The Knowledge Generation Bureau

The Best Way to Make Money Online that You Don't Even Know About

Despite their somewhat unfortunate name of kgb (it's not supposed to capitalized) and the the fact that they call their employees “agents”, the Knowledge Generation Bureau is one of the best and easiest ways to make money online. Formerly called Infonxx and founded in 1992 in New York, kgb has an enormous amount of obnoxious commercials that you've probably seen over and over and summarily ignored. There's one where some people are arguing over what happened at the end of Enter the Dragon and another where some kids want to know if it's possible to milk a hamster.

In case you don't know, kgb is a text answering service, which means that people send in their questions (542542) and, for 99 cents, receive a prompt and (usually) factually correct answer. Now kgb is not a public company, so I can't say how well they're doing, but I can say that there are always questions being sent in and that they advertise an absurd amount and frequently need their “special agents”, otherwise known as employees, to work more than they are scheduled for. So something must be going right for them.

Getting a job at kgb is very simple. One may assume that you have to know a lot or be extremely intelligent to work there, which is not the case. You just use Google, and you work right from home. Every answer you give will net you 10 cents unless it's an “auto-answer” which means the question is asked so frequently (i.e. “How did Michael Jackson die”) that there is a set answer for it. In those cases you'll make 5 cents but you'll make it in about one second. If that. It may take some practice but a good agent can make 8 or 9 dollars an hour during the busiest hours, which are usually between about 10-1 at night, especially on weekends.. When you also factor in that you don't have to spend time getting ready, commuting, etc. it's not a bad deal at all.

It's not hard to get hired there because, as I said, they always need more labor. There is a series of three tests that may seem a little intimidating at first but they're really just there to make sure you know how to use Google and are generally competent.

Kgb also provides in-work chat rooms for newbies, and for questions regarding the received question in case you're not sure how to answer it. It really is a very easy and consistent job and as far as making money online right from home it's about as good as it gets short of starting your own business.

Now there are, of course, a few drawbacks. One is that the questions are not always as fact based or even intelligent as you may like. There is a hundred percent chance that customer will (try to) debate you about religion at some point, which of course you just have to be evasive and non-committal about. But more than that, you will answer questions about sex every day. I don't have a problem with this and many of them are simple and don't require research which means that they will make you more money. But the questions will get vulgar, very vulgar and you'll have to be able to handle it if you want to make some money. Another criticism is the pay schedule. You'll get paid the third Thursday of the month for work done on the previous calendar month. So in other words, you'll get paid for work done the 1st of August, as well as work done the 31st of August, on the third Thursday of September. This is pretty annoying starting out but once you've gotten your first direct deposit payment it's a constant, once a month thing. Additionally, some times are very, very slow. If you really NEED the money kgb might not be your bag because occasionally there will be few questions and you won't be able to pull in more than 4.50 an hour. Now, there's plenty of downtime when it's this slow so you can surf the internet, etc. But just keep in mind that your earnings may fluctuate.

Possibly the best part about working for kgb is the schedule. YOU get to set your own hours. All they can do is request that you work more, but it is entirely up to you when you work. You can get onto the calendar and choose your exact schedule within increments of 15 minutes. If you only have an hour, sign up for an hour. If you have four, then sign up for four. Perhaps even better, if they are not overbooked with agents, you can simply sign in at any time and work. Say you have half an hour before you're going to meet some friends – you can just sign in, make 3 or 4 dollars, and then quit. The only caveat is that you must work at least 8 hours a month. Oh, and sadly you can't work more than 6 hours in a day but you can work every day (so 42 hours in a week if you did the maximum) That's it. In the past it was 27 hours minimum per month but kgb employment is largely aimed at college students (this doesn't mean you have to be one!) and they want to keep it manageable for people who can't do it full time. Another positive comparison when considering other methods of making money online is that kgb is consistent. You know exactly how much you've made, and all work you do is guaranteed to pay off. There's no risk that your precious time will be wasted because you can check and see how much you've made that shift or that month and time put in is guaranteed to pay out.

So there it is. I'm not getting paid by them to plug their company, or anything. Honestly, I get internet on my phone so I wouldn't use it, anyway. I'm just thankful that they would hire me when I couldn't get a summer job because no one else seemed to be hiring, and that I can work and go to school at the same time. Just check out to find out how to become an agent and get earning!

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