Making Money Online: The Truth

Making Money Online

There are a lot of people out there who will tell you they have the best way to make money online. Every "Tom, Dick And Harry" is selling some "Make Money Quick" kit. Although they are using the word " Google ", they are not affiliated. There are so many fraudulent claims against most of these "get rich quick" schemes, that they have now enlarged their fine print. Most of them read like this: " We are not in anyway affiliated with "Google". Here is the part that they enlarged that is the key to these scams: " We have put forth every effort to assure you success with this system. However, your success depends on how you apply this system and your FINANCES." (It is not capitalized or in bold letters on their sites) The print is still fine, but larger than what it use to be.

The list of complaints on "complaint" websites are numerous. I had a blog page that was receiving about 80 hits/day. All kinds of people were leaving messages complaining about these "vultures". People down on their luck, down to their last dime, people trying to save their homes, cars and families. During these tough economic times, people are trying anything to make extra money. And these "schemers" are preying on them like lions on a weak wilder beast. My blog account was closed for, "violations of this blog sites laws". A little further investigation found that they were one of the biggest "promoters" of one of these "get rich quick" kits. I started the blog to help a friend, the response (traffic) was something I never imagined.

I decided to try a few of these kits just to see what all the fuss was about. My goal was to try them all, so I could get a full view of all the products that are out there. It was just way too many. So I decided to try the ones with the most complaints and the ones that ranked the highest amongst surveys and search engines. No, I don't have money to throw away. I just listened to some of the complaints, what they were complaining about and used that info to try to not fall into that category. What I did was made sure I cancelled at least 2 days before the actual cancellation date to ensure that they didn't charge my accounts. Well, that theory worked for some of the kits, but, others still charged me. The problem was that I wasn't receiving some of the kits until day 2 or 3 after the confirmation.

Due to some legal actions I have taken against a particular blog site and some of these schemes, I have been advised to not use their names. I know that doesn't really help you, but maybe this article will make you more conscientious of these kits and make you want to read every part of the fine print. Especially before you invest your hard earned money into a potential scheme.

What I am about to say will inferriate some people. They really don't want you to know this. They fell for the scheme so now the only way for them to make any money is to get you to fall for the same scheme. Most people who have tried to write a report on the scams being used in these success kits, are really just trying to sale you the kit that they have invested in. They will receive some royalties for doing this.

I promise you that nowhere in this article will I try to sale you anything that I invested in. No links to sites that will give you a free kit to make money and all you have to do is pay the shipping cost. None of that. If you read any of my articles, the one thing I take pride in is telling you the truth, exactly how it is. (my view) I will not feed on people who are desperate or down on their luck. I will give you my views and findings, then it is up to you, how and if you will pursue any make money online offers. There were a few systems that had a theory that worked for me. If you would like to know which ones, then just leave me a message. I will tell you which ones, you can check them out for yourself. The only way I gain anything is if you sign up under my code. I will only give you my code if you ask. Other than that I will only give you the direct link to that site. The rest is up to you.

I will ask one thing of you. Stop by and read one of my articles every now and then. If you or someone you know like sports, send them to my hubs. My articles are genuine and fresh reports from a regular sports guy. I will definitely get by your site. I also like to write about alot of other topics. So check me out. (ok, that was more than one thing)

First: Signs of A Scheme

A lot of people were looking to do something that was more prosperous than the job they had. Some people just needed a job. Some people were looking to make a investment into something that would profit the "big" dollars. Financial freedom, no longer want to work long hours for minimal pay and to allow you to have more free time. Others were just looking for hope, while some were hoping that it wasn't to late to get in on this online money thing. After being skeptical, they saw a employment ad that read something like: "Make $87/hour from home posting ads to websites." Now, this sounds easy enough, so of course people want to know more. Then you are directed to a site to see if jobs are available in your area. The answer of course is "Yes". But it says you must order now because these kits are limited and (that present date) is the last day. Ok, that is a good eye catcher (brain stimulant) to make you want to do it. The other one is that word that makes everyone curious, "FREE". The word free will make most people drive 25 miles to get a free item worth the price of three gallons of gas. (use the highest price on gas and do the math) The old, "today is the last day trick" is one of the best in the book. ( they are going to kill me for this one) Have you ever noticed, that last date that you can get in on this, or for free or at that price is normally (99% of the time) in a highlighted box. That is not to make it stand out for consumers to see, it is because it is a value rotation box. It changes/moves forward after (a set time) time changes in that zone. So everyday is the last day. If you go back to that site today, right now, today is the last day that you can get it at that price, free or get the kit itself.

( I may be banned from a few other sites/blogs after that one.)

