Leasing Jobs

Anyone who has ever rented apartments, vehicles or even furniture knows the nature of leasing jobs. Some may argue whether or not it is a sales job. There is some sales involved because a transaction is taking place by securing a lease agreement. A description of the leasing options have to be explained to the customer or possible tenant. When the decision is made, it is the leasing agent who generally constructs the terms of the agreement. In many cases whether there is a base pay or not, there is the potential to earn a commission.

Jobs that involve leasing:

  • Car and truck rentals
  • Apartment leasing consultants
  • Heavy equipment rentals
  • Real Estate property managers
  • Party equipment rentals
  • Hotel front desk staff

Anyone who rents anything to the public is a version of a leasing consultant.  The income range of each of the above mentioned jobs are similar until other factors weigh in.  Property managers for example,  do receive a partial commission. They receive a percentage of the first few months rent in most cases. 

In a rental transaction there are several things that apply.

° A product or place is available for rent
° The leasing personnel shows and describes the place or thing.
° Customer makes decision to rent for a duration of time.
° A deposit is exchanged and so is the rental product or place

The rental is returned upon completion of its purpose.  At that time the agent will have to inspect for any damages before returning the deposit.  Handling  money may be intimidating to some, but there is usually someone a phone call away. 

Either of the mentioned leasing jobs are available online through research on popular job sites and in the local paper.  After several years on the job, promotion is sure to be an opportunity to move into a management position.  So there is room for growth with the right business. 

There is no post high school education required in most examples, although real estate property management does require a little more experience and education.  Hotel managers require post high school education too.  The level of education does in some cases depend on where one starts in their chosen position.

Working in the world of leasing has several opportunities on different educational levels.  Whichever leasing job is suitable, the most important aspect of the job is the satisfaction and enjoyment they receive while helping others.


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