Make Money On Fiverr - The Secret Tactics To Make $50-$100 Per Day On Fiverr

The Secrets

If you haven't heard of yet, you are probably missing out on something; probably, one of the easiest ways to make money online at the moment. Here you have some secret tactics that I have used over and over again to make $50-$100 per day on

Step - I : Join

Although registering on any site would only take a minute or two, I would highly recommend you to spend at least 10 minutes on registration and setting your profile up, for it really helps in making money online later on. Choose an effective name [Eg, if you are a writer, the name "SEO Writer" or "Quality Articles" would do much better than something like "cadman23f"] and add an eye-catching profile image. The third task is nothing but to add a description - what you are all about, how you can help others and why your services are different from others. Done you are ready to move on.....

Step - II : Start Some Gigs

Well, you read it right, 'Start some gigs', not a single gig. [If you are a newbie, a gig is the thread you post on Fiverr offering some services] After setting 3-5 gigs up on Fiverr, it's time to promote what you have been offering. Again, another secret tactic is to make use of tags when you post new gigs. It is a tag that brings results while people search for something on Fiverr.

Step - III : Reply To Requests

Yea, on the right sidebar of Fiverr home page, you can find request from buyers. Try to reply as many requests as possible without spamming, or you may get banned. You can even copy-paste your offers making some simple customization or you can forward them to your gig urls. Fiverr has put some restrictions on the number of PMs that can be sent per hour now, but still you have around 20 PMs per hour:-)

Step - IV : Build Reputation

Yea, it is a fact that you can make money on Fiverr without much efforts, but the negative ratings are sure to affect your earning potential. Try to keep a clean reputation and in case something bad happens, give proper explanations. You are given chance to reply the negative rating by buyers and make it clear to the other buyers why did it happen so that they many not leave you even if they find a couple of negative ratings for you and you can still make $50-$100 per day on

Step - V : Start Buying Gigs

Don't get embarrassed when I say 'buy gigs'. To be honest, you can sell most of the stuff you buy on for at least 2-3 times higher prices somewhere else - may be some job sites or forums. Yea, I've been selling at least 2-3 gigs that I buy from Fiverr for at $5 each to my clients with a higher price tag of $15-$20,everyday.

Step - VI : Have Multiple Accounts

Although I would not suggest this to everyone, this can really be helpful if you want to focus on some special services via one account and something else on the other, also, this could be helpful if you have some issues with your account or get negative ratings.

Put it into actions, post your progress here and let me know if you have any further doubts via comments. Good Luck :-)

PS: You will have to pay at least $20 for this kind of a Fiverr report and you won't find any other secrets than the above mentioned ones on your way to make money with

Screen shot from one of my accounts
Screen shot from one of my accounts

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bmukherjii profile image

bmukherjii 4 years ago

great hub.. I have fiverr account too. I earned nearly $1000 till now

MakeMoneyOnFiverr profile image

MakeMoneyOnFiverr 4 years ago

Very nice to see some creativity these days with peoples gigs on fiverr. Done correctly, fiverr can earn you some decent money, but more importantly, it helps leverage your other business tasks.

TimArends profile image

TimArends 4 years ago from Chicago Region

Good tip about creating multiple accounts...I was wondering about that!

drasnia 4 years ago

Fiverr rocks......I got 16 orders today!

Multiple accounts will get banned. I know. I had one account with about $400 in it. They left my main account alone tho.

daisydayz profile image

daisydayz 4 years ago from Cardiff

Well Im not as successful as you by any means. But I joined about 6 weeks ago and have made $50 dollars so far with gig's offering posts on my blog or writing guest posts for other sites. I am quite happy with it so far and have been looking for some more fun gigs to post after seeing a number of successful ones on there that I coud easily offer - like video's with my rabbits in! So simple! Great hub and good luck!

fly2freedom profile image

fly2freedom 4 years ago from USA

Fiverr is great! I've had a lot of success writing ukulele songs for people.

faisal 4 years ago

I love to work with fiverr

here is my profile

Webreality 3 years ago

I really agree with you, fem4u. Providing a quality service or product counts greatly. In my first two weeks I got some others, make sure you use relevant searched keywords on title and description. Thanks for sharing.

Asahan 3 years ago


This article is quite useful. Actually just realised that we can respond to requested gigs in Fiverr. I want to know that in which sites we could sell I bought from Fiverr. Could you please explain me?

Thank you

Asahan 3 years ago

Please reply to

nancymaggielee profile image

nancymaggielee 3 years ago

No one actually tells you "HOW TO" make the money on this site. In that regard as well, how do you know people you buy $5 services from are actually say, going to deliver what they say they will such as "posting your website to their 42,000 Facebook followers"??? I am very leary of this Fiverr thing.

sasta10 profile image

sasta10 3 years ago from Manchester, UK

Joined fiverr 11 months and during 2012 I have earned over $2000 mainly from 2 gigs. It's a great place to earn money online. Thanks for this great hub.

Valene profile image

Valene 3 years ago from Missouri

I am very curious to start doing gigs on Fiverr. I really would like to do voice overs because I'm very good at doing impressions of others' voices.

Pcbisly 3 years ago

I start using fiverr few days ago and had 5 gigs in two days, pretty happy about it when you see 100% rating ! I start to think it can be cool to bring some bucks each month, even few gigs by month can be cool to help me.

The coolest thing with Fiverr is that you can sell gig you like to do. For example i like writing, i have gigs of writing reviews and articles ! And if you don't want to continue the work, you can just stop , pretty cool !

tollyservices profile image

tollyservices 3 years ago from Nigeria

Yeap, am Level 2 Seller and i can boldly recommend fiverr to newbies looking for ways to money extra income online with easy and fiverr is the right platform which fem4u has given you info needed to join. At fiverr i post and advertise website for my buyers on facebook.

Fiverr is ROCK.... search for tolly_4u

grabitnow 3 years ago

I love fiverr, Anybody Anywhere can make money on fiverr.

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