Mailing PostCards For Cash The Hottest Easiest Way To Make Money

Mailing PostCards For Cash

When i first started doing my research on effective simple programs that i could do from home i wanted something simple. I knew that postcards have been around for quite a long time & that many major corporations today are still using this low cost effective way for marketing products or home business opportunities.

Mailing postcards for cash is what i have searching for but what i was looking for had to be effective but yet professional at the same time. Many postcard mailing programs out there don't offer a tracking system to measure your responses from your mailing. What i was looking for also had to have 5 major ingredients 1. tracking system .2, integrity, 3 high commission structure 4. honest product, 5 legal. 6. Buyers mailing list. If it lacked one of the 6 above key points it wasnt worth my time or investment considerations.

Lets face it if your going to spend time mailing out postcards fulltime nothing below $500 per commission should be considered. Even at that minimal level being profitable was realistic for the average person. With a response rate of 1/2 percent to 4% a $500 commission from mailing postcards would still be most effective.

But nothing is more important than the list you send to from my experience there is a significant difference between a seeker and a buyer. The postcard mailing programs i was searching for had to have a buyer type list who have proven to have participated or invested in income opportunities. These buyers must have also invested a substantial amount of cash or my mailings would be a waste of time. Also this list would have to be supplied with the postcards so all i would have to do is attach the address mailing label & postage stamp drop them in the mail & my job is done.

I can tell you this is hard to find because most companies leave you searching for a list of your own. I was lucky to have found both postcards & prestiges buyers mailing list attached from a great company.

Another key thing not on the list i was looking for is not having to talk with prospects. If i was going to be mailing the postcards a good top of the notch mailing program would handle all the calls for me. Well my friend after a lot of research through offline publications & tedious internet search such a postcard mailing program really does exist. For more information on mailing postcards for cash call: 888-433-5954 Ext 888


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