Management Vs. Leadership: The Real Difference

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Managers and Leaders

Managers that comprehend management theories are not born as leaders with leadership qualities or may not posses any form of leadership quality. However, leaders with leadership qualities are instinctive managers of proper management toward any task. Management is “the act or art of managing: the conducting or supervising of something ‘as a business’ (Merriam Webster, n.d., Definition 1).” Although management functions and traits are a full comprehension of occurrences and tasks, an attribute of leadership may not exist within. Leadership is “the act or instance of leading (Merriam Webster, n.d., Definition 3).”

(Patty Inglish writes a great hub defining "The Difference Between a Manager and a Leader.")

Within the organizational structure of my previous employer, our echelon’s high chief portrayed and exercised traits that made him a great leader and manager. Leadership to manage a constructive organization is a give and take condition and requires an ability to make sacrifices and demonstrate commitment to an organization’s blood, the employees and the sea of public consumers. While doing so, a leader must establish an impression of charismatic values and deliver a harmonious relationship with its members. Conversely however, a leader must portray his/her role as a leader to be noticeably evident amongst subordinate positions so as to not confuse his/her congeniality with authority and management.

Leadership Commitment

Commitment to oneself and others develops leaders with leadership qualities. What good is an organization if members of an organization aren’t given opportunities to become leaders? In this aspect, the negative result is an over abundance of managerial positions without leadership qualities. Furthermore, dedication to train and provide opportunities keeps our organizational structure knowledgeable and ready for any undetermined circumstance or situation, thus molding established leaders to become better leaders or inexperienced subordinates to become leaders. This commitment to teach and train provides each organizational member the ability and awareness to self-determine any solution to any complex situation, thus managing a path of organizational structure.

(Here's another great read, "Leadership: Back to the basics by Paulkehoe.")

Management: The Important Trait for Leaders

Management is an important trait for all leaders. And again, although management is dissimilar to leadership, it possesses the similar focus of goal completeness toward any obstacle or task. As depicted, my previous organizational structure was founded on leadership virtues and is equally managed by leaders and subordinate organizational members. Furthermore, as there will always be minor discrepancies and concerns relevant to imperfect leadership of management qualities, using the proper tools and a principled code of ethics will assist to remedy organizational concerns to be better understood, led, and managed.


Merriam (2009). Merriam Webster Online Dictionary: Definitions of Leadership and Management.

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210sbreezy profile image

210sbreezy 7 years ago

I agree with the message of your hub, because in order to be a leader you must be able to manage others to complete the common goal. I also found it informative because I am trying to start a youth advocacy program and I am lookinf for persons who I can trust to spread the word of youth and some of the issues we face today and how we can fix them! and please check out my hub page. THANKS

lead365 profile image

lead365 7 years ago from Florida

Your Hub was good and to the point: Leadership empowers and cast vision while managment provides structure and strategy to accomplish the vision. Keep up the great work of inspiring and leading others!

Christenstock profile image

Christenstock 7 years ago from Mililani, HI & Rye, NY Author

Thank you lead, for the inspirational words.

Neil Ashworth profile image

Neil Ashworth 7 years ago from Ireland

Good hub - well written and a good insight into management and leadership.

Having taken on both roles in life I agree there are qualities in each which are quite different and yet required to overlap.

However, a good leader should be able to point North and inspire others to follow, while achieving great and new things along the way. A bad manager will control the journey and limit development.

Inspiration is the key!

I hope you will accept this link to a

tiffany delite profile image

tiffany delite 5 years ago from united states

I wrote a hub on this topic as well. It was actually a paper that I did in college and figured I would see how it did one here. Good hub..blessings!

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