Kevin Trudeau Fraud or Consumer Advocate?

Kevin Trudeau - Fraud or Consumer Advocate?

Kevin Trudeau is well known amongst television and news headlines. You may have even seen him by scanning the channels looking for something to watch. He's often part of infomercials late at night promoting his latest books. Some of these ads includes panels of women, including Playboy playmates, who've assembled to discuss unknown ways to reduce your debt, or natural remedies for health ailments. Trudeau has become rich in many ways, including his latest entrepreneurial endeavors as a consumer advocate author, pitching his books via infomercials. The jury's always been out on whether or not Kevin Trudeau is an entrepreneur or fraud though, due to some of the claims he's made within his various books. In fact, Kevin has already been convicted of fraud and larceny in the early 90's, and the Federal Trade Commission has repeatedly had lawsuits against him. This article will give some background on Kevin Trudeau, his products, conviction, lawsuits and other history.

Infomercial Entrepreneur Kevin Trudeau


About Kevin Trudeau

Kevin Trudeau's age is 46 years old as of this writing and he grew up in Lynn, Massachusetts. Ironically he was voted most likely to succeed in his high school class, but went on to serve time for criminal activity in the 90's. In the year 1990, Trudeau had posed as a doctor so he could deposit $80,000 in fake checks, then plead guilty to larceny in 1991. Trudeau had also swindled customers who bought his mega-memory product via credit card. Kevin used the credit cards to run up over $100,000 in charges.

He partnered with his cellmate from prison to join a multi-level marketing company (MLM) called Nutrition for Life. Trudeau and his business associate were quite successful, until they were sued by Illinois and seven other states for running an alleged pyramid scheme. Trudeau along with his company settled with all states for $185,000.

Kevin Trudeau Infomercials & Lawsuits

After his criminal activity and lawsuits, Trudeau began his infomercial career, as he produced and starred in the 30 minute or so advertisements. These included all sorts of products such as dietary health supplements, ways to break your addictions, real estate investment guides and a memory-improvement course. These ads were frequently seen late nights on television and began to bring Trudeau more revenue. Trudeau was again hit by the FTC's, as they fined him for making inaccurate representations and claims in his ads. An out of court settlement saw Trudeau agree not to use infomercials to promote products, as well as settling for $2 million. The large settlement was due to claims in his Natural Cures that a coral calcium product could actually cure cancer, and that Biotape could cure or reduce severe pain.

Kevin claims that his early criminal charges for stealing other people's money and his prison time inspired him to change his ways and to do things to help people. His most recent legal troubles came in 2007, again as the FTC went after him for making exaggerated claims. This time it was for his book "Weight Loss Cure", as Kevin claimed it included an easy to follow system for weight loss. However, the book's weight loss plan was more complex than he made it sound, including the use of a daily drug injection. Trudeau was forced to pay millions in royalties he had received from the sales of the book in a settlement for consumers.

Kevin Trudeau's Books

Since Trudeau could not promote products via infomercials he began to write and sell books via infomercials instead. Books were not part of the list of products Kevin was banned from promoting. Most of his titles include "They Don't Want You to Know About", usually referring to the federal government, health care industry, banks, or various agencies. Trudeau's health publications include:

"Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About" (2005)

"The Weight-Loss Cure They Don't Want You to Know About" (2007)

Trudeau's Natural Cures was a New York Times bestseller for about 25 weeks, and sold more than five million copies. The book gives home remedies and natural cures that supposedly create everything from acid reflux disease to Multiple Sclerosis. It was also the source of the aforementioned 2007 lawsuit from the FTC which went after Trudeau for making several exaggerated and inaccurate claims.

Kevin Trudeau's latest books are "Debt Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About", which discusses ways consumers can eliminate their various debts, and "Free Money They Don't Want You to Know About". In Kevin Trudeau's Free Money, he claims to provide consumers and average Americans with all sorts of free government funds or money that is available simply by completing applications. In his "Free Money" infomercial he tells viewers who order they'll receive "Debt Cures" and another pamphlet free of charge.

Bestseller or Scam Artist?

The jury's obviously been back and forth on Kevin Trudeau. While he has settled numerous lawsuits, it seems as if he has a history of promoting books or methods with exaggerated or even inaccurate claims. There's been plenty of consumer complaints lodged against Trudeau as well, so you are always at risk if you choose to purchase any of his products full price from the infomercials.

