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What is NTR?

If you are looking for IT automation, and remote support service then you will have probably heard of NTR global - who are becoming complete leaders in this field of expertise. They offer services and packages that are second to none, and can save huge costs in nearly all businesses! Still interested? If so then you will be pleased to know that NTR are currently offering Free trials on all of their support packages, including the following:-

  • NTR Connect
  • NTR Connect Pro
  • NTR Support Pro
  • NTR Support Ultimate

NTR Connect

NTR Connect offers unattended support and remote control session tools. The connect pro version is slightly more advanced, offering the same as NTR Connect but also with secure file transfer and remote printing. You can download and start using the basic version, and can free trial the pro version.

NTR Support

NTR Support offers a fantastic service that just gets better and better. There are a wide range of session tools, support channels, reporting and customization that are offered with the basic NTR Support package. However, if you decide to go for the NTR Support PRO then you will be entitled to use every tool available. This includes 5 support channels, 10 session tools, 2 operator organisation and management tools, 3 routing and surverys, 2 reporting and monitoring programs, 3 customization tools. The NTR Support Pro package really is a special package that offers a wide range of tools and services for the ultimate customer support, IT automization and remote support! You can test these out for free by using the free trials that are currently being offered. This is a chance to see how much time and money your business can save by using these extremely modern solutions.

Other NTR Services

Thats not all. NTR also have great services for meeting and admin, that could really speed up your daily routines, and save you a great deal of money and cost by doing things in a simple, and constructive, proven way!

  • NTR Meeting
  • NTR Admin

Download Now

The NTR Connect program is free to download and can be set up and working on your PC or MAC within just a few minutes.

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David van Meeren 6 years ago

I can't find anything negative about this package and so i don't trust it. Who has had a bad expierence with this package?

I suspect that they have big funds for PR

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