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You asked for it, now you got it. It’s 2014 and flight attendant jobs are one of the most wanted jobs by every passionate wanderer especially those who wants to soar higher heights. This page by the way is dedicated to my readers who loved my previous hub about flight attendants and cabin crew hiring in the Philippines.

As a response from the guys who are requesting this page, here it is – the latest male flight attendant jobs in the Philippines today. We all know that majority of airline companies here prefer a higher percent of female FAs than the opposite gender especially domestic airlines like Cebu Pacific and Zest Air when it was still active. Remembering your plane time, how many male FAs do you see in a flight compared to female FAs? From my past flights, I always see 2:5. The ratio is 2 male flight attendants out of 5 (total of FAs) in a small domestic jet. Definitely, more cabin crews will be needed to Airbus types of aircraft. According to the international safety regulations, one steward / stewardess was required per 50 passenger seats. Now how is that? That’s long time ago.

Don’t you know that in the early times, airlines require petite flight attendants? Yes, obviously it’s because of the confined quarters and areas of airplanes. But now, they require a minimum of 5’3 for females and 5’6 for males since planes got bigger. Nonetheless, flight stewards can’t be so tall more than 5’9 just imagine the ceiling of the plane for obvious reason. In the early times, FAs are usually women but the role and responsibility of FAs is to ensure flight safety and secondary to assist in passenger’s services such as serving meals, drinks and concierge tasks. So male cabin crews are always needed in any plane.

Male Flight Attendants Requirements

The following are the usual requirements for male FAs, cabin crews and steward. This does not mean, it’s always the strict requirements for all airlines since each airline has specific qualifications. They always post their specific wants anyway.

  • 18-27 years old
  • At least 5’6 in height
  • Preferably single
  • At least college level
  • With perfect vision (20/20) or with contact lenses but not beyond 20/40 grade vision
  • With pleasing personality
  • With clear complexion and good set of teeth
  • Fluent in English, oral and written
  • Weight must be proportionate to height
  • Preferably knows how to swim

Documents to submit:

  • Resume / CV with recent photo (include all the info from the requirements above in the CV)
  • Diploma, and TOR (Transcript of Records)
  • Related Training and Seminars Certificates

Male Flight Attendants Salary

The average monthly salary of male flight attendants is about P35,000 and above on a domestic airline plus some cool amazing perks like transportation allowance, free meals, suitcase, uniforms, 13th and 14th month pay, leaves, hotel and airfare accommodations, etc. The salary is higher to international airline companies starting from P52,000 and above. Higher ranks like flight purser and senior chief purser receive P67,000 on average monthly.

Male Flight Attendants Jobs Hiring 2014

I have listed the airline companies hiring male flight attendants at present. Pluck up your courage and make your dreams come true by submitting your resume/cv to each of these so you will get hired easily. Remember, competition is everywhere but determination will bring you further. The more you apply, the more chance you’ll get hired.

How it works?

Usually, they ask you to upload your resume in Word format so you must prepare it including your recent charming photo. Make it so decent and impressive. If their Human Resource or Recruitment Department liked you, they usually call or contact you for the next screening which involves interview and series of examinations. Once you passed, then they will orient you and train you to improve more and know other needed in-flight skills, customer support and emergency procedures.

male flight attendant in a flight to Hong Kong
male flight attendant in a flight to Hong Kong | Source

**The page won’t display any hiring if the company is not hiring male cabin crew in the moment. These are the official websites of the airline companies both in the Philippines and international hiring Filipino flight attendants.

You can also apply personally by attending a Cabin Crew Recruitment Event from the airline’s series of schedules. Just always check this page for any announcement or the airline’s website to be updated all the time.

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teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 4 years ago

I guess this would be an interesting career and can see why many are seeking this opportunity. With airfare so high, it would be a good side benefit to the job. The qualifications are pretty detailed. I can agree to the knowing how to swim and pleasant personality. Great hub share!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Hello Teaches12345 :)Yes being a flight attendant is an awesome career. It's risky too. But it's more exciting than risky plus the perks are cool. ;) Thank you for being the first to come on board.. :) Bless ya!

raye 4 years ago

oh how i love this....=) thanks!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Thank you Raye :) I heard Seair is hiring male cabin crews in the moment

Marco 4 years ago

what an interesting job you have... many people and i are aspiring to be a flight attendant and i heard to my friend that your company are offering a job. i will think if i will apply to your company because as of now am a teacher in a private school in laguna.....

