Tips on Jobs in Perth !

So you want a Job in Perth !

There are a lot of people looking for a job in Perth right now so you can expect sometimes 2 interviews for the one job.

The first one is just to look at you , chat for 5 minutes and decide if they want you to return for the proper interview the next day which means 2 trainfares and parts of 2 days for 1 potential job which then there could be 15 after the same job !

Have fun & keep reading for some tips !

Bellringing is a tough job ! Bell tower Perth.
Bellringing is a tough job ! Bell tower Perth.
One of the latest jobs going in Perth !!
One of the latest jobs going in Perth !!

Writing a cover letter for job application

1. Create three paragraphs on one page. First, state the job you
want. Second, list your qualifications. And third, clearly and
directly ASK for the opportunity to be interviewed for the job.

2. Limit each paragraph to three or four well-written sentences.

3. Leave generous margins so there's plenty of white space and be
sure to double space between paragraphs.

4. Help the reader see at a glance what you wish to say by using
numbers or bullets.

5. Bold-face the first sentence of each paragraph to capture

6. Read through to catch errors, then print it out for one final

7. Remember, a one-page carefully-crafted cover letter has the best
chance of hitting the "Bull's-Eye!"

Sales Jobs

I have enjoyed working in a few jobs such as wine club memberships in shopping centers doing free wine tasting

Insurance sales calling on self employed workers and providing them with accident insurance cover

also Car sales in a car yard .

I enjoyed Being a manager for storage units , Helping people with their storage needs, Customer service ,improving the sales quota.

It makes life interesting having the diferent jobs , however I didn't realize until recently that the reason I moved around a lot & changed jobs was because I have Adult ADHD.

Now I know about it, it is something I am working on.

My one major problem is for the first time ever i have a female manager who says its all in my head -- True but not in the sarcastic way she means .



Telemarketing Jobs

There are many telemarketing jobs in Perth.

Make sure if you want to be trained properly and have a fair chance of a good position you look for a job within a company.

Ask the questions

Do we get proper training for this position not just going through a script then left alone on the phones ?

Are we giving a fair trial with the position ?

Is it full time /part time or just casual so you can rely on the position ?

Is there a good office to work in with ventilation ?

If you see adverts without a company name such as the one in the Perth Paper by Merchant Samplers there is a good chance they have a very high turnover of staff .

The training is short and no training on the phone at all or listening in to other calls .

If you have not made a sale in the first few hours there is no second chance .

Check the Perth Classifieds on Wednesday and Saturdays for jobs.


There are many jobs in hospitality  going in Perth ranging from

Chef positions

Bar attendents

Waiters/ waitresses

and much more.

Make sure you are being paid the correct wage and having the right breaks that you are owed.

Travellers Auto Barn

Car Detailers - Required all branches

Job responsibilities:

  • Supporting the flee/brancht manager in delivering and checking in vehicles
  • Managing camping gear stock
  • Cleaning and detailing vehicles
  • Preparing/scheduling delivery of vehicles
  • Maintaining Quality Control of vehicle delivery

Skills & Experience

  • Good organizational skills
  • Positive and outgoing work ethic
  • Can respond well to deadlines and pressure
  • Previous experience in detailing/panel beating is a definite advantage
  • A good level of fitness will benefit
  • Minor mechanical & panel repairs an advantage

Working hours

  • Daily 8AM to 6 PM
  • Sometimes weekends

Getting a Job in Perth

 Be aware that the Western Australian has the most jobs advertised on a Wednesday and Saturday .

Make sure if you are serious about a position that you are up early and dressed ready in case of an opportunity for an interview.

Have a pad , pen, phone credit ready and get the paper early.

Find a quiet spot to read the job adverts.

Mark out ,then write the contact details of the jobs you want to apply for on your pad.

Make sure you call up in the time they specify and as early as you can in that time.

Try make an interview as soon as you can keeping in mind travel time.

The Phone call for a Job.

Talk clearly and with a smile !

Introduce yourself and the reason for your phonecall, if a name is mentioned in the advert then ask for him/her by name.

Ask for the interview  thats the reason for your call.

Also ask when the position starts as if it isn't available for a few weeks you could miss out on an earlier position.

Walk around the shops !

After you have finished with the paper and any interviews then walk around the shops while still dressed up in your good clothes.

There are jobs advertised in the shop windows.

"Hairdresser Wanted"

"Cashier needed ASAP"

"Waitress required "

are a few I have seen in the last few days.

If there are no signs in the places you like the idea of working at then call in and ask to see the manager with your resume.

Cleaning these windows would be interesting & a bit scary ! Need to pay well !
Cleaning these windows would be interesting & a bit scary ! Need to pay well !

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Fullerman5000 profile image

Fullerman5000 6 years ago from Louisiana, USA

I worked in a call center and it is true that when on the phone a smile changes the tone to a positive feeling. it makes for great conversations and a chance to better yourself.

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