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Would you like more customers ?

You have a business in Brisbane - Cairns - Darwin - Melbourne - Perth or in New Zealand -United Kingdom or the United States and you are keen to have more loyal customers that just keep coming back?

As well as them coming back they bring friends family, tell their neighbors until business is booming !

Maybe you own a coffee shop with the best coffee in town

or Restaurant with delicious mouth watering meals

boat cruise somewhere spectacular

horse or camel riding along the beach

hot air balloon rides

go karting

4 wh driving tour

surfing lessons and many more !

You would love more customers , however you are not sure where to start , how to attract them to YOUR business

Well we are here to help you and your customers !

Dynamic Rewards will help you get going and start recieving new customers !

Sign up today and let us help you get started today !

Have you been looking to build your own loyalty program? Look no further because Dynamic Rewards has a solution for you.

Dynamic Rewards solutions offer you a range of loyalty applications.

Maybe you’re a stand alone retailer looking for simple customer tracking, sales value reports and basic demographic information.

Alternatively you could be a multi store supermarket or franchise group with thousands of outlets. Dynamic Rewards has the solution.can offer your business its own loyalty program with all the features embodied in the full blown Dynamic Rewards coalition loyalty program.

These include individual point of sale materials

which can include calls to action or special registration offers, personalised customer registration forms, cash register stickers, table tents, staff badges and more.

Dynamic Rewards can also supply you your own range of custom membership cards. No matter what the volume, from 200 to 2 million, Dynamic Rewards can supply you with amulti application tracking membership card.

These can be personliased with your customers name or just a card number. Personalised cards increase your brand awareness in your customers mind and help with generating repeat visits

How Dynamic Rewards works.

 Sign up and create an offer a discount for your customers.

Agree to our success only fee - only pay when the customers come rolling in.

Send us your logo  so we can set up your Daily online Promotion and other marketing


We then sell your offer and  issue vouchers so you can verify all your sales.

When your customers purchase from you we provide them with Dynamic Reward points which they then redeem online  from our catalogue once they have enough!

You recieve your money in 7 days directly to your account !

Watch the sales roll in NO UPFRONT COSTS!

Dynamic Rewards Daily Deals allow you to reach over 200,000 target customers with your special offer to increase foot traffic and sales.
If we don’t sell any of your limited time vouchers you don’t pay –it’s that simple!

Why not give it a go !

Daily Deals is an exciting opportunity for businesses to increase sales without the costs involved with traditional print, flyer and shopper docket advertising.

How to process Dynamic Rewards eftpos terminal transactions

Customers love a good coffee !
Customers love a good coffee !

Business survey for new customers !

Would you like us to help you get more customers for your business ?

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