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Sounds like you're ready for it :) Make your dreams come true now. Soar higher and join the gorgeous male cabin crews.

FA Aspirant 4 years ago

Hi! I am male and 22 years of age. Being a flight attendant is my biggest dream. I just wanna ask if there is color blindness test in their application process? Also, do they accept applicants who are bald? Because I just had my hair shaved recently. :) Another thing is, does Cebu Pacific accepts male applicants as cabin crew? Thank you and I will wait for your reply. :)

FA Aspirant 4 years ago

Hi, this is me again. I saw from you that Seair is looking for male cabin crews. But when I saw their website, it's nothing but an HR Admin Assistant. Yet, I still passed my resume on their e-mail address with cover letter in it. Do you think it's appropriate to send my resume even though the company is not hiring flight attendants as of now?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@FA Aspirant hi there. Yes in the medical exam, it is included in the eye check up. Although they don’t require it as a major qualification but just like any other job, companies want their employees to have good vision. If you are too bald, I think they would just suggest you grow your hair even a bit. If you have the looks and charm mixed with confidence and if you are smart, then they will hire you. Cebu Pacific is not hiring male FAs as of now (May 2012) check again by next month. Yes Seair is hiring male and female in the moment. They posted it somewhere else outside their website. Just search it again. Sorry I didn’t bookmark the link I saw.

It’s so fine to pass your resume even if the company is not hiring. But I suggest you keep a soft copy and just submit or upload it the exact time the airline company hires cabin crew so your file won’t be in their archives. Thanks for dropping by and see you again :)

Karlo 4 years ago

Hey everyone! I want to be a flight steward at PAL someday. I'm 22 years old and a nursing graduate, but my only concern is my height. I'm only 5'5" is that ok for a male applicant? My friend who took the workshop said that one of their trainers told them that PAL accepts male applicants who are 5'4" 1/2 - 5'5" too. how true is that? can somebody pls help me. btw my sister is a flight attendant at PAL too. batch 2008. HELP!!! :(

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Hi Karlo :) If PAL requires 5'5 and above then you are ok I think. Since Filipino men usually stand that average height. The posted requirement from above is the usual one that airline companies here require. I suggest you apply to confirm it yourself and to become a flight attendant and join your dream company :) Good luck!

Karlo 4 years ago

Thanks for answering twentyfive. I'm just worried about my height. My sister told me not to worry too much but I can't make myself not to think of it. I really really hope they will consider my height 'coz I badly want to be a flight steward. :( I already submitted my resume. PRAY FOR ME! :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

You are always welcome Karlo. I can see you want this so bad. Means you are so determined to be successful. I know you will get it.. one way or another :) I will pray for you tonight.

w-emt 4 years ago

saan issend ung cv?im male 26 y/o. trained emergency medical technician.pwede ba flight medic?tnx

FA Aspirant 4 years ago

Hello twentyfive! Thanks for answering my inquiries! Color blindness test is one of my biggest problem. 'Coz I always fail whenever I answer that. And as I heard from others, PAL has a color blindness test. So very good luck to me. Lol! I already applied to many airlines and as of the moment, I'm still waiting for their reply. I hope they contact me, and when that time comes, I wish I was still able to apply. I was so stressed at my job now. Pimples are slowly starting to appear and take over my life. Lol!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@W-emt You can apply and send your CV to the official websites of the airline companies and local agency hiring male cabin crews. I’ve listed them in the article if you read it. Yeah, flight medics are welcomed. God bless!

