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Work Wanted in Southern Ontario, Canada

Timothy Donnelly

Licensed Millwright, College Graduate


Mobile: , Home:

Interested in Steady Work, Company Success and Personal Growth


> Four (4) years Supervisory/Leadership experience; two years Maintenance Supervisor and Foreman as a Licensed Millwright and College Graduate, and two years as Lead Hand. Specialize in START-UP, Commissioning, Managing and Motivating

> Proactive, Self-motivated Professional (confirmed with references)


> Propane and Electric Forklift Mechanic prior to Millwright

> 50% Industrial Millwrighting, Troubleshooting production machinery

  • High ELECTRICAL SKILLS, including Robotics, PLCs, cross-training etc

> 50 % Construction Millwrighting and PrecisionMachineBuilding

  • High WELDING & FITTING SKILLS, including Fabrication, Machining, Assembly, Rigging, Hoisting, Installation

> Regular UPGRADING, safety-training and cross-training with other professionals, especially licensed electricians

  • High School (OSSGD) Diploma (Bramalea Secondary)
  • Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic (SheridanCollege)

* Graduated one month early with Electrical Major

  • 101 credits, Mechanical Engineering Technician (Humber College)

* Additional PLC Applications course passed with a 93% grade

> Licenses

  • Industrial Maintenance Mechanic / MILLWRIGHT (1999)
  • Propane S-6 (87-93), FORKLIFT MECHANIC

> Certifications

  • Up-to-date Basic Occupational Health & Safety Awareness, Industrial Lift Truck, Scissor Lift, Articulating & Telescopic Boom Manlift Platforms, Fall Prevention, Lockout/Tagout, Confined Space, Fire Extinguisher, WHMIS and HACCP
  • Other trainings include GMP and Safety with Horsepower
  • 10 YEARS High-speed Glass Forming, including Honours in Machine Operator Training and Machine Set-up Certifications

> Japanese Cultural Philosophy enthusiast

  • Gemba Kaizen manufacturing paradigm (Shop Floor Continuous Improvement)
  • Morita and Naikan (Reality-based Respect, Gratitude & Action) Constructive Living


> PLC Troubleshooting, Programming, Editing (Allen-Bradley SLC 500 series, Omron)

> ROBOTICS Troubleshooting, Programming, Re-teach (Yaskawa Motoman, ABB, Fanuc)

> SUPERVISORY experience, Safety Rep experience, MAXIMO CMMS experience, Technical Report Writing, SOP and SMP Writing experience


> LICENSED MILLWRIGHT (June 24, 2014 - November 25, 2014)

  • Bullet Trade Services Ltd., Guelph, ON - SPECIALTIES Incl. Millwrighting, Custom Fabrication, Maintenance Coverage, Breakdown Services and Machine Moving.

* Hired at $30 per hr. to support company operations for multiple clients as dispatched.

* Work as required solo and as part of team for different assignments, including Heavy Machine Moves, Installations, Welding, Shift Coverage, and as a Licensed Millwright to mentor apprentice Millwrights.

* On Call, Variable Shifts, No Full Time hours guaranteed. Prefer full Time.

> LICENSED MILLWRIGHT (Oct 15, 2012 – Apr 03, 2013)

  • HCR Perm Search * Current Provider to MAGNA for Skilled-Trades Professionals
  • MAGNA Seating [Mississauga Seating Systems] - Tier 1 supplier of seating systems to Ford Motor Company, Oakville, ON

* Successful Production Support working experience from day-one; Carved a niche in company and became Point-man for Emergency repair work, Machining, Welding and Fabrication jobs in charge of their Machine Tool and Welding/Fabrication Shop.

* Design collaboration, Fabrications, Modifications, Installations, Production line ergonomics, Shipping containers, peripheral facility equipment, etc.


* Compensated at $30.62 per hour + OT

> Winters Technical Staffing Services (1995 – 2011)

  • Licensed Millwright / Industrial Maintenance Mechanic & Machine Building

* Repeat assignments at reputable companies such as: George A. Wright and Sons, Acton Precision Millwrights, GMB Installations, Martin Rea International, Canadian Tire Distribution, MAGNA, Rumble Automation, and others.

> LOCAL TALENT WORKS (Registered Millwright Proprietorship) (1997 – 2002)

  • Various contracts and sub-contracts as Industrial Service Provider and Millwright.


