Marriage of ULIP and Network marketing for wealth generation!

Wise investments can make you wealthy overtime. The question is how fast?

The answer is marriage between investment and source of income. Which help you gain wealth and save you time to do what you really want in your life instead of pleasing the boss, company or government.

ULIP- ULIP is Unit Linked Insurance Policy which invests part of your invested money in stock market and insures you for accidental death benefit for life. In short ULIP itself is marriage between stock market and insurance companies.

Now the question is how long would it take to become wealthy through ULIP. The answer is 15-20 years. Provided you invest regularly annually.

In India all Insurance policies and Mutual funds are controlled by government's IRDA (Insurance regulatory and development authority) and SEBI respectively.

So it is absolutely safe to invest in any ULIP of India.

If all are safe and secure then which one should we invest in?

As an investor I have two questions in my mind

  1. How safe would my money be?
  2. How much return and insurance cover I'll get on my investment.

The ULIP's which meets the demand's of above questions would be the ultimate choice.

Now how about a business plan. In which you buy the ULIP from a top network marketing company to become distributor of the company and get a chance to earn back the invested amount. All you need is "Copycatting" the plan so you can make your own money by being your own boss.

This would be ultimate dream come true.

So what we need is ULIP from a top company from the top network marketing company and you get best of both.

It's these top companies that have the experience, know-how and skills to meet the requirements of the customers of safety, good returns and source of income.

The ULIP which I propose is "Bajaj Allianz new unit linked policy". I am not an employee or agent of bajaj allianz, but I am a customer who is satified with the service.

Bajaj is a top motor company of India. It has 60 years of experience. The company after earning huge profits in motor cycle segment is now focusing on the ULIP.

Allianz is a German company. It has survived two world wars, so in my opinion is fundamentally very strong company.

Combine the two companies and you get a partnership which is strong, delivering and meets customer requirements.

Now you can choose to have this policy separately. But I propose it through the Number 1 network marketing company of India.

  • It is a Chennai based company formed from Mahavir metals company.
  • It is the company which has crossed 6 years of existence.
  • It has more than 25 lakh distributors.
  • It has made more millionaires than any other marketing company of India.
  • You can veiw the website here

How to join?

  • First make the demand draft as mentioned at the website payable at Bangalore. You will need the DD number for online registration.
  • You would still get all the benefits of the ULIP even if you don't want to join Rmpinfotec. You pay no additional charges.
  • You will fill submit the DD, data sheet and documents all by yourself as a mark of safety and no hassles of agents.
  • You can contact me for data sheet, sponsor's username and sponsor's track id through hubpages or email me at Please mention rmpinfotec as subject.

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