Movers Tips for Relocating Elderly Loved Ones

Elder care is the healthiest option for many of our aging loved ones. This can be a positive time for everyone involved. With the 77 million baby boomers approaching this time of transition, many of the care facilities have stepped up their game and offer communities that are not only supportive but also provide rewarding and enjoyable opportunities for like-minded individuals. Still, this can also be a challenging time for many families and their loved ones.

One Chapel Hill Mover has offered the following tips for helping ease stress and keeping the transition as healthy as possible.

  • Communication is key for everyone involved. Don’t avoid talking about the subject, bring it up often and in a loving way. If you find it difficult, then try getting as informed as possible about the process. The more informed you are, the easier it is to help showcase the benefits of the move.
  • Sometimes emotions can cause a tense situation but keep in mind that, with time, emotions can pass. Take a break if it is too difficult. Show them that you care and build trust before you approach the conversation a second time.
  • Be prepared when it comes to the actual moving experience. Plan ahead at least six weeks. One Chapel Hill mover suggests taking advantage of their planning materials which are available in most offices.

  • Inventories can be a big help in such situations because they can be analyzed in detail and broken down as needed. One important thing to consider is that of space - the amount of space that they once had is not always the same in a new location.
  • Inventories can also help because they can cut down on the emotional attachment of items. Looking at an inventoried list can be easier than looking through the items when it is necessary. Also, it can be a good start toward planning for how different items may eventually be distributed. A section of items that will be inherited can be drawn up and organized or stored for the future.
  • Note: It is safe and legal to shred old tax and financial records after a seven year lapse. (So don’t move paperwork that you don’t need to!)

  • “Is it an antique?” It may be worth a fortune or it may simply tell a story that would be a shame to let go. Be mindful of tossing a lot of old things into the trash. Whenever possible, consider donating what you can to charity.
  • You may find a lot of old photos and keepsakes like newspaper clipping, etc. These can be great items to send along to the new location with the elderly.
  • If possible, let movers move furniture. These professionals use both the tools and tricks they are taught, combined with experience, to move your pieces with care. Further, it is too often that the weight of a piece is underestimated and this can cause harm to an inexperienced person attempting to move it. It can also result in damage to the furniture.

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