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BRU-117 7 years ago

Please can anyone tell me about Kevin Trudeau's new book " Free Money " I hear it's a lot like the rest of the stuff he sells It's a big bag B.S. I found out he was arested and jailed for fraud! Some cunsumer advocate he turned out to be HUH!

Johnyboy profile image

Johnyboy 7 years ago

Reading this hub I would bet on fraud theme.

I hate the "consumer advocate" phrase. It sounds like hype all over. I can't imagine someone making school only for that. Otherwise how would you become an advocate? Haha


Brittinii 7 years ago

I bought the DEBT CURES & FREE MONEY  after watching an infomercial late at night. When I called in to order those 2 books only, 20 minutes later I was still turning down more items that the salesperson insisted I needed. When I received my books and free newsletter I noticed I was charged $23.90 shipping and handling. I called to return my books and discuss this ridiculous S&H charge, I was met with a complete "NO" as to compromising the S&H charge. I had called the US Postal Office to check what the actual charge was for 2 lbs 3 oz. from the shipping point to my address. (Presorted Printed Matter) and they told me $3.16. So needless to say I am being charged over $20.00 for handling. After much arguing the customer service person said the supervisor would call me back today. I ended up calling back today before they closed and was told he was unavailable each time they left and came back to the phone. I was finally offered $10.00 off of shipping and handling if I would keep the order. Well needless to say I lost it after that. I finally received my RMA # and will return my order.I noticed in small print that credit card users would receive a restocking fee.Can't wait to see this. I will fight all charges through my credit card company which has solved these kinds of problems in the past. NEVER,NEVER AGAIN will I ever consider buying anything from this fraud, and warn anyone considering buying DON'T!!!!!! One last word of advice...use a reputable credit card as they will go to bat for you if you have any problems with merchants.

Elusen profile image

Elusen 7 years ago from Indianapolis, IN

Good aritcle, helpful info - Mr. Trudeau makes extraordinary claims to millions of people under almost no scrutiny - it's good to see someone citing facts about him. Thank you!

kargt 7 years ago

Oh my god ! lucky i check this website b4 i order the free money book. thanks for all the information.

j davis 6 years ago

Trudeau has teamed up with fellow paranoiac Alex Jones to write a new book---Tin Foil Hat Styles 'They' Don't Want You to Know About. His newest scam is claiming to be an 'expert' on the New World Order and secret elitist societies. Sadly Trudeau has many defenders. He should be locked up and his assets seized and distributed among his victims. There are hundreds of complaints online about his credit card billing scams.

sororityhousemom profile image

sororityhousemom 6 years ago from Southeast US

I have been tempted to order his books. Thanks so much for the information.

some guy 6 years ago

well i wa trying to get this free money book but not so sure now. i can speak on the debt cures book really does work it was a lot of helpful info in it to help me get out of some of the debt i was in with my cell phone co.

ChillOmBus 6 years ago

Why are you guys so LAME. All I see here is a lot of Wah

Wah Wah. So you're lame a$$ can't afford the handeling and shipping cost, BOO HOO!! But the content is not disputed. Period.

stanleyqpublic 6 years ago

hey ChillOmBus, not everyone is a hooker-like you and the shipping cost is a lot to the genuine & hard working folks on here....SO SHUT UP !!

cabbie  6 years ago

tredaou is right about drug companies there is lots of natural cures for certain things.....

apple cyder vinegar is used for stomach problems and that's just one example

some thigns are an exception that require

drugs form drug comapanies but theres other things that natural remedies can fix

cabbie  6 years ago

as for the ordering on line the shipping costs can be costly .... amazon also has high shipping costs .... i ahd bought a book and i think i also paid up to 20 dollars for shipping n handlin

j davis 6 years ago

While Trudeau may be right about drug companies the fact remains that he is a sociopath that thinks nothing of defrauding people and selling worthless 'products' and now he is hiding behind the first amendment to sell his 'books.' He has displayed absolutely no remorse for his many crimes and has zero credibility with sane people. I love how he whines that he is being 'persecuted' and tries to pose as a consumer 'advocate.' Only an idiot would believe anything Trudeau says.

lsmith 6 years ago

I just love a good infomerical! I recorded 3 new ones last week. Debt Cures "They don't...", Money Cures II "They don't..." and another where Kevie interviews a 'Dr. Barefoot' and says how the good Dr. has been supressed but only now has come out of retirement to save the world with his published works. I love the shiny purple one called "All That Glitters" (me-thinks it's about $gold$, ooooo-shiny!) BTW I'D NEVER PURCHASE ANY OF THESE ITEMS THRU THE INFORMERICAL!! You should just check your library and those Bargin Books shops IF you're curious, but as a friend I must tell you, treat the info like fiction! You wouldn't expect Harry Potter to have the answer to your fungal toe right??