@FA Aspirant hello! You are always welcome. What is your job at present I wonder why it’s a stress hehe. Yea, vision exam is done just like other medical exams. I say don’t give up. Can’t you wear contacts? Or undergo Lasik? I know it costs a bit but it would really be worth it :) I get pimples coz of the hot weather now. But they will be gone after a day. I have mastered my skin lol Try using toner after you showered at night and before you go to sleep. You must treat yourself out and relax so stress will leave you, dear. :) You are a beautiful man. Keep thinking I told you that. Hope that helps. :)

Kent Malinao 4 years ago

hi po just want to ask ung sa seair male cabin crew di ko sya makita sa google or sa website nila. i want to become a cabin crew po talaga

Rob 4 years ago

Hi guys, Seair advertised their cabin crew opening I think january. It was posted on their official website ( I also submitted my CV and contacted me a week after. Screening process was a breeze. HR officer will interview you (I forgot her name) then if you passed, you will proceed for another interview by the in-flight manager (Ms. Amanda) She was drop-dead gorgeous! Then if they like you, they will schedule you for a set of written IQ exams and personality test. After that wait for the result and you will be asked to come back for the final interview. Ms. Amanda together with two captains will thoroughly screen the applicants. Then you will be notified a week before for the training dates. The training will last 1 and a half month. I was also told that qualified trainees will fly to either Singapore or Hong Kong all expense paid by the company (including accommodation and food) for intensive safety cabin training under Tiger Airways which is totally cool. I reached as far as Final interview and I think 80% of those who advanced to the panel are male. I'm still waiting for an update up to now. just hope I made it through! Goodluck to all of us =)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Oh wow that is so cool. The training is so amazing. Sounds like the nerve-wrecking interviews and exams will pay off the adventure and treat you will experience. Good luck and I’m praying you will push through and fly soon. Thanks and we’re happy to hear your share :) Keep coming back here and tell us more :)

bobot 4 years ago

Hi there, I'm a male filipino with a height of 6'0" or 182 cm.. just want to ask if for example the maximum requirements of an airline company is 180 cm would they still consider me even if im 2 cm over their max height requirements??? but my weight is proportional still for a 180cm tall person... thanks.. and hopefully you can send me a list of airline companies that are hiring a male cabin crew with my height.. thank you so much and hopping for your kind reply..

FA Aspirant 4 years ago

Hi twentyfive! I'm sorry for my late response. Just quite busy at work. Anyway, thanks for the good compliment of yours! It boosted my confidence a bit. Regarding your question about my present job, I'm recently working as a marketing staff in a real-estate Corporation. How about you? Btw, why don't you add AirAsia here in your blog? They're also hiring Filipino FA wannabees. Actually, they had a job hiring last June 6. Unfortunately, I haven't applied on that said date. It was too late when I heard the news. Another opportunity had just passed by. :(

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Bobot Hi there. I think they won’t mind if you’re over 2cm as long as they were impressed by your looks, character, and attitude. Good luck and I hope you won’t give up.

@FA Aspirant hello! Oh it’s ok :) I’ve been so busy too. Real estate is a great rewarding career especially by commissions.. :) But there are much competitors nowadays and people get torn between buying houses through financing or just bite housing loans from banks directly and build a new house. My job used to be insurance staff in a big government controlled company..Now, I mainly do web building and sometimes helps in our family business. Oh you’re amazing for suggesting AirAsia. I thought the company was going to transformation. I will add it there on the list above. Thank you for that. :)

Oh you missed AirAsia hiring male flight attendants last June? Don’t grieve about it anymore. There is always tomorrow. :) Who knows, Qatar or Saudi Air is your destiny. BTW, you must tell me your name so I know what to call you here.

kai 4 years ago

is it really required that the teeth should be complete up and down?

bobot 4 years ago

Hi there thank you for your response. I have another question and that is the open day recruitment that emirates are conducting, for example their open day this coming july 28 at singapore, can we go to singapore that day and apply for their open day recruitment or they would only hire singaporian citizen and SG PR?? thank you so much and hoping for your reply.

Jay 4 years ago

hi! is there any news of vacancies for male stewards these days? just wanna fly soon. :(

anne 4 years ago

hi good day! i have heard that Seair are now planning to have an office here in tacloban City and they are looking for Office Staff like Ticketing Staff etc. is it true?

I'am hoping for your soonest reply.

Thank you!

LanceEiffel 4 years ago

Hi there ms.25. It's been more than a month since I last checked your hub, I'm sorry I was busy these past days. I just wanna thank you for fulfilling your promise to make a hub for male flight attendant wanna-be like me. I was thrilled upon reading your comment that you had posted it already in your profile.By the way it was me who asked for it if you could still remember.

This is such a big help for me. You are highly-appreciated.God Bless You.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Kai yes airline companies are very particular with nice skin and nice set of teeth. Smile and a person’s substance is so attractive to the recruiters.

