Look Down...Make Money.

There's Gold In Them Thar Bottles.

Greetings again folks and so great to be here again. So...you and I are leaving money right on our streets and roads. You may be asking "How's that?", and here's my view: All those bottles and cans that people simply throw away and drop.

In this day and age of the three R's (recycle, reuse, return), I still see quite a few of these lying about the streets and roads of our city - a LOT of them. For example and on the way home from work the other day, I must have seen at least ten of them during a very short drive. Our local recycler will pay $0.05 for all plastics under 750 ml. and $0.10 for all over 750 ml.

You may laugh at the thought of being a 'bottle collector' (my son laughed), but when I placed a local ad online to pickup and return bottles for customers who didn't want to bother to do it themselves, I had a good response and pocketed between $50.00 and $100.00 for that week. Not bad for a hobby and performing a good local service as well.

So and depending where you live, you can return bottles and cans for cash. I know a lot of companies have there own recycling policies and probably contract out this to local recyclers; however, there may still be a lot of smaller business and individuals who may respond positively to this sort of venture. You simply offer to collect and return all the water, pop, and other recyclables for them, in return for the amount of cash that you would get at the recycling depot. It's a win-win as you get paid and they get rid all those things.

I am not talking about big money here, but you may acquire enough for coffee, snacks and the like that you were going to buy anyway. And if you're not opposed to gathering whatever you might find on the roadways, there's still a lot out there.

In my example of going home the other day from work, in 10 seconds of driving I passed by $0.50 of material. Theoretically, in one hour you would make $180.00. I know it would be virtually impossible to gather this much in one hour, but wanted to point out the possibilities.

So, look down. There's a lot of those on the grounds and streets and you could provide a great service to businesses and individuals who may not have the time nor will to gather these up, sort, and return to the recyclers. My last customer was one who contacted me and said just that -- that they didn't have the time to return $40.00 worth of wine bottles, so they said "Help yourself." That's a lot of bottles but was a fun venture anyway.

Again, no big money here, but for an additional source of income and exercise, might be fun to explore. Would be providing a valued service and you profit as well. Even in my small city area (pop. 166,000), it is interesting to think about how many of these in an average day, are disposed of on the ground or into waste bins. Probably a nice chunk if it were possible to gather them all up.

Ciau for now and thanks for reading!

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