Living without a salary


Living without a salary is scary however there is a book which actually shows you how they have done it.  How to survive without a salary by Charles Long, is a book which will show you how he has lived for years without a job.

Living Without a Salary

Most people think its impossible to live without a salary but Charles Long in his book, How to Survive Without a Salary proves it is possible.  He stresses cutting down expenses to the bone while living a frugal but adventurous lifestyle.  The primary building blocks to this lifestyle are to have no debt, create multiple little businesses which can create income, and have very simple tastes.  Anyone that is looking to get out of the rat race will enjoy this book.


Anyone who has lost their job or just wants to leave their job will love this book.  His methods are so basic that their genuis and you will find yourself thinking that you could do this if you wanted to.

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Lee B profile image

Lee B 6 years ago from New Mexico

I'm a new hubber doing a search on Charles Long and his books. What a pleasant surprise to find a fellow hubber publishing this topic! I'm in the process of creating a non-salaried life. Hubbing is, I hope, going to be part of that. Hope to see more from you on this topic!

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