Psychologist 6 years ago

If anyone has any doubt about Gary Trudeau being a psychopath and a fraud, please read the file on one the suits brought against him in the 7Th Circuit Court of Appeals (US), Chicago

lsmith 6 years ago

Woot! There's an even funny infomercial about getting yourself a magic genie to get every thing you ever wanted! Talk about dropping to the deep-end of no-wheres. The info-m last week was about HIS personal genie while speaking to a male interviewer, but the info-m this week was to a female in a library. Now with a changed story and an actual item to display, it's now about someone telling him about the whole genie magic. BRING BACK THE FIRST ONE!! It's so much funnier! Expect part two soon...Kevie promises it will be about making millions & billions of dollars. HEY why doesn't the genie do that with the first part??

Oh well, think of Kevie as Proverbs in action. You know how KT is the dog who returns to his own vomit to eat it.

Avanti 6 years ago

I personally have read both of Kevin's Books on natural cures and have had only positive results. This man discloses the raw facts regarding the health care industry, the FDA, and the FTC, and by all accounts an purposes he is right on cue. In relation to his claims, I made several changes in my everyday habits and numerous dietary changes after reading his books, and the results have been nothing but positive. It seems to me that this site is just another example of what I read in his books, people trying to discredit and label a man who gives honest and real insight into a world that has gone unnoticed for too long. God Bless Kevin Trudeau!!

Stickbo 6 years ago

I understand that people have been frustrated by there bad experiences with shipping & handling charges, and I can understand the reluctants to buy his products because of his criminal history and law suits. Kevin truduea clearly has an ax to grind which explains his claims and angry posture. However, no one can answer the question of the content of the information. I would like and unbiased, objective report, from people who have purchased the material and used it. Please, I just want to know, if the information is applied as instructed will it work or not. 

Anthony Adams-Astengo 6 years ago

Great comments, "Let the buyer beware!" Thank you for the astute observations. I'm warned and will behave accordingly.

j davis 6 years ago

Beware of comments by Trudeau supporters. He has been known to pay people to post positive comments about his so called 'products.' He has paid for positive reviews on Amazon also. Trudeau is no 'consumer advocate' or 'whistleblower.' He is a con man who only wants your money. There are hundreds of complaints online about his fraudulent credit card billing practices.

TRU READER 6 years ago


lsmith 6 years ago

Yippee! There's now a 3rd version of the Magic Genie infomercial. This time KT sweats a lot, the set looks esp. cheap and Skip-pie is back. I love how his site shows him with 'The Secret' author & now Kevie steals from his famous freind's book. Although he claims he'll give you the missing secret for 'The Secret'. What a backstabber!! Now in V.3 he doesn't claim the Skull & Bones society aided in his rise to riches, instead it's the mysterious entity known as 'The Brotherhood'.

*nudge-nudge* I think his paid lackeys put positive messages on this site as well!

chrystal 6 years ago

Wow! All this time I thought that rubbing a raw onion on a hemorroid would make it better. I better stop doing that. LoL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lsmith 6 years ago

V4 of the Magic Genie commercial spied this week! This time Kevie claims he actually heard a genie tell him that his 'wish is his command'. LO screaming L!

Anyrates on his regular platter there's two different brand-spanking new versions of his scam-olious books.

The first features two very scruffy old playboyish ladies who have a hard time looking interested in saying their lines while they pretend to be an actual talk show.

Now the second infomercial puts them with two other women. Two nasty stretch polyester wearing 'bum-bunnies' to the left & two cheaply dressed 'business' women on the right. I never laughed so hard! You've got the 'financial manager' in awe of KT's insight and the clueless 'bum-bunny' in green with her eyes bugging out in amazement of the Forbes-like genius that KT has. OMG it's too much!

