call "the employers listed ... to ask if they are hiring for the type of position you can do, and do well" (p. 42 in Parachute).

Bear in mind that the end result should be fun and produce a job for everyone.

Where to meet. A basic club would meet in someone's home that has a fast Internet connection, for example. Or in a fast food restaurant that has free wireless Internet and refillable coffee cups (don't eat the fast food - that will just make you fat). Your local community activity center or library could also be a possible meeting location - just don't forget to whisper in the library?

Tweet it. Another method for a group that is on-the-go is to tweet updates and ideas to each other via Twitter. You can have your normal group meetings at physical locations, of course, and then tweet the results to each other at distant locations as often as necessary.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it: A neat little Twitter job search trick.

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