Earn Money By Creating, Publishing and Sharing Top Five Lists

List My Five Writers Compensation Program

List My Five is a fairly new writer's compensation program that allows writer's to create their own top five lists on any subject they want. Lists can be about writing, crafts, home decor, baking, pets, kids, fishing, or anything that comes to mind.

Lists are fun and easy to create and payment is made via Paypal after the $10.00 minimum is reached. The site sort of reminds me of ehow when it was in it's infancy. It can be a good way to earn additional residual income and get in on the ground floor of a new opportunity.

The site is simple, attractive and user-friendly. The content submission form works well and you can add links in the resources section after the article's content. (Similar to the way ehow worked).

Getting started is easy. Just sign up for a free account, share your top five lists and earn money.

The site offers helpful information about optimizing your lists for search engines, using keywords and headers in your titles and lists and promoting your lists.

They also suggest that you read, rate and comment on other lists in order to receive more views and comments to your lists.

The more lists you have will better the chances of earning from them. Set some goals and write lists that will be helpful and meaningful to readers. The lists are fast and easy to create so a writer can develop several in one day.

How List My Five Works

The List My Five Web Site can be used to make lists of various things. In order to sign up you will need a paypal account.

Factors that will increase a writer's earning will be user response to lists, things like positive feedback and ratings. The only problem with this is that is could lead to a possibility of spammers posting comments and other writers spamming "read my posts".

Since the site is new there is no way of determining how much money can be earned from creating lists. The site is yet to have search engine strength to boost articles to the front page of Google the way ehow use to do. It may be a possibility in the future by building backlinks to your published top 5 lists.

Adding content to your blog and Hubpages that contain a specific niche or topic may be a way to link to your top five lists and create additional residuals on the site.

One thing about List My Five is that the articles are quick and easy to write and should grow quickly with a wider user base that is attractive to web writers. Spreading the word about residual income is endearing as well. So basically, write a few articles on the site and see how it goes.

I will be publishing my own list in the future and keeping an eye on out onListMyFive. Let me know what you think about the site.

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Tyrillis profile image

Tyrillis 6 years ago

Good ideas above. I'll have to give it a go. Following. Bookmarked

jsevenup 6 years ago

Good article, I am enjoying this site a lot and hope it gets good pr real soon!

sgbrown profile image

sgbrown 4 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

Very interesting information. I an going to have to check this out. This was published 17 months ago, how is it going so far? I would be very interested in some feedback. :)

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