Learn to Change the Way You Think

The mind is very powerful, and sometimes people don't realise that they are actually destroying their own lives by thinking in a negative way. Therefore in order to start living a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life, you need to learn to change the way you think. Learning to change the way you think is really easier said than done, but it is very possible. You have to train your brain to process information in a completely different way.  

Are you used to thinking the worst? Do you always start something and stop because you think you can never achieve it? Well if that is you, now is the time to start feeding your mind with positive thoughts. So how do you start? 

Feed the Mind 

Tony Robbins always says this, feed your brain with positive information on a daily basis. Instead of watching negative images and allowing those negative images to be absorbed into your mind start feeding the mind with positive imagery. On a daily basis read something positive, there are various websites you can go to such as Self Growth and Big Somnium that can provide you with positive articles and videos. Most of us are used to waking up every morning and watching the news. The news is mostly negative imagery, so feed your mind with something positive and start seeing a change in the way you think. 

Positive Affirmations 

Thinking positive can help you in areas of your life. So, on a daily basis try to say at least one positive affirmation. Many people underestimate the power of positive thought.  Thinking positive can help you recover from illness faster, improve your relationships, make you feel more capable of achieving your goals. There are so many benefits to thinking positive, rather than negative. 

Make a concious decision to change the way you think. Force yourself to change your  outlooks on life. James Allen wrote the book "As a man thinketh" one of the things he states in the book is, "All that you accomplish or fail to accomplish with your life is the direct result of your thoughts." 

Therefore, we are what we think. If we think we can't achieve something, we won't. If we think it is not possible to make it in life we won't. If we think we can and we believe in the power of hard work we can achieve anything that we put our minds to. 

So, change the way you think and change your life today. Is it really that simple? It can be if you want it to be. 

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Goodpal profile image

Goodpal 5 years ago

You have nicely underscored the virtues of positive thoughts. Thoughts are food for the mind -- you decide what you want to feed. Staying away from junk food is good for stomach, same applies to junk (negative) thoughts.

intriguewriter profile image

intriguewriter 5 years ago from worldwide Author

thank you for your wonderful comment. Means a lot. Love and light x

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