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The number of people using mobile and smart phones to access the web is growing tremendously. Marketing-wise, this is a huge opportunity. If you have an online business or anything from websites to blogs that you want to promote, the mobile market is one that you should consider tapping. Mobile marketing can be as simple as creating mobile versions of your website and blog or as complicated as setting up a marketing campaign exclusively targeting mobile and smart phone users. If you want your business to be exposed to a wider audience, then you should try mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing can be difficult most especially if you have never done it before and you are just starting out. Fortunately, there are so many tools and resources out there that you can utilize to learn more about the process. There are countless websites, blogs and forums that are dedicated to the topics of marketing to a mobile crowd. These can all be helpful in teaching you the ropes of the business. Another great way to learn about mobile business promotion is by reading mobile marketing books written by people who had actually done it and have been successful in it.

List of Mobile Marketing Books

Below is a recommended list of the best books out there about mobile marketing. If you want to learn about mobile marketing, these are the books you should be reading.

What is mobile marketing?


Mobile Marketing Playbook

This is a book by 360i, a marketing agency. The foreword for the book is written by Bryan Wiener, 360i's Chief Executive Officer (CEO). To give you an overview of what you will read in the book, here is the book's Table of Contents section.

Chapter 1: Overview

Chapter 2: Planning in Mobile Marketing

Chapter 3: Search

Chapter 4: SMS Marketing

Chapter 5: Advertising

Chapter 6: Social Marketing

Chapter 7: Applications

Chapter 8: Commerce and Shopping

Chapter 9: Parting Thoughts

*The book also contains contributor articles. These include an article by Noah Elkin, an article by Naoki Muramatsu and interviews with Mickey Alam Khan and Valerie Brown.

The Third Screen: Marketing to Your Customers in a World Gone Mobile

This is the book that you need to read if you want to understand the nature of mobile. Written by Chuck Martin, this book explains the fundamentals of mobile marketing in a very straight-forward and understandable manner.

Whether you are an established entrepreneur, a practitioner, or a student, this book will appeal to you.

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