Marketing Manager Job Description

Whether you are a company seeking for the ideal marketing manager, or a job hunter for different companies, having a detailed and concise marketing manager job description is critical in finding an ideal candidate.

A good job description should describe what the job entails without being too wordy and at the same time too generic. A company makes its first impression through its advertisements whether they are for promoting their products or expanding their network. And so whatever materials they put out in public must be well-written and edited.

Normally, marketing manager positions are also called: product manager, sales and marketing coordinator, assistant brand manager, marketing coordinator, market research manager, brand marketing manager and a business development manager.

In general, a marketing manager job description should include the requirements in terms of education, work experience and certification if the company should require this. It should also clearly describe what their job includes. As some companies have general tasks assigned to a marketing manager while some could be more specific. You have to make sure that the employee is familiar with the tasks that you would require and not just be assigned to a similar position title and yet with absolutely different responsibilities.

To be specific, a marketing manager is responsible for coming up with strategies to make sure that the product of the company sells. It has to keep on researching on the current trends in the market and that of their competitor's latest offerings in order to make sure that the company is not left behind. Furthermore, he/she should also be able to identify potential gaps in the market that may be addressed by a new product or service. 

Aside from having the same responsibilities, it would also help if your future employee have worked in the same industry or at least with related products. Having a marketing manager of a fast food restaurant will not have the same core strategies and knowledge as that of a marketing manager for a fashion magazine. This should also be indicated in the marketing manager job description in order to make sure that the person is familiar with the ins and outs of the industry. Furthermore they would not be confused with the support system that one company has linking to the marketing department.

In addition to those mentioned above, we should also include other characteristics that you would like to have in a marketing manager. This includes:

  • Being able to work well in teams.
  • Good in research and analyzing marketing opportunities.
  • Willingness to travel and even to live for  awhile in another place if he finds it necessary.

Thus in order to have a good marketing manager job description, it should have all of the following: education, work experience, job responsibilities, and work conditions that they one may have to deal with relative to the job, like traveling, extensive research and out-of-town assignments.

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Product Marketing Manager Job Description 6 years ago

well said!!How to choose a ideal marketing manager and the tasks that are to be given.

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