  • TDL Group Corp, Guelph, ON

* Intensely involved with the Process Development and Commissioning of TDL's brand-new automated and refrigerated distribution facility, the first automated facility of its kind for TDL. This required the organizing of their first Credentialed-trades maintenance department

* Assigned as the TDL Safety Representative and provided a written assessment of issues pertaining to a Safety Consulting pre-occupancy tour

* Submitted written proposals for the safe and smooth start-up of their automated operations, including informative SOPs such as Proper Battery Charging Procedures and Automated Product Replenishment

* Provided input for a Punch Sheet of Building and System Deficiencies and Machinery Performance Acceptances

* Constructed and submitted interactive Hydraulic Calculation spreadsheets to the Maintenance Department

* Comprehensive training in HK Systems automated storage and retrieval systems, PLC, and VFD controlled conveyors with related up-to-date maintenance and troubleshooting

* Formally trained and responsible for building fire system, back-up generator and switchgear

* Provided hands-on electro-mechanical and millwright support for the set-up, debugging and commissioning of new equipment operation


  • Gummed Papers Ltd, and Armor Technical Staffing, Brampton

* PROJECT work. Custom-engineered hybrid paper-laminating machine, Fabrication and Build using 4 X 6 X 3/8 steel tubing, etc.

* Lay-out and assembly of said heavy machine and plastic-to-paper laminating web

* DIRECTION and SUPERVISION of CWB Welder involved with machine frame construction

* Supervision and facilitation of overhead crane Installation Contractors, ensuring job quality, safety, proper layout, etc

* Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance of production equipment (paper-converting, laminating and coating machinery), including 600 volt AC troubleshooting

* Machine Shop duties and assistance as required, including fabrication, welding, tempering and fitting/assembling of various machine parts, including alignment of gear boxes, shafts, couplers, rollers, etc


  • Shepherd Products Inc [Marmon Group], Brampton

* Oversaw and responsible for 10 Maintenance Personnel, including 1 Licensed Electrician, 1 Licensed, 1 Apprentice Tool & Die Maker, 2 Apprentice Millwrights, and 5 Set-up Technicians

* Start-up operations and organization of Maintenance Department with new employees in newly purchased company building

* Worked on a tight schedule in close coordination with the Production Department

* Three shift, 24 hour communications

* $1,000/month Budget P.O. unsigned Requisition Authorization

* Safety, Direction, Coaching, Facilitation, and Time records

* Technical writing, including SOPs such as Plant Start-up & Shut-down procedures. Consisted of protocol for sequential duties of timely, smooth transitions with consideration for machinery, raw materials, production, personnel safety, and building security

* Instituted/Implemented Maintenance Logging Practices in Maintenance Department

* Parts Inventory Set-up, Organization, and Management.

* Establishing safe re-order levels, sourcing needed parts, outsourcing specialized work, obtaining quotes, negotiate prices.

* My organization and procurement practices saved the company thousands of dollars

* Property and Facility Management included the Coordination of Contractors installing chilling equipment, process piping, etc

* Memos, Signage, and Inter-office Communications

* Researched, re-designed, and priced the acquisition of replacement Safety Shielding for a hydraulic Destructive-testing cell, used by quality control and sales. Advised for a safer, solid, see-through polycarbonate laminate shield versus original expanded-metal fencing

> JUNIOR AutoCAD OPERATOR (Mar 1998 - Apr 1998)

  • Canadian Laser Technologies [Chem-Etch and Stamp], Mississauga

* Worked closely with senior Management, Production Management, and the Senior AutoCAD & PLC Programming Technician to design and build an Automated Laser-etching Machine Cell with integrated conveying, indexing and marking systems

* During daily brainstorming sessions, three (3) of my design suggestions for conveying and indexing the gears being etched were incorporated into the automated cell

* The customer, Stackpole AGD, continued to use this very machine for several years

* Responsible for producing rudimentary AutoCAD (R13) Engineering Drawings for records and supply to the Machine Shop and Machine Builders / Assemblers


> MECHANICAL Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Repair, Installations, Set-up

  • Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Pipe Fitting, Conveying Systems and Lifts

> ELECTRICAL Troubleshooting, Repair, Installation: AC to 600 volt, DC 6-72 volt

  • Panels, Fuses, Wiring, Motors, Sensors, Switches, Curtains, Interlocks, PLCs, VFDs, Servos, Amplifiers, Robotics and CNC

> ROBOTICS and Automated Assembly equipment, Dedicated Pressure [Spot] Welders, Robotic Mig and Pressure Welders, etc

