Making the best of a bad situation!

The Niche Market.

According to the latest economic indicator, it seems like the worst is finally behind us. That having been said, what do we do now? Things are still a long ways off, and and are not likely to get better any time soon.So what ya do? Some people have improvised, or what I like to call it "jazzed it!" What does that mean. Spontaneous Improvisation.What does that mean?Let's just say for the sake of argument, playing it by ear. A lot of people have decided to strike out on their own and start businesses, and with the economy being the way it is ,that might not be a bad idea for some people. The trick is to find the right "niche", where your business and the public can both benefit.We will explore some of these "niches" in this hub. What is a niche? Some say it's a little place you can call your own. Apart of a larger market that you and ideally only you can meet the needs of that market. Finding that niche can be a daunting tack, if you don't know where to look.Which begs the question, where do you look?Niches are everywhere, if you like old movies or old TV shows , there's a niche for that. If you like vintage clothing there's a niche for that. You can find a niche for just about any market.If you look hard enough you can find a few niches in your own neighborhood. The World is shrinking every day. and now would be a good time to get in on the newest niche. "SocialNeworking". More on that later.


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    The Internet Niche.

    If you ever wanted  to know where to find a niche, try the Internet there are so many places to chose from,you can get lost very easily

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