C'mon Kevie do more infomercials they get better every week.

kiea 6 years ago

if the book worth getting from a book store or is the info provided in the book false

lsmith 6 years ago

If you're interested in comedy check the book out for free at the library. My fave is 'The Weight Loss Cure They etc'. Best part is the opening page in which KT lets you know the info has been fictionalized for dramatic effect. So is the info false? YES it is, KT says so. And like all good lies some truth is blended in for confusion.

Kevie! Who's riding the limo? What color are the pennies? LOL!

Kimberly  6 years ago


j davis 6 years ago

TRUDEAU=SCAM!! Stay far away from any of his 'books' or 'products.' This sociopath belongs in jail grabbing his ankles for Bubba and Jamal!Now he is back on tv whining like a little girl that the big bad FTC is 'persecuting' him. They should lock him up and seize all of his assets to pay his victims.

Bob R. 6 years ago

Mmmm. I watch several infomercials and thought about buying the book. However, I decided to look on the net to see if this guy is for real. He is real alright, a real fraud. Glad I saved the money. Now I will treat myself to a good steak dinner just like Kevin is doing with all the money he is raking in. LMAO

chach 6 years ago

I happen to like Kevin for exposing the BULLS*** No matter what he has done in his life he is a very knowledgable person. I think that you people just get PISSED cause you think that the Government is FOR THE PEOPLE!!! NOT1111

Take what you want and leave the rest 6 years ago

I bought a copy of The Weight Loss Cure TODAY for a dollar at the thrift store. I read it before and wanted to own it. It has Some valid information, most of which is common sense, but I still weigh over 250 LBs...BUT after reading about what some of you out there went through I AM DAMNED GLAD I DIDN'T GIVE MY CREDIT CARD TO THOSE CHUMPS...IT STILL GOES TO SHOW - IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE - IT PROBABLY IS!

Cheer up- worse things happen at sea!

ribbon lady 6 years ago

I bought several of the KT books at for a small fraction of the infomercial price. Some interesting & helpful info., but he's a poor writer and the books are vastly overpriced. I'd recommend them if you can buy them used, but they absolutely are not worth the original price.

Doug Thompson  6 years ago

Sure like most old guys over 50 I have a hard time falling to sleep from time to time. I bought and actually enjoyed KT's Your Wish is Your Command. Please remember,like any advice, take it for what it is worth. I paid around $300 for the CD set, not much but I spend this on a good meal with a few friends who honestly aren't as entertaining as the CD's. I always enjoy a good read or listen. This CD book was truly fun and I had fun with it! So what if you don't beleive in the guy KT or if he was in jail for overstating his beliefs. No,I am not a paid croney of KT nor do I know the guy except for all his late night commercials. Face it, are you really any worse off? Admit it, he is entertaining!!! Suggestion: Next time you can't sleep because you paid too much for something you saw on TV and bought it on the spur of the moment, spend some on wrinkle cream for your prune faces.

Anna 6 years ago

@Doug Thompson: Must be nice to drop $300 bucks on dinner at a whim or for some cd's at that. But keep in mind most of the people who get suckered into buying his overpriced and poorly written products probably need every spare dime to pay rent and car payments. These people are desperate to change their lives and Kevin knows how to use this desperation against them with his manipulative angles. I'm sure there are some helpful information among his writing but I wouldn't credit him with being some guru who found it all out on his own. Natural remedy's? my grandma can tell you how to cure heartburn with things in her pantry- because it's been known for generations. Conspiracy theory's? I seriously doubt there's anything in there that you can't find out through a little bit of digging in your library and listening to Coast to Coast. (As I'm sure like C2C it's mostly fiction) How to get rich quickly? (Please do we even think about that one)PHONY! Life doesn't work the way he says- if it did we would all have been dropping $300 bucks a dinner long before he got out of jail- the first time.

lynn 6 years ago

just wikipedia his name and you'll see what kind of person he really is.

TruthB 6 years ago

Save yourself from Kevin Trudeau - Stear Clear of GIN May 18 2010

I started laughing once I saw versions of the same article pop up around the Internet the same day. Folks really need to be careful about stuff used trying to make a buzz. The big laugh - finding the 20/20 Kevin Trudeau story 3 years old, folks must be dusting off some old GIN SPIN.

