Solar Market Research: Making Money From Solar Appliances And Chargers In Africa

Portable solar appliances are produced primarily for people in the developed countries who are going for military mission, research, recreation activities (such as hiking and camping), etc., in areas where electricity may be absent. Hence the demand and out put for these appliances are very low. But in the developing countries, solar appliances such as solar chargers are being used to compensate for the unreliable power supply needed to power computers and charge handsets, MP3, MP4, and other small devices. Yet these products are not common in the local markets. Investing into the importation of these products could yield a lot of money.

Portable solar products such as: solar cell phone chargers, solar power laptop chargers, Solar Batteries, and solar lights are very marketable in the developing countries considering that these appliances could enable handsets and laptops to remain functional even at the moment of routine power interruption.

solar cell phone chargers
solar cell phone chargers

Apart from solar cell phone Chargers; Solar Fans, Solar Pumps, and other solar equipments are also important solar products worthy of considering. For example, Private Bore-holes are very rampant in Nigeria. It is so diffused that it has become a compulsory part of building architecture. But failure of public power supply, high cost of fuel for private diesel generators and the noisy nature of the generators are a hurdle that makes solar water pump attractive. And the former problems as well as high temperatures in the region brings in the importance of solar powered fans.

solar powered fan
solar powered fan

The price of these solar devices are at present too expensive for the consumers in the developing countries. But cheap solar power products are sourced from china and some other Asian countries. But considerable prices could be obtained from Europe and America if trade investors could guarantee a ready market.

Solio solar products manufactured in Europe are very popular in very remote places. But they are dew to charity work that donates the products to village dwellers. But the actual price might not be affordable to the recipients.

Delivering solio solar chargers in Africa.
Delivering solio solar chargers in Africa.

Information Technology is very advanced in some Countries of Africa. Hence the availability of Handsets and Computers are comparable to some developed countries. These countries also have large market potentials. But the public power supply is unreliable. As such, the solar alternative is very attractive.

As a foreigner, doing business in these countries is very easy because most of the governments are more interested in foreign investment than local inputs. This is the reason they spend millions of dollars annually promoting their investment climate on cable news. Most will do a lot to protect foreign investors.

One could earn a lot of money from this business idea because in most countries there is a near absence of competition.

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Miya Ni 4 years ago

We are verified supplier of protable solar chargers and small solar gift such as butterfiles and other new funny products on Globalsources. If there is any necessary, welcome to contact with me.

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Sunny Lin 4 years ago

Hi, we are solar gadgets supplier,,if you have interested pls contact with me.

brian 5 years ago

nice is the way to go and where i come from i know demand will really grow...kindly email me the contact of a reliable would REALLLY appreciate.

James Agbogun profile image

James Agbogun 5 years ago Author

Thank You marshell. Your Electric Vehicles are so Beautiful. They are more like portable Green Vehicles. We might need some in the future.

marshell 5 years ago

Each time I visit this site there’s something totally new and improved will be able to study from.

marshell 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing your ideas i really appreciate it! Excellent article, I will keep this in mind. More from Marshell Green Power CO., LTD,

marshell 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing your ideas i really appreciate it! Excellent article, I will keep this in mind. More from Marshell Green Power CO., LTD,

James Agbogun profile image

James Agbogun 5 years ago Author

Hello Filden, nice to see that you are very serious about the solar charger. I will send you a contact before the end of today. Thanks!

Filden 5 years ago


solar batteries 6 years ago

Nice hub. I bookmark this for future reference. There are a lot of advantage of this solar appliances and one of this is is going green for our environment.

solar batteries

Martin 6 years ago

Hi I am interested in solar products would like some details of the china contacts for supply..



Granny's House profile image

Granny's House 6 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

Great hub. I will be back to read more.

Karl 6 years ago

I have been trying to find a good supplier of solar gadgets for sometime now. if you could send me some contact info for a legitimate suppler from anywhere in the world i would really appreciate that

James Agbogun profile image

James Agbogun 6 years ago Author

Hi Dominique,

Yes Please! Please send me informations on how to contact you for informations on a helpful Marketer. I thank you!

Dominique 6 years ago

Hi James, I am very interested in your ideas for solar products. I live in a country where The sun is present for 99% of the year & I would like to supply some items on the market. Can you give me some of your good contacts from China for these products please?



James Agbogun profile image

James Agbogun 7 years ago Author

Yemi, Whenever you want some, please contact me.

Allergy1, your important comment is well appreciated.

allergy1 profile image

allergy1 7 years ago from United Arab Emirates

Nice Idea. this will help to reduce lots of money expenses.

Yemi K 7 years ago

I am interested in solar products preferably solar cell phone chargers and other appliances. Can you help me put.



James Agbogun profile image

James Agbogun 7 years ago Author

Scheng1, You are very right. Am of the opinion that Portable solar energy capturing systems be incorporated into common Appliances such as TV, Laptops, Tapes, Fans, Cell Phones, etc. Your recommendation is very important. Thanks for the comment.

scheng1 7 years ago

I think many people in developed world would welcome a more complete range of solar-powered products. If the solar laptop charger is built into the laptop, that will be nice.

James Agbogun profile image

James Agbogun 7 years ago Author

Deborrah K. Ogans, I thank you for taking the time to make a nice comment on this hub.

DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

DeBorrah K. Ogans 7 years ago

James Agbogun, Great informative resourceful hub! Very interesting use of solar lighting! I think it has great potential and may be something to consider investing in! Thank you for sharing, Blessings!

James Agbogun profile image

James Agbogun 7 years ago Author

Thank you Lady_E for the nice comments.

I get my portable solar appliances from china because they are very cheap compared to Europe.

I could introduce you to reputable suppliers from China who are specialised on the Nigerian market.

Appliances of various sizes are available. They range from lights, storage batteries, through mosquitoe repellents to chargers.

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 7 years ago from London, UK

Great Hub. I have a few Solar lights and intend to buy a few more for when next I visit Lagos. It's not for sale, just to help them cut down on having to switch on the generator when Almighty NEPA takes power.

They will take up some space in my luggage, but if I can see anything smaller that is Solar I will buy it and give it to my cousin to market. You and I can split the profits as you gave the idea. lol.

Great Hub.

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