How To Make Money Online In 3 Steps

How To Make Money Online: Introduction

To make money online, just keep it simple. In fact, it is not about making money online. It is more about how to earn money online. This means that you have to put in some effort. However, it is up to you as to how you want to do it. If you keep it simple, you can do it low-cost or at no cost. There are other options though. What are they? Let us talk about the options.

To make money online the smart way, you have hundreds of options. How do they work? It is all about going on auto for just about anything you have to do. It ranges from finding keywords, getting long-tailed keywords, writing articles, submitting articles, getting backlinks, having massive amounts of traffic driven to your website and such other work related to Internet Marketing.

Make Money Online: How To Get Automated Options

Where can you find such automated make money online options? Just Google the phrase. You only have to sign up for one of them and there will be others that will find you. Yes, they will find you. It appears to me that these people who offer such incredible make money options belong to some secret brotherhood. They have a strong referral system. They pass you from one source to another with high personal recommendations.

Make Money Online: The Risks With The Easy Way

To make money the easy way though, you have to be prepared for very high risks. Will they work? Will you get what was promised? Will you make massive amounts of money? The answer? Trial and error. You will only know when you actually put it to work. Just put aside enough money and be prepared to lose it. Refunds? Yes, depending on where you buy it from.

Make Money Online: Step 1 Of The Tried And Tested Way

Look for 5-10 of most popular keyword phrases of 2 words or more. Check the keyword phrase in the Google Keyword Tool. Ensure that there are at least 1,000 to 5,000 Global searches for each phrase.

Make Money Online: Step 2

Google each phrase and look at the paid ads on the right hand side of the page or pages. Pick those that have more than 5 paid ads.

Make Money Online: Step 3

Get a free website. Just Google for this. Write articles using the keyword or keyword phrase. About 5-6 per 400-500 articles. Submit the articles to the leading article directories. Promote your articles once they are approved by using free backlink sites.

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