Business and Jobs in Historic Delaware


Employment Resources in Delaware

The state of Delaware offers numerous employment opportunities in the fields of

  • Air Flight and Airplane Mechanics and Crews,
  • Information Technology (IT) and the
  • Healthcare Industry.
  • Parts of the Travel and Tourism Industry are considerable in this state and there is a need also for
  • Personal Financial Advisors and
  • Skilled Workers,especially in Trades and Oil & Gas.

Airplane Pilots and Crew, and Airplane Mechanics, along with Information Technology Engineers and Technicians are in High Demand.

State Of Delaware: 2,489 Square Miles On the Atlantic Ocean, With 28 Miles of Coastline

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A markerDover DE -
Dover, DE, USA
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Capital of the state, founded in 1683 by William Penn.

B markerWilmington DE -
Wilmington, DE, USA
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Largest city in the state. Over half of the Fortune 500 companies call Wilmington their corporate home. First settled in 1638 by Swedish families.

C markerDover AFB -
Dover AFB, DE, USA
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State Bird: Blue Hen Chicken Was a Revolutionary War Emblem

Historic Attractions

The Dairy Queen at Fenwick Island was opened in 1954 and remains a popular attraction, located nearby several Colonial mansions from the days of the Original Thirteen Colonies.

  • Dover International Speedway - Dover, Delaware. NASCAR events.
  • Fenwick Island - This town includes approximately 400 residents in addition to vacation accommodations and many things to do. The community offers the southernmost beach in the state, with crabbing, fishing, swimming, and other outdoor sports.Its historic lighthouse was built in 1856. A State Park lies to the north and wildlife refuges sit to the northwest.
  • First State National Monument - First National Park in Delaware, location in the Dover-Wilmington Area.
  • Fort Delaware - Pea Patch Island.

Miles the Monster at Dover Speedway.
Miles the Monster at Dover Speedway. | Source
A markerFenwick Island Lighthouse, Delaware -
Lighthouse Rd, Fenwick Island, DE 19944, USA
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Area of First National Monument and Park

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A markerWilmington DE -
Wilmington, DE, USA
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B markerNew Castle DE -
New Castle, DE 19720, USA
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C markerDover DE -
Dover, DE, USA
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D markerLewes DE -
Lewes, DE, USA
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E markerPea Patch Island - Fort Delaware - Delaware City -
Pea Patch Island, Delaware 19706, USA
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F markerFenwick Island -
Fenwick Island, DE, USA
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Fort Delaware


Pea Patch Adventures

Fort Delaware, pictured above, is on Pea Patch Island. It is an attractive spot to visit during the spring and summer months. The state has a ferry to transport visitors to the historic fort from Delaware City.


Employers of Largest Numbers of Workers in the State

  1. JPMorgan Chase - Banking and Investments
  2. Barclays - Financial Products and Investments
  3. Judge Group
  4. Marriott
  5. C.R. England - Trucking, Freight and Transport
  6. DuPont - Chemicals and new drugs
  7. Christiana Health Care
  8. University of Delaware - Education and Healthcare
  9. Yuma Medical Center - Education and Healthcare
  10. Astra Zeneca Pharma - Drug developers and manufacturers
  11. State Division of Aging and Adults
  12. General Motors - Automotive Industry
  13. Mountaire Farms
  14. Port of Wilmington

Job Titles in Highest Demand

  1. Project Manager
  2. Occupational Therapists
  3. Business Analyst
  4. Physicians - All Specialties
  5. Customer Service Representative
  6. Physical Therapists
  7. Salespeople and Product Demonstrators
  8. Internal Medicine - Physician
  9. Javas and .Net Developers
  10. Registered Nurses - RN License
  11. IT Engineers
  12. Truck Driver - CDL
  13. Electrical, Mechanical and Design Engineers
  14. Outside Sales Reps
  15. Psychiatrists
  16. Electricians and Helpers
  17. Retail Managers

Newark, Delaware
Newark, Delaware | Source

Top Micro-Cities

The city of Wilmington, Delaware is recognized in the Top 10 Micro-Cities in the North America. It is in a historic region among busy commerce and political centers. Wilmington is an excellent site for finding a job in Information Technology (IT), Healthcare Professions, and Retails Sales at all levels.

Job Titles Expected to Increase Openings to 2022

  1. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers
  2. Home Health Aides (HHAs) - See Patient Care Technician
  3. Trades and Extraction Supervisors - Especially in Oil & Gas
  4. Welders and Construction Trades
  5. Laboratory Technicians
  6. Computer Systems Analysts
  7. Registered Nurses
  8. Licensed Practical Nurses
  9. Food Service Jobs
  10. Nursing Assistants

Delaware: The First US State

State Flag
State Flag

Green Business and Sustainable Energy

DELAWARE ENERGY is a company that offers employment opportunities in four major types of sustainable energy sources and production, including the following list:

  1. Photovoltaic
  2. Solar Water Heating
  3. Geothermal
  4. Wind

Related energy resources and careers can be found at:

Renewable Energy Programs

Canals in Delaware City, Delaware.
Canals in Delaware City, Delaware.

Sports and Higher Education

Sports Related Opportunities in Delaware

The following sites are gateways into sports and related activities in Delaware that offer exciting career opportunities.

Higher Education in Delaware

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