@Bobot Yes you can go to Singapore to attend their grand recruitment. Is there any post about the exclusivity of the recruitment? I think they called it grand-recruitment :) So anyone can go. Besides, you could impress the recruiter if you mention in the interview, “I always reach what I want…Since I want to be a flight attendant and work at Emirates, I flew from the Philippines to Singapore just to get here and apply in your company.”

If the ad says it’s exclusive for SG residents only, then don’t attend it.

@Jay Check out Seair and AirAsia

@Anne Since I’m not affiliated with Seair I don’t really know. But if they open an office there, that means, they will hire locals there. Good thing for you. ;)

@Lance Hello! How you’ve been? Oh yes, you inspired me to make this hub page and yes, I never forgot my promise..though it wasn’t published sooner. I’m glad you visited today because this is dedicated for you and those guys from my other page too. :) God bless you.

rancha 4 years ago

from davao. its my big dream to be F.a soon. in any company. although its risk but if u trust yourself do you can do it. with all your heart and also pray to god to be safe during flight. godblees.

Ken 4 years ago

Hi, I am about to apply at PAL but I don't have perfect vision. Would it affect my chance on getting in? I am willing to wear contacts if needed. As of now I only wear glasses.

Thank you.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Rancha Cheers to making your dreams come true! :)

@Ken If they liked you, they would advise you everything just to have you even if your vision is not perfect

kristan 4 years ago

hi there!

are there any airlines out there that accept college undergrads?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

though a diploma is preferred, some airlines also accept college undergrads if they are very much qualified. Go in the recruitment, you will know your fate :)

Mert 4 years ago

Good day,

My name is Mert, I am actually 6 feet tall, I just want to know if I have this height would be hard for me to apply as male cabin crew?

Thank you

ronn 4 years ago

Hi twentyfive , i am a nursing graduate, and thinking of applying as an FA, i just like to know if there are schools or perhaps companies that offers training for Cabin or Ground crew? THANK YOU!

Carpe Diem Ethan 4 years ago

Hi twentyfive! I want to ask if it's okay for me to go on an interview even though I'm still skinny? Is there a chance that they might accept me as a trainee, and allow me to be trained while getting fit at the same time?

And another thing, I'm not a good swimmer, I mean I know how to, but I can't last long in deep water. I'm trying to apply at Tiger Airways. Thanks so much!! :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Mert hi there! You are a guy so 6-foot height is not a problem as long as your weight is proportional with it. If you are good looking and have nice skin and smile, I think you would pass. I guess you would know once you showed up at the recruiter, if they liked you then you’re in :)

@Ronn Usually trainings are done after you are accepted. At Cebu Pac trainings are done months before the actual work in the airline.

@Carpe Are you so skinny? If you are smart, confident, neat and good looking, I think being skinny is not a problem. However, competition is tough, there are always another guys out there. You just have to break a leg.. Be positive and be yourself. If they didn’t like you at first, then time to reinvent your looks and body. Swimming is part of the training, you can learn it.

drex 4 years ago

I WANT to become a FA it says on AIRPHIL they are hiring MALE but the date POSTED on the JOB was last MAY 18 ?? is it still available miss 25??? what do you think... if they are not hiring these days that post should be deleted right?its almost 3 months passed that date.. any help?

DM 4 years ago

@drex hi there! I'am also an FA aspirant, I went to Airphil last Monday (July16,2012) trying to apply and for initial assessment based on what I've read on their website, but when I get there as a walk-in applicant they did not let me in, and the security guard make a call inside and they only ask me to leave my resume on the security guard and said that they will call/text me.

You're right that the date posted on their website was last May 18, but I only see that hiring last week, because I also check it last month there is no hiring for male cabin crew, so I guess it was hidden or something. It's just my FA friend who work there told me last Thursday that there is hiring going on, I also send my application through e-mail, but when I check their website just now they already removed the job hiring.

I hope that they will still contact me, though.

@twentyfive thank you for this hub, this will help us aspirant a lot. :)

let's all pray to fly soon.

drex 4 years ago

DM so we can't be hired? until the next hiring comes?

i pass the requirements through net too but i didn't reply... mybe the training is on-going already....

drex 4 years ago

@DM tried calling in to the main office??? hey mr DM uhm can i get you number or email so we can do emails or text when there is an opening job for cabin crew at any airlines? thanks dude

@25 THANK YOU FOR YOUr HUB very helpful indeed....

