Keeping your Facebook Page Professional

Keep your FaceBook Business Page on Point

Think business casual. People like a business that seems to be on the same wavelength. They enjoy a little humor and some response to their posts on a business page. It is best, however, to have a personal social media page which is separate from your business page. It is also best not to post the same things to both! What some people put on their private page is not suitable for their business pages.

Too much familiarity on a Facebook business page sends up red flags. I see it most often with newer entrepreneurs. They may have a personal page and a business page, but the posts get intermingled and (trust me on this one) it's ugly. I'll give you some examples on the next segment.

Your Facebook business page should reflect an attitude and persona that instills confidence. It should not be stuffy, neither should it be too familiar. Following are some do's and don'ts for running a social media business page.

Social Media Business Pages Do's and Don'ts


  • Present a friendly but professional image.Being upbeat, witty, and friendly are all good on a business page-within reason.
  • Interact with your customers and potential customers. Acknowledge them and have a very active presence on social media.
  • Hire someone to do your social media if you do not have the patience or time to devote to dealing with different types of people.
  • Promote without shoving your company or business page down everyone's throat. It is also wise to promote other businesses. This may not seem to be a wise move, but it is. Promote businesses that compliment your own. This does not mean promote the competition.
  • Be relevant. If you are a graphic artist, for example, stay within that scope with everything you post on social media.
  • Admit mistakes. Be cordial and apologize. This doesn't mean you have to grovel, just make amends and right the wrong.


  • Don't Have your mother, lover, husband, girlfriend, (you get the picture) replying on all of your posts. No one, and I do mean no one should be referring to you as "sweetie", "Boo", "Honey" or any other pet name. It's a business page, okay?
  • Don't engage in a war of words with anyone on your list of followers. It's ugly, it's unprofessional, and it WILL lose you business. There will be unsatisfied customers. Don't take it personally. Deal with it in a professional manner
  • Don't get too familiar with your posts. Just as no one should be calling you pet names, under NO circumstances should you be calling your customers "Toots", or "Babe", or anything else that is similar.
  • Don't confuse a hobby with a business. If you are trying to project a serious business project, then be professional. That doesn't mean you have to be stuffy, but professional. Remember that a business man/woman adheres to certain etiquette while working and another once they are off work.
  • Don't expect everything to be peaches and cream. There will be difficult customers. There will be negative posts (which you can delete, or deal with in a professional manner). In fact, just like every other aspect of business, there will be good days and bad. Stay neutral and do not lose your temper.
  • Don't act like you know everything. Customers and other business people can teach us plenty. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn and help your business grow. There are some people who have been in business and had an online presence long before you. Learn and grow.

I've Seen it Done

I've been on Facebook since it's debut. I've also been on Twitter. I have seen so very many unnecessary mistakes. While no one is perfect, and everyone has to start somewhere in social media, it is best to start on the right foot. Keep a professional mindset when on Facebook or Twitter business pages. Keep the dirty jokes, crude comments, political stance, and disagreements on your personal page.

There are social media experts who can help if you are unsure of what to put and what not to put on a social media business page. It can also be done by you, as long as you remember that business is business and your personal life doesn't belong on your business page.

What is your reaction to Facebook business pages that are too personal?

  • Negative reaction
  • Positive reaction
  • Don't know/Don't care
  • Depends on the type of business
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The Basics of a Facebook Business Page

Businesses who are new to Social Media, as well as those new to business make some very common and very big mistakes. Some of these may seem absurd, but I have seen this happen all too often. Here are some things you should avoid at all costs.

  1. Engaging a potential customer in a war of words. Really? Yes, it does happen. This is usually when a brand spanking new business tries to incorporate a personal FaceBook page and one for their Business. People WILL say things you may tend to take personally, don't.
  2. Keep your Wife, Husband, Lover (you get the picture) OFF of your Facebook Business page. Would you buy from a business that had someone constantly commenting on their posts with pet names like "Boo Boo", or "Honey Pie"? This type of behavior does not instill confidence in the customer (or potential customer) that they are dealing with someone who takes it seriously. Again, yes, I have seen it done.
  3. Pursuing some personal vendetta via a Facebook Business Page. I know what you are thinking: "Oh C'mon now. People don't actually do that". Yes, yes they do,, and it's very unprofessional.
  4. Try to avoid posting every few minutes. This is very annoying and people will tend to change their settings to only follow the "important" updates. Remember that Facebook decides what deems importance.
  5. When (if) you get to the point where you are making good sales, please do not tell your followers about each and every one of them. If you must, recap and say something like "Had ten sales today and couldn't be happier". If you insist on shouting out about every sale, at least mention the person who bought the item or items.

Mixing private with it wise?

Do you think that business pages should be friendly, but professional?

  • Yes, a little familiarity can be good, but business is business
  • Nope, throw it all out there. Let the potential consumer see who they are dealing with
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BobbyMartian profile image

BobbyMartian 3 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

Great hub, thanks for that

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vibesites 3 years ago from United States

Thanks for sharing, Veronica. Great list of "do"'s and "don'ts". Voted up and useful. :)

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Mynde 3 years ago from Lithuania

Interesting article. Especially I liked the don'ts part. These rules should be kept everywhere in business not only in social networks.

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