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If you are looking to make your own generic employment application, you may want to know the kind of information that is generally included on the job forms.  While you can check out some samples and examples, it may be best to tailor your hiring apps to fit your personal needs.  Best of all, if you do it yourself, it’s free of charge.  Whatever you decide to do, there is some basic, simple information you should include when you create you very own free generic employment application for your business.

Contact Info

This is for the applicant first.  Make sure your generic employment application forms include a spot for the applicants name, address, phone number, cell phone or alternate number, and email, at the minimum.  The more info you can get, the better it will be.

Work Experience

You want to find out what other jobs the employee had.  In general, three spaces for past jobs is the minimum for the generic employment application.  It’s okay to include more, perhaps as many as 5 previous positions.  Be sure to ask for the name of the employer, name of the supervisor, address, phone number, and dates worked at the job.  In addition, you will want to find out the applicants rate of pay, both starting and ending, positions held, general duties, and a reason for leaving the job.  This is important with your generic employment applications.  Basically, you simply want them to fill in the blanks. 


I would suggest including a blank spot to fill in for high school on your generic employment applications.  The forms should also include at least two post secondary blanks that can be filled in.  You want to know the area of study, whether or not a degree was attained, what type of degree it was, dates and locations, GPA, and just about anything else you can come up with.  This will help you sift through applicants with your generic employment applications.


Go ahead and use our blank forms to ask exactly what the person is looking for.  Your generic employment applications should include a place for the applicant to tell you what position they are applying for, rate of pay they expect, and hours they expect to work.  In addition, be sure to ask when the employee is available to begin work.  This is something often overlooked on these types of forms. 


This is really pretty optional with your generic employment application.  You can ask for references right on the form if you want.  Some examples you find will have references listed, but others will not.  This is really a personal preference, so you will need to choose carefully.  I suggest checking out some blank forms and samples to see what you like the best.  Personally, I would suggest more information on your forms instead of less.  You are really trying to narrow the field of potential employees with the generic employment applications.  

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