Then, all you have to do is pay the shipping cost and they will send you a kit that will make you over $3000-$4000/month, and there is no catch. They don't even say that they will profit off any money that you make. There has to be something. The amount it cost to ship it, printing and all that good stuff can't be covered in a $1.95. Why do I have to give you all of my bank info for a $1.95? Oh, so I can get it immediately. Hmmmm...right!! I mean yeah, I need to start making money immediately, but will you take a check or money order? How about if I send it Western Union? I mean how much money can they make off of charging $1.95, after shipping and handling and printing cost. (RedFlag) (hidden charges in the fine print)

Now, we have the "when you should cancel" clause. This clause should make you want to read the fine print. Most of them tell you to cancel before seven days after PLACING/ CONFIRMING your order. Why not allow you to cancel 7 days after receiving the order.(remember I told you that it took approx. 2-3 days to receive) But, more than that, why should I have to cancel (Red Flag), you said I only had to pay shipping and handling charges. Ok, is it getting good yet. We are just scratching the surface.

You have gotten this far in starting to make big money online. But, you still have not received a contact person. Some don't even offer a contact number, all they have is a email address. Even worse they have not supplied you with enough information so that you will be prepared to get right to work when you receive this kit. Oh, and there are some things you need to know. Some things that you missed in the fine print, and some things that they just have not shared with you. So if you haven't already been scammed or, you are still trying to make your kit work and you are not getting any support, here we go: First, you need some money in your bank account, more than the $25 dollars you have left after purchasing this kit. You will need to be able to purchase somethings that others are saying are not neccessary. You need a website, and not just any website, you need one that will generate alot of traffic to your site. So, it only makes sense that if you already have this site up and running, when you start placing these ads, you already have the traffic. Then you need to make sure you can open a paypal account and a clickbank account. But, just say you don't have a high traffic website. You need to pay for advertisements in magazines, newspapers, other high traffic sites, the internet and any other place you can find. Remember, there is a small time frame, 7 days, for you to decide if this will make you some money before you have to cancel. This alone is a full time job. Instead of 8 hours, you are putting in 10 hours. But remember, you still don't know this because you have not been told and you haven't received your "success" kit.

Finally, you have received your kit, your "Golden Egg" laying goose, it is already day three. So according to the time I gave myself, there is only two days left to get this program rolling and seeing a opportunity to make money. Honestly, I need to see some money in my pay pal or clickbank account. I mean they said I could make at least $120 the first day with just doing the minimum. Some people made $260 in just two days. So, you have received the kit. (most of the time it is a cd) You put the cd in your computer and it doesn't work. You call them and they say, " oh that's ok, it is the same info that is on our members website." (what the !#$%*&!!) Exactly, because that is what I said. But anyway, let's say the cd worked. For most people, the info on these cd's is like greek. Clickbank, affiliates, backlinks, googe adwords, adsense, web traffic, clicks, impressions, pay-per-clicks and so on and so on.....this is a foreign language to them. I mean I already new what it was, so I had an advantage, but to the average person trying to get in on the internet explosion, this is above their knowledge. Time is vital in the comprehension of these different terms and tools. You still need to find somewhere to place these ads and start sending traffic to that site. No one told them this in the beginning.

Before you know it, you are at the 7 day "trial" period. You are trying to cancel on that day, but no one is answering. They don't answer until after 7 pm. Because in the fine print, you had to cancel before 7 pm their time. ( it was in the fine print ) But that only is the tip of the iceberg, they just charged your account $79.90 for their system. They will then charge you $29.95/month for the use of their website, unless you cancel. They don't care if you have made a dime. There is no turning back now, so you try to put this together. The bank has sent you an email that says your account was overdrawn by $54.90, plus the overdraft fee of $35. You are $85.90 in the red, and you still haven't placed one add anywhere. You finally create a small website for free, but you still don't have any traffic and you have not advertised, other than to the 15 people you have as email contacts. Three of those people live in your house.

They have a support page that will give you some ideas on how to get traffic to your site. Info on where you can place articles, signature ads, blogs, magazine and newspaper ads. But they all cost money. At least if you want to reach more than 10 people. So you try posting to every free website, blog, talk forums and anything else you can find thats free. Then while you are there praying that someone visits your site, you find something that says you need to register your site with google, yahoo and others. You need to add the best "tags" to your site so that the search engines can crawl your site and you can move up their list. GREEK!! You have no clue. So you ask someone, " what is SEO?" They explain it to you and you look it up on google it makes sense but it doesn't make sense.

Day 15 is here. You can't turn back now. You have been giving this as much time as you can, and still nothing. Finally, a break, you figured out that you need an account with clickbank, that's why you havent received a check. They want to charge you $17/month along with your other membership charge. Spending money you don't have now, but you can't stop. So you put this one on your credit card.....Ok enough already, just writing this is depressing me. Look you have made it to day 30 and you finally saw where you received a $ 0.05 cents credit for an impression on one of your pages. You can't even get your 5 cents, because they will only pay out once your account reaches $100. Another $29.95 have been deducted from your account (the banks will let them do it because they are crooks too) and you have only made 5 cents.

Angry, Depressed and Broke!

