Never pay to work from home

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Never Ever Ever Pay to Work


Do not ever pay anyone for any of theses work at home scams! They are just that scams! Everyone is looking for extra money theses days with the economy the way it is. It’s unfortunate that people set up these scams to take advantage of all of us who are looking for an easy way to make a little extra money. I myself have tried a lot of these programs. The majority of them I spent money on and never made any money back. Remember if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.


The easiest way to acquire more money is by cutting back on your every day spending and start paying off all your debt. However, that is easier said then done for most people. One of the best places to cut back on your budget is food. Eat out less. Go to the bar less. Drink cheaper beer. Buy cheaper food. Use the savings to pay off the credit cards. But that's probably not what you want to do or why you are reading this. You want to read about work at home strategies that really work. However, if you are interested in reducing or erasing your debt completely then out my hub on erasing debt with the $20 budget.


First I must tell you when I originally wrote this hub it was full of links to sites I use on a daily basis and I discussed each program I used individually. However, I have found this violates both hub pages and adsence policies. Therefore, I will refer you to my website at the end of this hub if you are interested in checking out the programs I use. With that being said you should understand there are thousands upon thousands of programs out there on the internet to get rich quick or make money from home. Most of these sites talk big about all the riches and easy money you can make with only a small investment of anywhere from one dollar to as much as $1499. Really? If I had $1499 to blow I would not be checking out work at home scams!


The first type of work at home or get rich quick “opportunity“is CENSORED or CENSORED. I have found one program that actually works and have received payments from it. However, it takes a while to build up enough in your account to meet the pay out level. Money can be made faster by building your down line then but just by CENSORED. A large number of these sites are scams or have so little pay outs that you will never do anything but waste time. If the site offers you more CENSORED for an upgrade fee it is probably a scam. The legitimate programs will pay you through paypal. They will also have forums and other ways you can connect with people on the site.

I apologize for having to censor parts of this article but Google absence and hub pages will not even allow a discussion of CENSORED on their sites.

Multilevel Marketing

Another get rich quick scam is the multilevel marketing scam. Most of these sites require you to pay a one time or recurring fee to get into the scam. Then you get paid a percentage of the fee for all the people that you sucker to sign up under you. However, most of these sites require your first couple sales, if you even make any at all, to go to the person who referred you. It’s hard enough to drive traffic to sites and convince people to join programs for free, just imagine how hard it is to convince people to fork out $10, $20 or even hundreds of dollars to join your program. I always stay away from these programs. I am trying to make money on line not spend it. If the program was that good and made people that much money it would be free or they would at least let you take the costs out of your earnings instead of paying them up front.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the biggest make money at home get rich quick scam out there. Yes, I call it a scam because a large majority of the sites out there that claim to be affiliate marketing websites are actually get rich quick scams. They are really multilevel marketing scams in disguise. However, it is easy to tell the difference between legitimate affiliate marketing sites and scam sites. The legitimate sites will have real products or services for sale and do not charge you anything for becoming an affiliate. They have great customer service and are reputable companies. Most of you are probably using adsence or Amazon or eBay to help monetize your hubpages. Most online retail business will have affiliate marketing programs. These programs are based on sales made from the traffic generated from your website. Some of these sites will require you to already have your own website and will do a verification check to determine if your website is legitimate. These are all examples of legitimate affiliate marketing programs. On the other hand the scam ones usually charge you a fee to join their affiliate marketing program. They have bright flashy colorful websites with little to no substantial content on them. Other then membership and maybe some e-books the site really will not have much for sale. But they will tell you that included in your membership is thousands of dollars worth of valuable software. If it is worth thousands of dollars do you really believe they would be giving it away for free? Affiliate marketing with the right websites can make you good money on line but will take some work.


Remember get rich quick schemes are just that schemes and scams. If you are paying for a program then you are probably being scammed and will never get your money back. Any legitimate online work from home money making opportunity that is legitimate will not charge to join it and will take time and effort to earn profits from it. Every program out there will take time and effort regardless of it being a scam or not. If you are not willing to dedicate time every day to what you are doing then it will fail no mater what it is. No one out there is going to pay you for doing nothing. If you area using a program that is free and you have received legitimate payments from it I would definitely like to hear about it!Thank you for reading my hub. I hope this stops some of you from blowing your money on another scam.

What program has given you the most sucess online?

  • Paid to click
  • Multilevel marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Hubpages/adsense
  • Personal website
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