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Top Job Search Engine Minority Times Magazine is going online and in full thru Equal Opportunity Council who offers a Minority Job Search Engine to search for Diverse jobs and college education and to help the out of school graduate make good on that sheepskin. Through college advertising and online presence Minority Times Magazine is able to get the top minority search engine that offers diversity jobs and career goals and ways to get to those goals. http://EqualOpportunityCouncil.com knows it's not an easy choice after high school. Minority Times can expand and start to think about bigger university types of education as well as larger corporate standing in the community for the college grad. You can't even work at McDonald's without a college education in theory of course. One day it may be all done online with college education and will flow to easily into the job market. Minority Times top up and coming Minority publications for Minority recruitment so the Net will help a magazine meant for Minorities or anyone for that matter. It's a slick beautiful piece put together by the finest printers and distribution is high now that Minority Times has gone to the net. Look for EqualOpportunityCouncil.com to show you all the way to better way of life with the Top Minority Job Serach engine for Minority employment!

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