Earn money with Weblo Virtual World Real Money

Weblo Virtual World. Earn Real Money Online

What is Weblo? Weblo is a parallel universe that is the only virtual world based on the real world. Members own and manage websites that are virtual replicas of real cities, states, properties, domains and celebrities. Members earn real money via hits, Internet ads and by selling or auctioning assets for a profit. Members enhance their online portfolios by claiming popular social networking profiles, blogs, emails and videos in Weblo's Calculate Your InterNET Worth section.

What can you do at Weblo?

1. Become a Virtual Publicist by Creating Virtual World Celebrity Sites.

2. Own Any Virtual Property, City or State by Registering Virtual World Replicas and Creating Profiles

3. Own Any Weblo Domain Even if Someone Owns the Domain Outside of the Weblo Virtual World

4. The Weblo Ad Network: Connecting Advertisers to you - content owner

5. From Free to VIP; There Are Membership Levels for Everyone Membership Options

6. Making Money With Weblo : Earn Online While Having Fun with Weblo

Making Money With Weblo: Join Now and Earn Money at Weblo AND From Your Blogs, Social Networking profiles, Videos, Emails and More.

There are so many ways to make sure that the time (or the money) you spend online earns you a residual income.

Whether you are interested in making some extra money from your social networking activities (building profiles, uploading videos, emailing, blogging, etc.) or from virtual domain name registration, virtual world real estate or celebrity sites, Weblo is for you. Weblo offers you a chance to earn online for doing what you already do and the chance to build an Internet business, all while having fun.

There Are 5 Ways to Make Money with Weblo:

1. Weblo Ad Network

2. Flipping Digital or Virtual Assets (Selling or Reselling)

3. Pass Go

4. Becoming a Mayor (Own a City)

5. Become a Governor (Own a State)

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scott 8 years ago

traffic and $$$$ picking up bigtime now!!!!!!!!!

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