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School Teacher Earned Ten Times after Resigning From School

School Teacher Earned Ten Times after Resigning From School
School Teacher Earned Ten Times after Resigning From School | Source

Rome Was Not Built In a Day

Story of Two Salespersons of a Shoe Company

Never give up your efforts or action or planning or focus just because you come across obstacles. The story of two sales representatives of a shoe company is well known. Still, I will mention it if only to stress the point of this topic. A shoe company posted two of its sales representatives to Africa for selling its shoes. Each representative was sent a consignment of five hundred pairs of shoes for selling. The first representative returned home stating that as nobody in Africa wore footwear, there was no prospect for sale of shoes. But the second representative asked for another consignment of five hundred pair of shoes as he felt that sale of shoes was easy since there was no competition in Africa from any other firm.

Difference in Attitude

The difference between the two salesmen is their attitude. The second guy was not giving up his efforts and was confident. The first guy quit even before the battle began. The next part of the story is irrelevant to our topic. The first salesperson got his promotion quickly as he was the son of the paternal uncle of the Managing Director of the company whereas the successful second guy had to languish without any promotion or recognition. But this is the bane of private and government companies.

School Teacher Earned Ten Times after Resigning From School

But just because you don’t get promotion or recognition, you should not give up your efforts. Your efforts may bring some unexpected gains for you at a future date. For example there was a school teacher teaching mathematics for the higher secondary students. He did not receive any recognition or promotion or monetary gain even though he made many students to score centum in mathematics. The reason was he was not in the good books of the school correspondent. But one day he was dismissed from the school for some petty politics of the school management. At home, he started a coaching centre in mathematics and earned ten times the amount he earned as a school teacher. He also received the respect and recognition he longed for from his students and their parents.

Quit If the Basic Circumstances Change

If things don’t go your way, there is an inherent urge to give up your efforts and resign to the fate. But this should never happen. At times you may be confused about the viability or success of your efforts. You should analyse everything before you begin your efforts. But once begun, you should not quit even doubts linger over the success. Under only one circumstance shall you consider quitting. If the basic circumstances and the situation change entirely due to some unanticipated reasons, then you can call off your efforts and quit as it may not be worth pursuing your efforts.

Rome Was Not Built In a Day

Rome was not built in a day. Brick by brick you should construct your mansion. You should lay a strong foundation to your plan. Strategies should be formulated taking into account every conceivable situation. But once all these things are finalised and you involve yourself in the act, never quit for any reason. Your entire effort may even fail. But such a failure will also bring with it experience and knowledge for you to. You can make use of this knowledge for your future plans and actions. A quitter will never gain this valuable experience.

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