The title: "What’s This Global Information Network Kevin Trudeau Business Really About?" GIN is about lining his pockets. Kevin Trudeau feeds on people who hope he has some secret and who still believe there has to be a way to get rich quick. The secret money maker is Shipping and Handling!

The secret Trudeau does not want you to know about is: he sells stories mixed with nothing new; free means $10 S&H per item; relentless up selling comes with every call; and Mr. Trudeau needs you to pay off a $37 million law suit.

The multilevel marketing is in a tag: The Global Information Network Kevin Trudeau “thing” is causing quite the stir. The message is a mix of conspiracy to silence Mr. Trudeau and implication of media lies topped with the old I'll be the one rich and laughing if you pass up this opportunity. The links in the message point to a pyramids front organization web page. Like a page off of yahoo blog but it is promoting from their multilevel marketing (MLM) program purchase.

Lining pockets off false hope and hard sell pressure. Kevin Trudeau is smart and making money like many snake oil salesmen.

djicu 6 years ago

You have to remember that he is in the business to make money & that's it nothing more.In this day & age you can go on TV, screw people out of millions,be a infomercial celebrity with a criminal record,& everybody just smiles & says,' that's in the past.This is an absolute scam, but then again you think, how did Jim Jones get all those people to follow him to their death & the only conclusion is they believed in him.Make no mistake people this guy is cunning he didn't get this far just to slap some books together he also did his research just like you should do instead of letting other people do it for you.The internet is a vast form of information but be careful on the internet also.My heart goes out to people that have life threatening illnesses that depend on people like Kevin.

sam 6 years ago

well, i've learned something new today. i jumped at the 'your wish is your command' CD set; listened to the entire 14 cd set in 24-hours. the major item learned was that stress can cause a host of diseases. dr. bruce lipton from standford university stated as much about stress. i paid $297 for the set. the bad news is that there were offers made to purchase more things. it was about 4:00 am when i called the infomercial. they offered me a trip to the bahamas for $100. as the offer for the trip continued on, they switched to $897 for the entire 12-day vacation plus economy sized car. i did not appreciate this and other offers suggested while making the purchase for the 14-cd set. although, i'm not purchasing anything else from kevin trudeau, i'll keep in mind what's on my mind (fighting stress).

Mr B 6 years ago

I just happened to surf on his infomercial. The only thing that kept my attention was the blonde playmate. Clever on his part. As for his credability, it doesn't take much to see his lying thru his teeth. He is true Con-Man. I nevr did and never will buy any of his books.All it takes is common sense to see he is a wolf in sheep's clothes. Buyer Beware!!!

"The man" 6 years ago

YOU WANT TO HEAR IT ALL!I called 2 see the payment method and length of the promotion for a perticular infomercial.I told the operator I was broke at the time,but since I called during the half hour segment on t.v. I was told I won a 2 person caribbean cruise to the bahamas.ya!I said get the f#@k outta hear,no way.But the operator was insistent and transferred me to a cruise rep.The rep. tried selling me this cruise and it sounded reasonable but they needed my personal information in order to do secure port taxes out of and back into the country. with 5 dollars to my name and knowing any amount over 100 dollars is a felony if i bounced my account I declined the trip...the attempt at obtaining my information with nothing in writing sent via mail or such is still FRAUD!!!!!HE IS SOON TO BE HISTORY AMERICA.Hope he likes prison....dont fall for his crap.It's all fraud and far fetched...As for his wish is your command 14 cd seminar,...I never heard of such crap.according to him a magical genie you formulate can grant you whatever you desire...if that was the case Kevin Trudeau can afford to give us all each at least 1,000,000.00 dollars...right.he's got a magical genie that can award him and reimberse him,right?and why does it cost at least 3,000 dollars for these cd's?he's rich. cant he afford to drop the price?he's just targeting the rich now.he sure loves his money doesn't he? Kevin Trudeau IS A FRAUD.Period! end of story.

kathy 6 years ago

I am a recent young widow, and I just happen to hear about this book - "Free Money" and thought, I could use all the help that I could get for $19.99. When I called to order the book, the operator never identified the place that I was calling. Then before she could get my name, I asked what the shipping was - thinking maybe $5 at the most, and she told me $11.95. I just informed her that I was not going to let them make money off of me thru high shipping and hung up. Not 10 minutes later someone called my home on a toll free number (I have caller id so I did not answer), did not identify who they were - and since they didn't have my name - could not ask for me by name. I am glad that I found this website - no way will I order anything from these people

