I never thought much about advertising's role in our economy, in making mass production, feasible, until I majored in it at The University of Florida.  Then, I came to understand that without advertising we would never have been able to create awareness of products, desire for them, demand for them.  No amount of personal salesmanship could have reached the masses as effectively.

I'm sure there are, and always have been, abuses, but  I believe the value of educating people about products far outweighs the abuses.

And, let's not forget that advertising has made mass media possible.  By making newspapers, radio, television, magazines, all mass media, even the internet, profitable, the public has been entertained and educated with advertising paying the bill.

Aside from its social value, advertising has become a part of our culture, almost as much of Americana as apple pie.  Many of the old icons are fun to remember - parts of our lives.  So, if you are still with me, just for fun, try the quiz I have put together below.

Ye Olde Advertising Quiz

How old are you, and how well do you remember the best advertising from the past? This quiz contains slogans, icons, symbols and a few individual ads. Some products may be represented more than once. There are 50 questions, so each correct answer is worth 2 points.

As an old advertising man, I think my memory is right on all of these – but maybe not. Nobody’s perfect.


1. Where’s the beef

2. You’ll wonder where the yellow went

3. Commander Whitehead

4. Aunt Jemima

5. When Better Cars Are Built

6. Think Small

7. Breakfast of Champions

8. I’d Walk a Mile for…

9. See the USA….

10. I dreamed I was a bullfighter in my….

11. Time to Retire

12. We’ll Keep the light on for you

13. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing

14. Mass transit (nuns in a van)

15. His masters Voice

16. 12 full ounces, that’s a lot, twice as much for a nickel too….

17. The Pause that refreshes

18. Wherever particular people congregate

19. Snap, Crackle and Pop

20. Manny, Moe and Jack

21. The man with the eye patch

22. You don’t have to be Jewish to love _____

23. Builds Strong bodies 12 ways

24. Uncle Ben’s ____

25. The sunshine State

26. The show me state

27. The garden State

28. Join the _________and see the world

29. A Little Dab will do ya

30. When it rains, it pours

31. Rinse so white, Rinse so bright

32. Lots more suds with __________

33. L S M F T

34. Put a _____in your garage, honey

35. Nobody’s Perfect (car with a flat tire)

36. The Uncola

37. Drink a ____________at ten, two and four

38. RC

39. Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz, Oh what a relief it is

40. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking

41. Fly the friendly skies

42. Go__________and leave the driving to us

43. You Meet the Nicest people

44. We’re Number Two - We try harder

45. Ask the man who owns one

46. ___ ____ green has gone to war

47. L A V A

48. 57 Varieties

49. 20 Mule Team

50. Take it off, Take it all off

51. (bonus question)  "Good to the last drop"


1. Clara Peller - for Wendy’s

2. “When you brush your teeth with pepsodent

3. Schwepps Tonic

4. Pancake mix

5. Ford will build them (circa 1946)

6. Volkswagen

7. Wheaties

8. a Camel (cigarette)

9. in your Chevrolet

10. Maidenform Bra

11. Fisk Tires

12. Motel 6

13. Alka Seltzer

14. Volkswagen

15. Victrola (very long ago)

16. Pepsi Cola (is the drink for you)

17. Coca Cola

18. Pall Mall Cigarettes ( I think – or maybe it was Chesterfields)

19. Rice Krispies

20. Pep Boys

21. Hathaway Shirts

22. Levy’s Bread (only on the East Coast, I think)

23. Wonder Bread ( maybe only on the West Coast)

24. Rice

25. Florida

26. Missouri

27. New Jersey

28. Navy

29. Brylcreme

30. Morton’s salt

31. Rinso (soap powder)

32. Super Suds

33. Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco

34. Dodge (may have been just regional)

35. Volkswagen

36. 7 Up

37. Dr Pepper

38. Royal Crown Cola

39. Alka Seltzer

40. Timex (watches)

41. United Airlines

42. Greyhound

43. on a Honda

44. Avis

45. Packard (automobiles)

46. Lucky Strike

47. LAVA hand soap

48. Heinz (catsup, etc)

49. Borax

50. A shaving cream – but I can’t remember which – maybe Burma Shave. If you know, give yourself and extra 2 points.

51.  "And that drop's good, too."  (Fannie Bryce as "Baby Snooks"  on radio)


My Book

If you enjoy nostalgia, and particularly is many aspects of motorcycling in the '60s appeals to you, you might like my book, OVER THE HANDLEBARS. It is a collection of 24 short stories and articles, most of which were first published in motorcycle magazines in the 1960's. It is available through Amazon.com  I also have written two other books about motorcycling availalbe from Amazon.com.  You can read them on your computer for just $2.99.  Go to motorcyclenostalgia.com.

And, if you enjoyed this hub, you may want to check out some of my others. I have now posted over 50 "hubs". Go to hubpages//dongately. To see them all, click on more.

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Seen On TV profile image

Seen On TV 6 years ago

Really Fun. I knew more than I thought I would at age 42. I gotta go "fill it to the rim with Brim" and catch my second wind.

dongately profile image

dongately 6 years ago from Sana Clarita, California Author

Thanks for checking my hub.

jstankevicz profile image

jstankevicz 6 years ago from Cave Creek

Interesting article on old ads. One of the great things about old time radio shows is that many contain those period advertisements. Time travel at its best!

dongately profile image

dongately 6 years ago from Sana Clarita, California Author

Thanks for looking. You may also want to check out my hub on old time radio.

Dental Instruments 4 years ago

I appericiate your effort its such a nice nice, and has very informative.

blurtcaster profile image

blurtcaster 4 years ago

Where's the NUN from the Levy's campaign?

(NYC subway poster)

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