Justice for Girls Online Job Application

Justice for Girls is owned by the same company as the popular Limited Too and together these stores make up the Tween Brand enterprise. These are the stores every little girl in the 7 to 14 age group wants to shop at and their fashions set the trends every season of the year. With stylish clothing that is lit up with color and personality, these stores are routinely shopped by young girls and their families.

All of this popularity with their specialized customer base equals out to a very stable work opportunity for those who fit into the Justice image. If you have never been into one of these stores, it is best to go there and see the type of clothing they sell for young girls, their price points, and the type of employees they typically hire to work on their sales floors. Since they cater to a younger crowd that typically enjoys fashion, they tend to hire employees who fit that image as well.

Depending on the type of position you are after and what your job qualifications are, you can likely sign up for a free site membership at the Tween Brands career website and apply for any available position that catches your eye simply by filling out a Justice For Girls online job application.

Job Positions At Justice for Gilrs

In-Store Positions

Positions working inside a Justice store typically center on Sales Associates who are responsible for catering to the customers and restocking the clothing and other items on the shelves as well as Lead associates who are responsible for training employees and making sure everything within the store runs smoothly.

There are no educational requirements beyond a high school diploma for cashiers or basic floor sales positions but you will need some experience working retail if you want a position as Assistant Sales Lead or Sales Lead. These positions monitor over those in standard sales positions and will affect the pace and attitude of others on the sales floor. These positions are essentially management positions.

Corporate Level Positions

You can also see all of the specialized and corporate level positions open at various Justice for Girls locations by visiting the Tween Brands career website. You can find positions ranging from Graphic Designer to Assistant Buyer on the site and after registering you can post your resume and apply for these positions directly.

Applying To Justice For Girls

The Tween Brands career website offers detailed descriptions of each available position from Assistant Sales Lead up on the site, as well as a list of qualifications for each position. This is a great place to find more lucrative opportunities with Justice in your local area or if you are ready to relocate for a better position. You can easily apply for these by filling out an online job application.

If you are interested in basic Sales associate positions, you may be better off visiting your local Justice store and asking for an application. If you see a new store coming up in your area you may also be able to gain applications from the customer service desk in the mall it will be located in. These positions are not readily listed on the Tween Brands career website.

Justice workers receive all of the standard medical benefits include a 401K option and vacation, holiday, and sick days off each year. These stores offer a fun yet professional environment where employees are expected to be very friendly to clients of all ages and an upbeat personality is appreciated. If Justice For Girls sound like the place you would like to work simply fill out a Justice For Girls online application and start on the path to a great career.

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Comments 19 comments

mikaela winn 6 years ago

i want be a modle for justice so bad and i am 10,in the 5th grade and i am very smart have a nice smile

profile image

jonasla 6 years ago

ilove justet it is so cool

Taylor Lucas 5 years ago

I want to work hear because I have absolutely no job!

Norka Lopez 5 years ago

I saw your store and I would like to be part of the staff in this Company. I had been worked in Gift shop before and I have the experience to work with customer service, sales associate and cash register. I am reallyyy interesting in any opportunity that this store have available. So I learn faster and I have the quality that Speak other language as a English and Spanish.

Brianna 5 years ago

Need a job

rose  5 years ago

hey i really want to be a justice model i live in lake worth,florida and the closest store to me is the one in the wellington green mall

profile image

taylorgalan 5 years ago

i am ten and am in the 5th grade and would like to be a justice model for the magazines i have light brown hair and caramel blonde highlights with feathers

Kassidy  5 years ago

I am 14 and need a job, I have been looking for jobs that would Hire unexperienced minor. I'm looking for a part-time job. I'm going into High School this year and need to start saving up for college. Please Ge back to me as soon as possible.

Thank you,


yessica FERNANDEZ 5 years ago


jada haynes 5 years ago

i want to work here because im a good hard worker and i need the money i go to ywlcs high

katya 5 years ago

I need this job so much please i will work my hardest!

bubbles 5 years ago

i want to get the online application to so i won't have to go to the store to fill out the process

Kiara Marin 5 years ago


shalyn 5 years ago

i love justice !!!!!!

aftab 4 years ago


Alex 4 years ago

I am 16 years old , I need a job . I am highly reliable, resposible and very optimistic. I am good to work with and I go to MHS Mustang High School. My best friend works at Justice and says it's a good job so here I am looking for an opportunity.

Lindsay Case 4 years ago

Hi, i'm Lindsay i love justice it's my favorite store ever!

I'm ten in the fifth grade. I really would like to be a justice model i love peyton list she was a good model i look up to her. I always go to justice every chance i get to. i think i have a good smile i'm really nice and creative and fun. i have brown hair, and i have all of the magazines too so i hope you can get back to me. Lindsay :) (:

Athene 3 years ago

I am nine years old going on to ten soon I am in fourth grade and an inexperienced model but do have the looks for one and will be easy to work with I really want to be a justice model and will b willing to move if needed by the I live in buffalo. I am very happy and have bronet hair with natural highlights I have dark brown eyes and am up for the job


hannah 2 years ago

Hi my name is Hannah I am hoping toscore a modling job at justice. I am 12 with brown hair, freckles and blue eyes . I have no experience in modeling but I am a dancer. Let me know at 16_hannahcarter@vvms.org

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