Trufaces 6 years ago

Welp ladies and suckers what have learned that you can get any body to believe a jazzed up hype about useless facts you can't prove. I was looking for a way to start my own travel business when my boss tells me that maybe i should order his book which was " a hell no " in the back of my mind. A lot of the people that tell you that you that you can make money or any other soft scam for that matter is about backwards as a writer trying to shove crayons in a copier machine in hopes of getting his finally copy in color.

jason stone 6 years ago

Blame is on both the stupid American CONSUMER and Kevin. America it is your get a quick fix for everything that is ruining this country. Look in the mirror, slow down, smile more often, take a few deep breaths and watch your worries sail away....

Reinaldo ALMEYDA 6 years ago

When i bought the natural cures book i received in the box a letter made just for me to make me rich instantly.thhe book was call the Nouveau tech secret society by mark hamilton 100.00 dollars a book out of three.Now that's a scam they should check out which kevin is involved

Yasser 6 years ago

Well, i agree. KT is a compulsive liar and he would sell his kidney for $19.99 if he could, but I did buy his latest your wish is you command course of eBay for a bargain price, and I must admit, the info is priceless. Yes you may find it somewhere else, but kt is genius when it comes to engaging you to listen and grasp a new concept..

I have a total different outlook on life since I listened to this cd set, me and my wife are much happier now.. I would recommend that you get a used copy if possible of ebay, the info is just great..

Fed Up 6 years ago

The issue with his company charging such an outrageous S&H fee for his book is that makes him and his company after just reading his book Debt Cures and how he says the credit card companies are a rip off for high fees.

BURNED 6 years ago


MyMastiffPuppies profile image

MyMastiffPuppies 6 years ago

Even so called consumer advocates have to pay their bills, but I hate when they try to come off as some sort of protector.

Easy Ed 6 years ago

Trudeau's books are too good to be true. If you want one, go to any library and take it out for a quick read. Trudeau's books should be called ..... Librarians don't want you to read, cause libraries don't stock too much trash. You can find the odd Trudeau book at garage sales for 5 cents on the dollar (not including shipping & handling. That is probably too much, but remember you can barter at these sales. I must say Kevin gets some pretty nice looking bimbos to help him do the marketing on TV.

Knowledge is Power 6 years ago

For everyone's info: In 1994 (could be 1992) The "American Journal of Medicine stated in an article

"that calcium reverses the cancer cell back to normal"

Let me ask all of you, if the cell is normal, are you not

cured? How about thinking for yourselves and doing some

of your own research. Just think, How much money would the Pharmacutical companies and the Hospitals and Doctors

loose if people were to really self treat them selves with coral calcium. The true marine grade kind. They would be destroyed financially. Of course, they do not want you to know the truth. We are talking about Big Business here. I personally have seen with my own eyes, people who had parkinson's disease, cancer, and other diseases be totally relived of all their symptoms. I myself contracted Lyme Disease and could not get adaquate treatment because of my lack of insurance or the right kind of insurance. If it had not been for marine grade coral calcium, I do not know what I would have done. Please note, calcium is a natural substance, so it cannot be patented. So the Pharmacutical companies add a synthetic to it so they can charge high fees for

the prescriptions, Like Lipator or Crestor. Notice is is

----calcium. Calcium, the type that is micronized and iononised, can pass through the intestional wall, therefore be completely absorbed and the body gets the total benefit of it. Only two companies that I know of make true marine grade coral calcium. I believe only one

makes it that is micronized and iononised. You might want to check into this. It is great for so many health issues.

sandiegosam 6 years ago

is this a government web site? where's the millions of people who support him and his exposure of government corruption. keep it going, kevin.