DM 4 years ago

@drex hey buddy, I don't know if training is on-going already, and I haven't try calling their office, have you try?. I just talk to my friend and told me that hiring started maybe a month ago, she is also not sure about it, and hopefully they will still try to contact us and undergo training, just think positive.

I don't wanna post my number & e-mail here, sorry for that, and if it's ok with you, can you just post here you facebook email and i'll just add you as a friend, and let's keep in touch if there is a job opening. Thanks.

Renz 4 years ago

@DM and Drex - I went to Airphil yesterday (Wednesday) for my initial interview, unfortunately I didn't make it (I think it's not for me yet). We're about 50+ applicants there and I think they only got 5 applicants for the next assessment. Most of the applicants there are male and according to one of the employees of Airphil is that they need male for their next batch (05-09) for Cabin Crew if I'm not mistaken. By the way, yesterday they allowed walk-in applicants.

DM 4 years ago

@Renz- Hey buddy, I have my interview schedule next week, can you give us some tips on what happened on your interview?

I guess they need more male now because it's been a year since they hired male cabin crew, can I have your email?

Though you didn't make it, i'ts too early to give up. Lest keep applying.

Renz 4 years ago

@DM - At Airphil? First they will going to check your height and weight; 5'3 for female and 5'6 for male. Then the actual interview, it's like first come first serve (interview)? The questions were asked to me:

Why Airphil? Why cabin crew? Have you flown Airphil, if so how was it? And you're right, it's too early to give up.

Mark 4 years ago

Very helpful hub. :D

4 years ago

Does Airphil still hire male cabin crew?

kevin 4 years ago

@R- as of now no! they already removed the add on their website. Check other airlines.

flyguy21 4 years ago

hi 25! this blog is so inspiring! i love it! well, i was just wondering if there'd be a chance for me to be a flight attendant? since i have this 5'4 or 5'5 height. but i have always believed that gaining confidence from the height that you have will make you seem taller. People say that i got what it takes to be a FA, with this confidence level, looks, i mean everything but i doubt one thing, my height:( i hope to hear from you very soon... i really want to see myself someday as a FA. please i need some advice. thanks!:)

drex 4 years ago

@DM hey did airphil call you for interview this week??? when??

@RENZ dm is right never give up... there is nothing wrong with trying and trying...

@FLYGUY if your 5'5 they'll give you a reach limit i think? so check your exact height

i hope in a month or weeks there will be an opening again.....

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I think AirPhil Express is a very good airline company as it's the fastest growing airline company here in the Philippines. I like service than Cebu Pacific though the latter is known for giving amazing perks and benefits to their cabin crew and flight attendants.

Take your chance while Airphil still hire male cabin crew

wonder guy 4 years ago

twenty-five do airlines really hire people from applying through net?how long will it take you to wait for their call? i don't think it's working. i passed a week ago , got no response. : ( if they won't respond does that mean u are not qualified? : (

DM 4 years ago

@Renz- Thank buddy! what's your plan now?

@Drex- Did Airphil also call you?

@Wonder Guy- I submitted my application/requirements through e-mail and the airline call me after 2 days (I don't know to other airlines). Which airline did you submit your application? make sure you submit on the right e-mail address. Or if the airline didn't call you, don't get sad maybe you're not the one they're looking for in the moment, so don't loose hope you can re-apply again if there is hiring, and there are lots of Airlines. Keep trying.

Mark 4 years ago

@DM - How was your interview at Airphil? Did you make it?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I heard Qatar is hiring flight attendants in the moment. Recruitment Day is at Marriott Hotel. The info was shared in the related article

Gerald 4 years ago

Qatar is hiring female applicants only twenty five.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Sadness... Go AirPhil!

Dheejay 4 years ago

I really like to apply as a cabin crew but i have braces. I think it would take 3 more months before i can remove it.. Just a little more adjustment and im done with my braces.. Do you think they consider my application? The recruitment date is on saturday. At diamond hotel manila...

