Mobile Expense Management

Mobile expense management is the ongoing process of auditing, optimizing, and managing voice plans, data plans, devices, and all other ancillary elements.

More commonly known as wireless expense management (WEM) or wireless mobility management (WMM), this business methodology aims at maintaining low level of overspending across all wireless subscribers within an organization. Classified as a form of telecom expense management, wireless expense management specializes in the unique intricacies present in the more complex (in relation to tradition telecom expense management for landlines) raw wireless billing data.

There are two major solutions for WEM: and outsourced solution, and an in-house solution - typically a piece of licensed software.

Many corporations, government agencies and nonprofits benefit tremendously from the outsourced solution, while most smaller business (or those without 200+ subscriptions) find that the software solution offers a better ROI.


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