Objection Handling in Sales Process

Its not as much easy as Feature Benefit Selling Technique says, prospect may have many kinds of objections with salesperson and most objections are

Time: Prospect claims that I don’t have time right now and must meet you later, and this objection may be finished by explaining prospect benefit of taking decision on today basis

Price: Potential customer may argue on price that its high and this objection may be dealt with quality product carry

Source: Its possibility that Prospect may have negative experience with your company and unfamiliar with you, which you may finish by explaining them reasons of those experiences they had and improvements at your end.

Competition: Prospect may be delighted with its existing supplier but you may also kill this objection by comparing your product with others and explaining how your product is better than your competitors.

Objections may be handled with other techniques that are

Yes…..but method

Agree with you but now its improved

Boomerang method

Converting reason of not buying into reason of buying

Compensation method

Providing benefits on purchase

Case history method

Telling success stories of your customers

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