maarinemom 6 years ago

I a shocked, I have read Cures and remmedies and My diabetes is gone and I feel so healthy and full of energy. Go to a health food store and talk to these people. Kevin you are the best and thank you for exposing the FDA and FTC

marinemom 6 years ago

PS I would like everyone to know that I have never met Kevin ( I would like to so I can Thank Him ) and I bought both Natural Cures and remmedies books at an Auction for 5 dollars, I also have a friend that has Diabetes and is now on a heart medication no thanks to the diabetes medicine, I have let him take my books home to read as well i hope he wakes up.. I do not see anything wrong with the vitamins that I am on now and have actually lost weight. Look for these books at Auctions or yard sales if you are afraid to buy them from the imfomercials BUT how much are you spending on your meds that are not curing your ails........and only creating new ones WAKE UP PEOPLE one drug can kill you just type in home remmedies Kevin does not own that site.

mike 5 years ago

Why the heck to the t.v. stations keep putting him on? I mean I know it's about the money but shouldn't the stations themselves be fined in some way? I think everyone should start sending messages to their local stations to get him off the air.

chila 5 years ago

man! i just want to know if this guy was full of s#!t or not? Has anyone actually used his methods about the free money from the government and did they work or was it straight bull s#~t. Do these grants exsist or not and how do you access them? If anyone has any real info about this you can email me @ i'd be very grateful for the information. Thanks ~Chila~from Oregon

Charlotte 5 years ago

The man made some mistakes, granted, but he paid for them. Why can't people just let things go. The other thing is that the pharmaceutical companies are only looking out for one thing - - and it isn't the consumer - - it's the bottom line. Pharmaceutical drugs are full of toxins and chemicals that deplete people of nutrients that are naturally found in the human body, causing people to get sicker, not better. Do I even need to mention the long lists of side effects with these "wonderful" pharmaceutical drugs? I don't think so. They list them during evey one of their commercials. Holistic and homeopathic is the ONLY way to go. Check out the following website:, to learn more. It's the healthier way to go - - and it's the ONLY way to go. Just say "No!" to pharmaceutical medications, and go online to find holistic and supplements that you can buy in your local Vitamin Shoppe, that will help you way better than any pharmaceutical drug can. Here's to everyone's health. Merry Christmas and Happy 2011!

Donna Lemoine 5 years ago

its a scam, nothing in life is ever that easy, u have to work for things or scam people who want to believe in mircales then just believe in God.

Bob 5 years ago

I read his books and iv gone over his site and iv done shit loads of research and all these comments are B.S he a hero and you people are simply ignorant fools with no brain!

annie 5 years ago

I am glad we have people like Kevin How about all the fraud that goes on in the drug companies. They want to drug and medicate everybody from babies to the elderly. It is a very big money making business drugs and chemicals. Natural remedies are the only way to go. I have personally tried many of the cures with great results. The person Bob who left the comment two weeks ago stop researching and get your head out of your ass.

Tom 5 years ago

I first read Natural Cures a few years ago after a friend recommended it to me. I agree with everything that the books talks about. The medical and pharmaceutical industries are just about everyone getting rich. The drug companies pay off the doctors to prescribe their drugs and we have to deal with it. I have friends who are doctors who have confirmed this for me. As far as the Your Wish is Your Command CD's, I bought them several months ago and have learned to make changes in my thinking and the way I do things that are changing my life in very positive ways. The Cd's don't promise that a genie will literally show up and grant your wishes. That's used as a figure of speech. It describes the same process in The Secret in much more detail. It's working for me. Thank you Kevin Trudeau.

BW 5 years ago

I have tried a couple of things that were on Kevin's infomercial I heard by accident and they do work. I am not agreeing 100% with them all, but the ones I tried did work, (stomach upset). If you think it through, it makes sense and it is correct. I have a close DR. friend and they agreed with what I said I did, Kevin suggested. Also if you do some research about the Government, you will find many truths in what is stated. The Government is out of control whether you know this or not. I agree if you have mistrust, find a book some where to try it out and decide for yourself. We wonder why this country is broke, think about this government and how totally out of control it is and if there are any brains out there, your light may go off as to what Kevin claims. These drug companies rule along with the insurance companies. Another point is the money we pay this assigned government that at the beginning was paid minimal or they did their jobs for the prestige, honor and for the sake of it,and so called free bible based country,(not now), ( George Washington was in hard times, was called back 8 times from retirement at N/C (or free for the ones that do not understand, N/C). I would like to tell Mike from 4 months ago that it is called the freedom of the press. If the stations would be fined, what would the government be told then????????????( Looking at 15 trillion in debit. Just think a person counting by ones, could never reach 1 million in their life time). This should put your answer in perspective, and I have never met or know Kevin, with my hand on the Bible, So help me God

