Make Money and Build Backlinks With Social Bookmarking

Revenue Sharing Social Bookmarking Sites

In order for your articles to make money for you you are going to need to drive traffic to them and gain a large number of backlinks in order to rank well with search engines such as Google. One of the best type of sites to gain traffic and increase your backlinks are social bookmarking sites.

Social bookmarking sites are ones that allow members to place links along with a short description of what they are linking to. Some popular examples include Digg, Reddit, and Delicious

The one thing that these sites have in common is that they do not allow their members to share in their revenue. Several other social bookmarking sites not only allow you to place your links to gain traffic and link juice, they also allow you to particiapate in revenue sharing to increase your earings online.

She Told Me

Perhaps the most popular revenue sharing, She Told Me has a Page Rank of 5 and claims to be 100% revenue sharing. This is a little misleading because you get 100% of the revenue from one of three AdSense capsules. Even so, She Told Me is a high traffic site with good PR.

When you refer a member to She Told Me you get an ad in each of their posts that you will receive 100% of AdSense revenue sharing from.

The hardest part of joining She Told Meis that the entire site is moderated by one person. The moderation keeps the quality high but it also means you might wait several weeks to get approval. It is well worth the wait though.

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Infopirate shares 80% of their AdSense impressions with their users. When you refer a user you will also receive 10% of their impressions. In addition to bookmarking your sites they also allow you to write complete blog posts.

They warn that too many links to the same site will be deleted so it may pay to spread around the sites you ink to with this one. They also require unique descriptions but it is easy to meet the 50 word minimum they require.

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Best Reviewer

Best Reviewer is a site where users submit top list of related web pages. For example, if you write about widgets, you could make a list of the seven best widgets and link back to seven different widget pages.

Much like She Told Me, Best Reviewer claims 100% revenue sharing. Once again you receive 100% of the revenue from one of the ads.

When you refer a member, not only do you get an ad on their tops, you also get a link to your own website on each of their tops.

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Squid Stop

SquidStop is a newer social bookmarking site but it is already ranking well. This one is aslo very to used and offers the much cliched 100% revenue sharing method.

They do not give you revenue sharing for referrals but they do give points that can be used for items which are to be announced at a later date.

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Snipslyshares 80% of all AdSesnse revenue. If you want, you can write full articles, or you can write a simple three sentance post with a link back to your money site.

The backend of Snipsly uses Word Press. Most bloggers are already familiar with this software which makes it very easy to use.

The one downside to Snipsly is they do not pay you for your referrals.


KarmaLynx reward your participation by rewarding you with a bigger revenue sharing percentage the more you contribute. All accounts start at 60% and can earn as much as 90%. Factors that increase your percentage include your posts, comments, up votes, and traffic. KarmaLynx does not have a referral program.

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Using Social Bookmarking For Backlinks and Revenue

The key thing to remember when using these sites is that the revenue sharing is secondary. The main focus is driving traffic back to tour money sites. Write for them with both search engines and users in mind. In the short term, you may even find these posts outranking your original page.

Still, when building links for your sites it always better to use a service that is going to reward you for adding content to their sites.

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