Your accounts are overdrawn. You finally see how you can make some money. The problem is you are broke. You need to purchase a site, you need to advertise and what is this pay-per-click thing you keep hearing about. (GREEK)

You complain to Google and they tell you there is nothing they can really do. Maybe they can investigate on some infringement charges for them using the Google name, but that is about it.

Now you are trying to find other make money online opportunities. Then you realize they all go to a site to confirm if there is a opportunity in your area. You guessed it, the answer is YES. Now they just need you to pay for shipping...and so on and so on....Then you come across the complaint page about these kits. There is a catch also on a lot of these different "complaint"  sites. They are complaining about another kit, then they give a link to the kit they are selling. Even a lot of the reviews are written by people who are promoting the kit, and/or have something to gain from it. Oh, and forget about that ad they are using; "As seen on NBC, CBS" and any other channel. Most of those kits were not featured. Yes some of those people did make money, but they also had money to invest into the complete process. They had the finances. Most of the people buying these success kits don't. I know some people are saying that, " Come on, you know you have to spend money to make money." This may be true, but tell the people that before they spend their last dime on your scheme that you said was free other than shipping and handling.

If someone is telling you that they will make you thousands of dollars for only two dollars. A red flag should go up. If they say you should cancel before a certain day. A red flag should go up. If it says this is a "Free Trial" . A red flag should go up. If they say that today is the last day. A red flag should go up. The red flag doesn't mean that the system doesn't work, it just means that you need to read the fine print and find out how much this info/kit will really cost you. And, can you afford it?

My Experiences

I tried 7 systems. Three of them actually worked with me just putting in 4 hours a day. ( but remember, I already had a sight up and running with traffic) One of the systems had potential but had no support. The other three systems failed completely. They were only trying to cash in on the online money making craze and people's desperation in these tough economic times.

I actually made money on the second day with one system. The other two, it took me a few days, but they caught on. Honestly, I was probably taking in about $67/day on each system. That's after you calculate taxes and so forth. Also, I was doing the bare minimum to get them up and running. I told a friend of mine about it. He tried one of them and he is making about $97/day on just one system. He was only making about $80/day at his regular job. He is also single with no kids. The best part he says is that he is only working about 4 hours a day and only 4 days a week normally. Plus he likes to party so, it is perect for him. He told me that the best part is that he thought they all were a scam. He says that he even makes money when he is not online.

One system in particular even gave me a website. It really needed to be promoted. I just registered it with google, yahoo and bing. I added a few extra tag words and left it alone. It does pretty good. Understand what I am about to say: I took the theory of these systems and made it work. I knew going in that I needed a high traffic website to place these ads. I had an advantage. Now hopefully with some of the insight I have given you, you will be ready also.

These stats are my stats. They me better or worse for you. I had 300 hundreds visitors to my page per day. 14 of those people clicked on one of the ads I had posted. 2 of those people actually made a purchase of that product. So, in marketing terms, if I wanted to average 10 purchases a day, I needed to increase my traffic to 3000 visitors a day. Of course it varies, but that is how you have to think in terms of marketing. The more visitors, the more add clicks, the more sales. But the only real way for me to bring in that much traffic is to spend more money.

*Two of the systems I used that created me some income had a recurring deduction of about $30/month. The other system had a one time fee of $47 or $67 dollars, but it had a recurring fee of $17/month with clickbank.

Most of the info you learn, you will find out, you didn't really need a "Get Rich Quick" Kit to learn. The kit kind of just puts you there faster, but, not without a charge, another charge and a hidden charge.

Well, I hope I have helped someone. I know that I have made someone mad. But, oh well. If reading this and you still need some help, just contact me. I will be more than glad to help you. At no charge!! (other than you must promise to read one of my hub articles every now and then) Yeah, I still believe in the "real" America. Where one American is willing to help another American. Of course, that is not how it is now, everyone is out for themselves. But, I can dream if I want

This is not the only hub I will write about making money online. I will also talk about some other opportunites to make money online. As well as other topics that will definitely be worth reading.

May God Bless you in all your endeavors!

A.C. Anderson

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Making Money Online

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Grandma Jones 7 years ago from Washington

Very interesting, just as I thought "Just pay shipping" "Apply with credit card " Scary stuff out there" I would love to know the sites that you have had some luck with Thank-you

chrismarva profile image

chrismarva 7 years ago

Good job young man. I wish you were here to answer some of my questions on this topic. Your Canadian Fan Chris

christalluna1124 profile image

christalluna1124 7 years ago from Dallas Texas


I won't even go there. I posted an ad on craigs list and recieved what to me in all aspects appeared to be a legit work offer re-shipping. They sent me two checks for 2,400.00 each which I deposited in my bank account to cover shipping charges for the items I was to ship. My bank account got wiped out, my identity stolen. Had to cancel and request new credit cards, credit beareus, and now the bank threatened to sue me for the money. What a nightmare! I called the FBI, Postal Service ... No help No where!!!

A lesson learned the hard way.

Warmest regards , christal

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