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There are some odd side jobs for fast cash that you may want to consider to bring a little money in each month.  While you may not get rich quick, you can bring in consistent earnings on a regular basis with limited work.  Whether you’re a college student, single parent, or just someone looking to make a couple bucks, one of these odd side jobs for fast cash is sure to bring in enough money to make it worthwhile.

Writing Online

If you can string together a few sentences, you can use it as one of the best odd side jobs for fast cash out there.  Sites like this one allow you to earn a little money each month.  You won’t get rich or make millions online doing it, but you can make enough to improve your standard of living, like I do.

Auction Sites

Online auction sites offer a great number of odd jobs for fast cash.  You can make money quick in a number of different ways.  Let’s explore a few now.

Sell New Stuff:  You can buy bulk items to sell online at sites like eBay.  Tons of people do this and earn some extra money each month.  In fact, at least one person I know buys dollar store items and sells the online for $2. 

Sell Junk:  You can sell your own stuff to earn a few dollars or you can buy other people’s stuff.  The same person I know that buys dollar store items also hits yard sales each summer to unload items for a profit.

Yard and Garages

Yards and garages are keys to finding some odd side jobs for fast cash.  If you have a skill, perhaps in building items, make your garage into a workshop and sell the items you build.  Perhaps you can do small engine repair.  A yard or garage sale may also raise some extra money on a regular basis. 

Starting a Business

When looking at odd side jobs for fast cash, why not consider starting a small business?  It could be something as simple as walking or kenneling dogs, painting, yard work, or just about anything else you can imagine.  This can work for single parents or students looking to earn a little more each month.  You won’t get rich, but you can make enough to pay off some bills and allow for some spending money.

Temp Work

Still not finding the odd side jobs for fast cash that appeal to you?  Perhaps a quick trip to a local temp agency would work.  There are always businesses looking to hire, even in tough economic times.  Employment at these agencies can really pay off.  Let’s say you just work very part time, so you can keep your other position.  You work 8 hours per week at $9 per hour.  Each month, you will bring in about $300 extra.  Nothing wrong with odd side jobs for fast cash.

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