> MACHINE BUILDING, Engineering Drawings, Fabrication, Tooling, Assembly, Balancing

> WELDING, SMAW [stick], GMAW [mig], FCAW [Flux-core], GTAW [tig]

  • Plus Oxy-acetylene, Brazing, Silver-Solder, Tinning and Soldering

> CRANES, Overhead, Jib, Gantry Cranes, Rigging, Hoisting, Signalman

> MACHINE SHOP, Milling, Turning, Grinding, Stamping, Brake Press

> ENGINE ROOM, Compressors and Chilling Systems, Pumping Stations, Electric & Diesel Wet & Dry Building Fire Suppression, Emergency Generator and Switchgear (training)

> REFRIGERATION, Ammonia and R22 Industrial Refrigeration, and some Boiler experience


During the last few years, I have worked in Plant Relocation projects, dismantling production lines for shipment to Mexico and China (e.g. Majestic CFM, Kennedy Rd, Mississauga) working through PCM Industrial Solutions, and during the construction phase of a Glass Recycling plant (Unical Glass, Van Kirk Dr, Brampton) through Winters Technical Staffing Services. I also had a very brief assignment with Magna (MASSIV Automated Systems, Torbram Rd, Brampton) in July 2011, also through Winters. Recent work at Musashi Auto Parts in Arthur, Mississauga Seating Systems (MAGNA) in Mississauga and Bullet Trade Services based out of Guelph.

Through this recent economic recession, and because of pressing familial responsibilities, I elected a timely working sabbatical and relocation from Brampton to Kitchener, to assist in relocating both my aged parents (father passed in February 2015) & mentally disabled brother. Satisfied that my folks are now comfortable, & having also found myself a local address in Kitchener, I remain a resident in good standing since March 2011.

Finally, because of the events described above, you may plainly understand that I am now Very Eager and Highly Motivated to re-establish myself in the workforce again ASAP!

I am confident I can meet all of your requirements, as I am a seasoned, Licensed Industrial Millwright, with considerable MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL skills, as well as maintenance and trades SUPERVISORY experience (around two years - mostly in the Automotive and Heavy Steel manufacturing industries). I have 10 years work experience with (two) Unionized companies, and 12 years as a Certified Millwright in Non-unionized environments. I am a proven excellent Electro-mechanical Troubleshooter, Maintenance Technician, Welder/Fitter and Machine Assembler/Builder.

Furthermore, I have three (3) years of College (Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanics, 1990; Mechanical Engineering Technician C.N.C., 1994 - 1995), several certificates of study and accomplishment, a registered proprietorship (sometimes used for contracting), and Safety Rep experience.

I have collaborated on projects and worked closely with engineers, machine designers, electricians, welder/fitters, and Production and Maintenance Management. I always contribute enthusiastically, respectfully, and professionally. My Communication Skills and Technical Writing abilities are augmented and accredited by two college programmes & published writing accomplishments in both print and electronic media.

Listed here are SOME of my more relevant and noteworthy tenures. Many not listed below are more generic millwright jobs where I was not in a [permanent] supervisory capacity, and include contract company sites.


1st. BONDED in the past at Kuehne & Nagel International Distribution; I have always remained bondable and trustworthy

2nd. Professional success with Production [Management] Support, Machine/Process Troubleshooting, Machine Building / Assembly, Overhaul, Maintenance and Repair, [Automated] Machine Design, as well as Maintenance Supervision and Technical Writing employed as a Millwright. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT describes my history well

3rd. I am always respectful to people, and gain great personal satisfaction by working as a valued team member, enthusiastic to learn and teach new technologies and to contribute positively to company safety, quality, vision, and success.

4th. Modest published WRITING success is a hobby I continue to enjoy

5th. All my skills are highly transferable!!!

6th. I am eager and highly motivated to explore any opportunities you may consider me capable of, including entry-level positions, noting that I am available for any shift; and although I prefer Sundays off, I am FLEXIBLE to meet company requirements.

7th. Confident I can make an IMMEDIATE CONTRIBUTION to the smooth and proficient operation and success of your company, I thank you for your interest in advance. I look forward to coordinating a meeting with you, at your convenience.

Timothy Donnelly

Phone: 111-222-333

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Rigging Safety Video Program - www.safetyissimple.com


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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Yo Timothy- I hope great employment always comes your way and those boots become lighter. Thanks for being a real guy.

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wrenfrost56 6 years ago from U.K.

Great idea to put your resume up. You have a lot to offer an employer, I hope this brings many an opportunity your way.

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