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What Jobs for 13 year Olds ?what job suits me

Are you looking for a job and asking yourself what job suits me ?

When I was 13 my Dad owned a shop in Rangiora South Island New Zealand.

After school every day and late night Thursday I would work for $13 a week !

I enjoyed having my own money like most of you want to do .

It can be hard getting work at your age , however it can be done.

There were 2 13 yr old writing in asking about work so I looked it up on Google.

33,000 13 year olds, up to 248,000 a month for 15 year olds looking for work.

There are many ways of earning money so I will do the best I can to help you.

Please do me a favour and let me know if you do get a Job!

First of all though I need you to follow STEP 1.

I need a Job

Children start young these days!
Children start young these days!

Step 1 For finding a Job

Make sure you look presentable for a position and your manners are very good with no swearing

and you are polite.

When you are asked to do jobs around the house or garden, instead of complaining ( like we all did!)

look at the jobs as work experience you can put in your resume .

If you are good at making beds , cleaning , the washing or cooking then these are future job opportunities!

If you haven't started smoking then try not to start as a lot of people prefer to hire non smokers.

You will save a lot of money not buying smokes as well as save on health care later + not smell of

smoke etc.

Prove that you are Reliable Honest , kind with a sense of humour and you will find work.

People will be drawn to your friendly personality !

Be well dressed

Smile !
Smile !

Step 2 For finding Work

Get a pen & pad, sit down in a quiet spot .

Write down all the things you are good at , have helped your mum with over the years.

Have you babysat for someone ? Helped paint a room ? Helped your Dad clean a car or changed a tyre ?

Are you good at helping your Mum in the kitchen ?

Can you make great biscuits or a cake ?

Write down all your strengths and also 1 weakness you have that you need to work on.

Have someone type out or do it yourself a list of jobs you have done,

Acievements at school and people you have done odd jobs for as a reference for employees.

Ask 2 adults for a character reference as well.

Promote yourself !

Get it known that this polite friendly hard worker is serious about work .

Now you have worked out as an example you have helped your mum cook tea & funny enough you enjoy it then maybe there is a job out there in this field that will suit you !

Make adverts up on your computer .If you dont have a printer then attach it to an email and go to an internet cafe!.

I will give you some examples of adverts.

USE THE SPELL CHECKER- no slang ok !

Job Ideas

 Create work for yourself and work your own hours.

Offer to do letterbox drops for a few local businesses at the same time . Charge them all a good rate.

Start a lawn mowing/ weeding/ window cleaning round .

Car washing or detailing.

Picking up dog poo ( some make a lot of money doing this!)

Offer your services at a local market . See if you can get your own stall or share with someone

Everyone is pressed for time during the holidays. You could offer a personal shopping service, either at the mall or online, to buy and wrap Christmas gifts for busy customers. Imagine the fun of getting paid to go shopping.

 How about offering busy parents a home-cooked meal either made at their home or delivered just in time for dinner? This would be especially appreciated around the hectic holiday season.

When you're advertising or talking to customers, stress that it's cheaper than take-out and healthier too!

Christmas and Thanksgiving usually means lots of company for some of your neighbors. Ask your parents and relatives if they know of any one who might hire you to help get the house cleaned and ready for company.

Or you could offer to put up holiday decorations or hang Christmas lights outside. There is actually a lawn service in my town that puts up and stores Christmas lights for its customers


Jobs with animals

Teens who are fond of animals can enjoy and get paid by dog walking. This job is perfect for teenagers as long as they love dogs. Most people do not have time to walk their dogs and they usually pay others to do the job.

What about a pet minding service while people are on holidays, collect their mail, water plants etc.

Feed fish, the family pet rat, I fed horses, alpaca"s , dogs , a snake !

Some make money picking up dog poo in the neighborhood!

A dog washing service .

Type of Job

What type of Job do you want ?

See results without voting

Creative Jobs

If you can bake then you can offer to supply a local store or make your own round of businesses to sell to.

Or sell them at a market stall or online.

Some jobs that can help teens earn money are the ones that need creativity such as drawing or writing jobs. Teenagers with talent in drawing can check the local hotels and inns that need outdoor works or illustrations for parties. They may need artistic jobs for craft items, which need to be finished in free time.

If you are good at sewing  or knitting design your own creations to sell.

Job Ideas for 15 year olds

Once you are 15 then you can be hired at a large variety of places.

Good training is available at the places like Mcdonalds , Hungry Jacks etc for young ones and you can go on to be a manager.

Look at what interests you most

Office work

Shop assistant




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bushraismail 5 years ago from ASIA

i sent a mail for your email address..hoping to see an answer!!

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