Money from the Computer

What can you do?

So you want to make money from the computer but have no idea what you what to do. No matter what I tell you, it's up to you find something you love that will bring in the money.

You have writing. this can be done online or you can write for magazine and novels and submit online.

You have sales. This can be done on Craiglist, Ebay, and Amazon. Of course you have to have at least a little money to cover the fees to start.

Affiliate marketing. This is where you sale someone elses product for a portion of the sales. A lot of people combine this one and writing. It's easier that way. And it's always there for people to see.

If you know how to work on computers, you can repair computers, or give computer lessons to earn money.

There are more ways to earn money from the computer, it's just finding the legitimate ones that take time.


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