Dheejay 4 years ago

I didnt passed the screening today. The HR of PAL told me that they need a 4 yr course graduate.. Sadly i just took 2 yr course. Im very disappointed because they never specify that what they need is a 4 yr course graduate..

Da 4 years ago

@DHEEJAY - hey brother, is there a lot of applicants at PAL earlier? I didn't know there is PAL hiring. Sayang!

Dheejay 4 years ago

Yes.. A lot.. . I think its more than 1500 applicant.. You can catch up tom.. Make sure you're there before 8am cause they will close the registration at exactly 10am and the line of applicant is from the lobby up to the boulevard.

RJ 4 years ago

Did PAL accept applicants with braces?

Dheejay 4 years ago

Yes they do accept applicants with braces..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

braces can be removed once you're hired. If you really need them, have invisalign instead

MF 4 years ago

Hi! Thank you for this very informative article. I just have a questions, I've got no experience nor any knowledge re this job. Will the company provide training when I get hired or do I need to attend training first before I apply?

Thank you!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Yes airline companies do series of trainings for those applicants and candidates they accepted in the recruitment. At Cebu Pac I think it's about 6 months before you really fly and work. Apply first and get accepted, then training will be next. Good luck! :)

Sarah 4 years ago

Hi twentyfive. where can i submit my resume when applying to AirPhil and Cebu Pac? what's their email address? And can i apply as a walk-in applicant? If so, where's their offices located? And lastly, can you give me the lists of airlines where i can apply as an FA. I'm really looking forward to being an FA someday. :) Thanks in advance. Hope to hear from you soon. :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

The websites where you can apply and submit your resume are listed in the article. Please read the article. Thank you and God bless. 4 years ago

hi i'm only 5'4 is it possible that i could be a flight attendant?

Da 4 years ago

Hey guys, who among you apply at Ceb.Pac. how was it?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

What about Zest Air? I always see male cabin crew at Zest Air than Cebu Pacific. Anything about the salary in Zest Air?

mavsheat 4 years ago

Hello Ms./Mr. twentyfive.. Can you rank the airlines in the Philippines which have the best benefits on being a flight attendant? Just in your opinion. Thank you.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Local Airlines:

Cebu Pacific

AirPhil Express



Zest Air

others...(Air Asia, Tiger etc..)

kay 4 years ago

hi, do you have any idea about SEAIR's salary of their Cabin Crews?

Thanks! =)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I hope somebody give as an idea about that :) Anyone working in Seair?

ramen 4 years ago

I really like to apply for this job but unluckily for me I'm already a 29 yrs old degree holder, over-aged from the normal age limit in the Philippines. Fortunately, I have the baby face look and could easily pass a 21 yr old guy. No wrinkles here. I am confident that I pass all the requirements with flying colors for I am used to do modeling (looking for greener pastures).

Do you think there is some way they would still reconsider my application? I don't want to risk being mortified from rejection because of that predicament..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Yea you still have a chance because some airlines allow 21-29 years old applicants. Just prove them you deserve it. Break a leg! :)

12345 4 years ago

What if you have hemorrhoids, will it be a reason for an applicant not to be qualified?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

they are particular with health status. your medical exam will answer that question

mikee 4 years ago

hi twentyfive. I'm Mikee i just wanna tell you that your site/blog is really COOL anyway I got a question for you if that's alright :) If you were my recruiter will you accept me if I'm 19, 5'9" with braces (but willing to remove it if you'll accept me, cos i have this friend who get a job as Cabin Crew in Qatar Airlines she got braces a nd get rid of it after she start training), BS Nursing undergrad (3rd year), BMI i guess its normal, got contact lenses but i guess my vision is still good, work experienced: Customer Service Professorial at SiriusXM (satellite radio) for 5mos., Debt Collector in States for quite a while (these jobs are based here in Manila), a got pretty good confidence haha! that's it :) and can you suggest me anything cos i really want to get this job.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

If you are good looking, neat, have diploma and the nice character, for sure I'll hire you. I suggest you get a college diploma because domestic airlines here prefer that. You can apply to international airlines too, they are not so particular with Bachelor's Degree..

ryanms 4 years ago

@twentyfive I have a lot of mole in my face. Will it affect my application?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