Britt 5 years ago

Hmm well I see what you people are saying. There is a lot against him. I won't call those of you are suffering a great illness dumb or every nieve for buying his books. I understand that a lot of people would love a fast cure or two especially for the most serious of illnesses like cancer, alzheimers, or a simple migrane that happens to be more serious. Everyone I've read in this whole bashing party said enough, in which, I don't have to say anything bad about the guy. He is human. No human is perfect. Does anyone have study of some cures in the book that have in no way been effective? cranberry is great to flush out the kidneys and for good bowels. If your a woman suffering from nasty yeast infections, try drinking water, wear clean underwear, and pants that aren't so tight. Simple things can change your life. If you want a cure then instead of bashing this guy, go do the research for yourselves. While you're doing that, get your degree. Instead of bashing someone over and over, do yourselves a favor and pray for this guy despite what he has been convicted of. Trust me, if you pray for him instead of bashing, you can do a lot more with your time instead of spending way too long writing your dumb comments.

Yes this was a long comment, which some will argue is contradicting. However, it is not because mine comes with a better message than all of you bashers. FORGIVE, AND THEN GET ON WITH THE REST OF YOUR LIVES!

johnnny 5 years ago

I agree. I have done some research on natural cure and they do work, fast. All you have to do is look things up. If you have time to make comments on here, then you can try a little research. It won't kill you. Probably will save your life. I feel a lot stronger, healthier, more energetic. The information has gave me a new outlook on life. As for Gary, I could care less about him or what he has done in his past. Stop waiting for people to do things for you and just do it yourself. God gave you all a brain, USE IT!!!

c.lee 5 years ago

He might have done some bad things in his past, but that doesn't mean his books are lies. The natural cures book has a lot of great information in it that I have also read in many other sources throughout my life.

I grew up with a very healthy mother who only fed us organic and farm raised foods, and never took us to the doctor for any ailment. And I'm currently going to school to be a dietician.

My boyfriend recently did the HCG diet that Kevin Trudeau supports and he lost 38 lbs. in 40 days with no hunger and no muscle loss(I know this for a fact because I work at a place where we do a complete body scan that distinguishes between the good and bad fat as well as lean muscle mass and hydration levels). This diet is becoming very popular and you can get it very easily now. It also comes in drops instead of the injections, which makes it a lot easier to take.

Everyone wants a quick fix without having to do any work themselves. Do a little research in some of the ideas he has and you will have success.

One last thing I would like to add is that every idea he has promoted didn't begin with him, he just happens to be the person that is trying so hard to get these important issues out in the open for people to learn about them.

Rod Stender 4 years ago

I was Ripped off by Kevin as well. I was supposed to get $100.00 in free gas cards, never happened!

Mark Carlton 4 years ago

Kevin Trudeau is a convicted felon!!!

Dont believe me look on wikipedia!!!!!

Total scam artist!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 4 years ago

Ok I have a question, "Why then on Investigated Reports everyone showed check stubs that they received money from the US Treasury"?

Dan 4 years ago

I ordered the 2 books and never received them. However, they began charging my credit card $5.95 every month. I have called to cancel but the charges remain. I may have to take legal action against this scam artist. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM kEVIN TRUDEAU - Let the buyer beware!!!

J.A.G 4 years ago

After reading the comments, I am totally amazed that his joker is even allowed on the air and to run free among society. If he is such a caretaker of humanity then this knowledge he says he has should be FREE. He says he is doing this so he can help the people who need help the most. Obviously he has made his money and now he should share the wealth. If he was truly a caring individual he would want everyone to have FREE MONEY. But like the old saying, "Once a thief always a thief". I was only 11 digits away from calling and ordering, thanks to all who wrote I can now go spend my $30 on lottery and a soda. Probably make out better in the long run anyway

LeMac 2 years ago

Did the HCG diet. Lost 50 points in a little over 2 months. I will stand behind his Natural Cures book. I've researched FDA, FTC and other gov't agencies for over 30 years. They are actually worse than KT says. I don't know about his other books. The bible says to love your enemies, then goes on to tell you how to do that. Pray for him. It will do you a lot better than bashing him. Keep in mind that you are no better than him. We are all sinful beings in need of a savior.

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