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Mobile Apps for a lucrative future?
Mobile Apps for a lucrative future? | Source

Any mobile app designer will have an idea of how they want the app to function, but care must be taken to make sure the end user has a good experience.  The consumer is always looking for apps that look good, do what they are supposed to do, and in the case of games, entertain.  It can be easy to overlook the fact that an application is going to be used on a very small screen, and with a limited choice of controls for interaction.

With the Internet providing instant feedback via Internet forums and comments pages, developers need to make sure they have made the best app possible and that it is suitable polished for the end user. This includes making sure the app is easy to navigate and understand as well as living up to the sales pitch that it does everything in the description.

Competition is increasing in the mobile phone app market and it is essential to make sure the product offers something special over the competitors offerings. This can either be over the app's functions, or also be priced more competitively than other developers.  The best app in the world can be developed and put online, but there will be few buyers if it has been overpriced compared to others.

Despite many countries now having 3G and even 4G to consumers via the mobile phone networks, many consumers still suffer with patchy networks or slow connections.  Developers need to remember that an application running perfectly in the studio can work very differently out in the field.  Apps need to be developed as much as possible to have everything on the phone rather than relying on slow downloads from a central server.

Advertising on Apps can be a great way of recouping some of the initial outlay in development, but when consumers use an App, they are not keen on intrusive adverts that spoil the overall usability. Consumers accept that free Apps may have some advertising, but when an App has been purchased, they can quickly become annoyed and sound-off on Internet forums.

With the high cost of developing some mobile apps, it's good business sense to make the app available across different formats, for example, an Apple app being made available on Android. 

Producing mobile phone Apps is going to be a massive growth area for the foreseeable future.  Making sure that the application is good and as advertised will ensure a very profitable and successful future.


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