How to Make Your Own Business Flyer Online

Learning how to design and make your own business flyer online can save your company money.
Learning how to design and make your own business flyer online can save your company money.

Make Your Own Business Flyer Online: Introduction

The advent of web-based software and design programs has drastically changed the way people use their computers in a business environment. This is especially true in the public relations, marketing and advertising world. For example, designing your own business flyer traditionally meant you had to hire an outside design firm and publisher to create and publish a business flyer. In contrast, anyone can now utilize the Internet to make their own business flyer online. Learn how to make your own business flyer online to begin promoting your small business, advertising your products and making more money using free online business flyers.

Step by Step Instructions for Making Your Own Business Flyer Online

To begin, you need to specify a focused purpose for the business flyer you will make online. Every business flyer is intended to communicate a certain promotional message. What is the promotional message driving your business flyer? Take into consideration the needs of your audience and what the reader of your business flyer wants to hear. Topics include the reason your small business is better than your competitors or why the reader should purchase products from you instead of from another business.

Next, sketch a rough draft of the business flyer that you wish to create and design online. Making a rough draft will help you see how your conceptual design will actually appear on paper, and will also let you interact with your business flyer design on a physical level. The rought draft need not be elaborate, but should incorporate the basic design concepts that you wish to build into the online business flyer.

Take several things into consideration when desinging your business flyer online - especially how each piece of clipart or graphic interplays and aligns with other elements in the poster or flyer. Think of how each color, font and picture communicates the overall message of the business flyer. If it doesn't fit, take it out!

Now, we will actually start making the business flyer online! This is the fun part; all the rest was simple conceptual design. This is where the rubber meets the road.

Visit the Google Docs website. Google Docs is a collection of free online office software designed and published by search engine giant Google Docs offers a variety of design and publishing programs, all available for free on the Internet.

Click the "New" menu in the top left-hand corner of the Google Docs homepage. Click "Document." This launches a new window.

In the new window, begin typing text and inserting pictures to make your business flyer online. Change up the fonts, orient the pictures, and fiddle with the margins to make the business flyer exactly to your liking. When you are finished making the business flyer online, click "Print" to see the finished product! 

Where To Post Your Online Business Flyer

After you print the business flyer you made online, start distributing it in highly-trafficked areas that will get it maximum visibility and readership. Target areas that have some sort of connection to the product, services or promotion that you are marketing with the online business flyer. For example, if it is a school-related business flyer, post it at your local library. Also consider including it as free marketing when shipping products to customers, or when mailing items. Some small businesses even include their business flyers in the envelope when they are paying their bills. You never know when your online business flyer will give you a new lead and create a new job for you. When posting your business flyer in your city or town, just remember to follow all local laws regarding promotional flyers and posters.

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