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Rather than be on my own rather share the fun!
Rather than be on my own rather share the fun!

Looking for team members

Hi, I am about to start a new venture with Herbalife and I am looking for team members to join us !

There are a few reasons for this.

One of them being the fact that I believe I have adult ADHD and I have read testimonials about this product helping many people so I am keen to try it myself !

It has helped people with fibromyalgia which my mother has got .

The business is worldwide and you get an international licence which will help with travel so if you want to earn while traveling this will be great for you !

Or like the idea of making money from home .

What I would like in a team member .

Hopefully there is someone out there keen & enthusiastic ,friendly & sense of humor with a laptop and about $350 to start their own business and join us in this adventure.

Maybe you are keen to lose weight your self or would like to try their range of products.


As well as ongoing training provided there are a collection of items designed to help you sell more products, promote your business and recruit new distributors into your team. These items will increase your visibility and brand awareness leading to more customers and higher profits.following are methods used to generate an enquiry that you can convert into customers.

Meet new friends worldwide !

 It will be fun to meet with a group of people that have worked together somewhere in the world when we are all earning good money,

Enjoyed the satisfaction of helping others with their health/weight problems wherever they may be in the world .


"It's a great feeling when people thank you for helping to change their lives for the better."*

  • "He used to be a bartender - she cleaned houses and did part time clerical work. Now multi millionaires"*

  • "Herbalife supports its Distributors like no other I know."*

Former Teacher and Ex Personnel Consultant stay focused and regularly achieve over 10,000 volume points per month.*

  • "Working the hours we want to at home, on the beach!"*


Would you like to join us ?

Would you like to be part of the group ?

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    Helping with ADHD

    I am going to be taking the products personally as I believe I have Adult ADHD and have read testimonials on the Guarana , how it has helped a lot of children & Adults.

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