If you still look good, that wont be a problem hehe

rhosterpana 4 years ago

hi twentyfive! i'm very interested of becoming an FA. but i don't know where to begin. i'm a fresh graduate of secondary education english major. is it ok to apply even if i don't have any experience relating to like hrm or fa? do u have an fb account so that i can add u?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Yeah it's ok to applya s long as you are college graduate and you have the guts. :) I have interviewed a flight attendant recently but I wanna interview male flight attendant soon. I hope it's you. :)

lglindley 4 years ago

hi twentyfive! i really want to be a FA po,. problem ko lang po yung teeth and ko.. strict po ba sila masyado sa teeth? and yung self confidence ko. help me po! thanks!!

rhosterpana 4 years ago

hi again @twentyfive! where are you based at? i want to apply but i'm from davao. can i send my CV and Application letter online? can i ask your email ad? i really desire to get this job.

mooon 4 years ago

@twentyfive: hello there. I really want to be a flight attendant. I'm a male and a nursing graduate. Can I ask for your e-mail add? or can you tell me how to apply? Thank you :)

SEIGE 3 years ago


ramen 3 years ago

was wondering if i can still apply for the position even if im already 29. but personally, i look 21 and very physically pleasing :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 3 years ago Author

Yeah why not? :) Just attend their grand recruitment and break a leg :)

lightboy 3 years ago

When is that grand recrutment?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 3 years ago Author

On January 25, Cebu Pacific has a grand screening :)

cuteguy 3 years ago

Hi! I'am a BSN graduate, and a registered nurse. I really want to be a FA. I'am 22 y.o, male but my height is 5'3. Do I still got the chance? :(

karlokarlo 3 years ago

@cuteguy yeah! Height is important but it's not the only basis. show them your true personality and just be yourself. just try it! you will not lose anything when you try. just to boost your confidence.. I have a friend who's an International Flight Steward and he's only 5'4" 1/2 or 5'5" I think.. still it's below the height requirement right? so to all of the petite aspiring flight stewards here.. don't lose hope and reach for your dreams! FLY WITH YOU SOON!! :)

VAN 3 years ago

hi, i currently have braces on my lower teeth, will that be a prob applying for this position?? :))

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 3 years ago Author

It may not be a problem if you'll say you will remove them soon

cuteguy 3 years ago

Thanks for that @karlokarlo!:) It's been really a dream to be one of them and I will give it a try, as they "Winners never quit. Quitters never win." haha Btw, are you a flight steward?

karlokarlo 3 years ago

@cuteguy sorry for the late reply. hopefully SOOOON! I need your prayers :)

trex 3 years ago

hi to all of you.. i have a question why is CEBUpacific always hire FEMALES only?every time na tinitingnan ko its always females. sad thing is i miss the airphil hiring.. SEAIR is hiring according to the site but i can't see their email add. to pass my resume.

@karlokarlo hey goodluck. what airline?

mae 3 years ago

oh! this blog is quite helpful. thanks!! do you happen to know any agency/airlines hiring male FA this feb-may? :) thank you!

cuteguy 3 years ago

All the best for you @KarloKarlo! See you in the skies soon! haha

karlokarlo 3 years ago

Thanks! see you soon! :)

karlokarlo 3 years ago

Where are you going to apply pala?

karlokarlo 3 years ago

@trex what airline? what do you mean bro?

intricatemind 3 years ago

Hi everyone!! :D

- I'm 19, 6'0" , 158 lbs, cabin crew aspirant and a graduate of a 2 yr. Aviation related course (Avionics Technology). I just want to ask if i'm still qualified to be a male flight attendant even though i hold a 2 yr. diploma ? i just heard that some airlines prefer their applicants to be a graduate of a 4 yr. tourism/HRM related course.

Jon 3 years ago

@KarloKArlo Were u able to pass na the application? how was it?

leontres 3 years ago

I'm an aspiring FA applicant but I'm curious about the "With clear complexion" qualification, does this apply for the whole body or face only?

I'm scared because though I have clear face, I do have some scars in my body specifically in the knee and elbow area...


