Make Money On MP3 Music Downloads


Easy Guide and Personal Experience

I was always interested in music. When I was 15, I've tried to compose my own music, wrote lyrics, and even created a band to sing my favorite songs.

Then I grew up and realized that I need money to become independent, self assured, and confident. I graduated college, worked for different companies, but still I couldn't make enough money to start something I was dreaming about all these years.

From 1996 I became a real fan of the Internet. I made simple HTML pages to share with my friends photos, my thoughts and life. I was always interested in marketing and later I've started to work as a SEO manager for an outsourcing company counseling European and American webmasters on SEO best practices and their implementation in the business.

And then I realized that it is real to make money online.

Here’s the list of the affiliate programs I’ve used

  1. LegalSounds affiliate program ($230,11 in 15 days)
  2. MP3Sale affiliate program ($192,90 in 15 days)
  3. MP3Sugar affiliate program ($80,05 in 15 days)

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