Laptops sale in Lagos Nigeria

Where to get Laptops for sale in Lagos Nigeria

In Lagos Nigeria, there are quite a number of places and ways by which one could buy or sell laptops. For instance there are certain places such as Computer Village, The palms shopping mall and Alaba International among others. The available laptops could either be refurbished or fairly used laptops or brand new.

Let’s take time to find the list of ‘laptop sales centers’ in Lagos Nigeria.

1. Computer Village

Computer village encompasses all adjoining streets from the LASUTH round about to Medical Road and straight down to Awolowo way stopping at the Ikeja flyover bridge. Clearly the largest Information Technology market in Africa, Computer Village in Ikeja Lagos Nigeria offers laptops from all known brands. What’s more there is also variety in terms of age, capacity and warranty of such PCs. If you ever visit this market and hope to get a good deal then here is my advice to you, do not patronize middlemen. People who pretend to own the laptop they wish to sell to you. You can tell them apart from the real sellers in that they will always ask you to wait for them somewhere while they go and get your desired laptop. The danger in buying from them is that you will spend more than is necessary or risk buying a low quality laptop without warranty. In my opinion it is the best place to get fairly used laptops at affordable prices.

2. Alaba International Market

Although this market doesn’t have as many laptop dealers, you can still find laptops of various types to buy. Just like computer village there are predatory middlemen waiting to exploit you be on the look out.

3. The Palms Shopping Mall

At the ‘laptop sales center’ you get only top quality laptops at standard retail prices. However, this center is the exclusive preserve of the rich and middle class.

4. Other Places

Other places might include lock up shops in obscure parts of Lagos of big shops at popular shopping malls and markets. Some companies specialize in the sale of laptops whereas others only deal in accessories. Whether you need a bulk dealer or just a retailer one suggestion is to find out about the traders association and possibly get a list of dealers whom you can contact at your own convenience.

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