Orlee Agustin profile image

Orlee Agustin 3 years ago from Lapu-Lapu City

A friend of mine who works for PAL express advised me to apply, but he's based in Manila. Would you know how I can apply since I'm from Cebu?

poipoi 3 years ago

Hi I just want to ask something, if an applicant is already training, does it mean that he will surely be flying after that? :) thank you twentyfive!

poipoi 3 years ago

Hi there, I am 21 years old with a bachelors degree in college and a board exam passer holding a prc license. I'm 5'10", and good looking and I have a work experience in the hospital as a medical radiation technologist. To be an FA is my dream during my highschool days until now and I want to pursue that dream. Do you think I still have a chance even if I didn't took hrm or tourism? and Nursing? Because everyday i speak a lot about FA while I'm working . Thank you! :)

poipoi 3 years ago

Question again, when you say clear complexion does it mean that you shouldn't have a pimple mark ? make-up can cover small pipmple mark right? :)

poipoi 3 years ago

Would it be better to apply personally than through e-mail? Because if they don't allow walk-ins, how can we pass our resume? :(

Paul 2 years ago

Hi ms 25! I just read your post late sorry.;) Im a recent graduate from Mapua Institute of Technology this November 2013. and I appplied for a position of Cabin Crew at PAL. then weeks later they've texted me that they are considering my application for cabin crew then told me to call the certain tel no. of pal. then I called to look for their HR, then she asked me series of questions like, what is my height, civil status, do i hold a bachelors degree do I have working experience before(I don't have) I answered all her questions until the last one, If I have failing grades at Mapua, unfortunately I have 4 failing grades at my stay in Mapua(because mahirap talaga po ang aral dun 4 semester in 1 year!) then the HR told me that "I'm sorry you didn't qualify on our requirement for the number of failing grades. up to 3 failing grades lang daw po ung dapat. I told her na I only failed minor subjects and we have 4 terms in 1 year sa mapua kya mahirap(Hoping she would consider it) but she said Im really sorry because you didn't meet our requirement. so aun po. mejo nkakadown because before when I went to PAL hiring at Diamond Hotel I passed the first screening then sa 2nd hindi because im not yet a graduate. so this time I thought okay na but may requirement po pala na ganun. I hope I can still apply to other airlines though. can I ask for an advice ms 25? thank you very much.:) -PAUL MAGTIBAY

aga 2 years ago

Hi if age is important in hiring new flight attendants (preferably below 27), does that mean that aspiring applicant like me would not be able to pursue a career in flying? Then what happened to equal opportunities?

aga 2 years ago

Do you think I have chances of getting hired?

BS Tourism, fluent in Tagalog, English, and French, 5'11 height, weight proportionate to height, have more than 10 years of experience in customer service and hospitality industry, First Aid/CPR/AED certified, swimmer, pleasing personality, safety conscious, in good health, passionate, empathetic, flexible, good communicator, and have dual citizenship from Philippines and Canada, however, I am 34 years old.

Johan 2 years ago

Are they really strict with the height standards? especially in PAL? I'm just 5'5..would it still be possible to accept me?

Hans 2 years ago

Hi, I'm Hans 17 years old from Bulacan. I wanna be a flight attendant when I finish college, it's my dream since I was younger and they said I have a great opportunity because of my height and of course, fighting spirit. But the fact that you said 5'9 is the maximum height of a male FA, I think I got a problem because my height now is 6'1 and I wouldn't be surprise if I'll be 6'3 as my final height. So what do you think? Also I don't have any problem in terms of my vision, and my weight is proportion with my height, and I speak English fluently so I believe I can make it. :) wish me luck.

Grant 2 years ago

Hi i have some problems on my tooth will it disqualify me for being FA's?

Grant 2 years ago

Hi twentyfive, I have met all the requirements but i have to pull out my 3 teeth on my dentist, but its all in the back part of my mouth , my smile is still gorgeous! Will it disqualify me for being a flight attendant. What can you recommend for replacement of my teeth?? can i have dentures please help me :( im feeling really bad because of my teeth =((

Fren'zkie 23 months ago

Hi! I want to be a male flight attendant.. my problem is undergraduate lng aq n hrm. But I am english fluent .. ng training nmn aq ng 100 hrs. Callcenter height is 5'9" .. tatangapin kya aq ?,

roy 21 months ago

Hello good day,my name is roy, i am an aspiring flight attendant, i weigh 210 pounds and 6"0 in height i am a bit flabby as of the moment, i would like to ask if it will affect my application? Thank you for your response

vladimir 19 months ago

hi can you please post more airlines to apply for thank you

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