Leaflet Printing

In today's competitive market place, many businesses use leaflet printing services as a relatively inexpensive way to promote themselves. Leaflets have always been considered an effective way to promote a business or event, from nightclubs and parties to shops and restaurants. Leaflets can be inserted into newspapers and magazines, sent through the post or delivered by hand. There are a huge number of leaflet printing specialists advertising their services on the internet so it is well worth shopping around to find the best deal for you. Quick turnaround, free delivery and discounted design services are just a few of the incentives being offered in an attempt to secure your business. Huge discounts are offered if you are ordering in large quantities.

Once you find the company you want to work with, the possibilities for your leaflet are endless in terms of texture, size, layout, color and design. Most companies now offer recycled paper if you are keen to produce an environmentally friendly leaflet. Working with the right print company will ensure that your finished product will achieve the desired result for your company, project or promotion.

There are two different printing methods commonly used by print companies - lithographic printing and digital printing. Since the invention of the printing press (widely attributed to Gutenberg in the 1460s), the fundamental principle of lithographic printing has remained the same - applying pressure onto a sheet of paper from a surface covered in ink in order to transfer the text or image to the paper. Modern technology, however, enables printing presses to produce millions of copies of a single sheet of paper in just one day. Nowadays, a set of plates are used to hold the image against the paper. There are initial costs in making these plates and setting the equipment up for the print run.

Using lithographic printing can therefore be costly and take time, but it undoubtedly produces superior quality for a medium to high volume of leaflets. Lithographic printing is considered to be the most efficient process for high volume printing and result in an unrivalled finished product.

Digital printing, on the other hand, uses very different printing equipment -a very large, very fast color laser printer. For working with heavy card or paper, digital printing is ideal, but in general, it is not nearly as flexible a process as lithographic printing. One advantage of digital printing is that it is instant, so if you are pressed for time it is a good option. With digital printing, there are no initial set up costs. In digital Printing, the image is created from a complex set of numbers and mathematical formulas. These images are captured from a matrix of dots, generally called pixels in a process called digitizing. Unfortunately, unless the print company has the very latest top of the range digital equipment, there will remain a considerable drop in quality and color match compared to lithographic printing.

A good printing company will advise you on what type of printing process matches your needs to ensure that you are happy with the outcome.


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