Offshore Jobs in Louisiana

Offshore Jobs

Offshore jobs are abundant along the gulf coast. Although some companies are experiencing layoffs in 2012, the drilling rigs themselves cannot be left unmanned, so those jobs are unlikely to go away any time soon. Many companies not only pay you for your time on the clock but also pay per diems for any time that you are offshore. The workers who work offshore many times make as much or more than their supervisors. If you are entering the workforce for the first time or considering changing careers, offshore jobs may be what you're looking for.

Louisiana Engineering Jobs

So you are looking for Louisiana engineering jobs? Where do you start? You can check out job boards, here are some companies you can do a search on, Schlumberger, Baker Oil Tools, Chevron,Devon Energy, Stone Energy, Shell and Exxon-Mobil all hire petroleum engineers or individuals with industrial technology degrees. Have an electrical or mechanical engineering degree try to search companies like Entergy and other similar utility companies. Government entities also hire engineers, though the pay is usually a lot less than private companies. Engineers are such a commodity nowadays that more and more women are entering this field once dominated by men. Louisiana engineering jobs are one of the hottest Louisiana Jobs today.

Offshore Jobs

The oil field is composed of people like yourself, people who are looking for the same things in life you are: job security, an interesting career, an opportunity to better themselves. You can find all these things with offshore jobs.


They come from all walks of life: farmers, lawyers, preachers, musicians, bankers, businessmen, laborers, college graduates, high school dropouts, medical personnel, retired military personnel, male and female alike. You will find one of every kind in the oil field

Offshore jobs are not for everyone. It requires that you be away from home, sometimes for weeks at a time. More often than not, the drilling vessel you are on will not even be in sight of land. It involves long and hard hours, working in all kinds of weather and conditions as well as in some dangerous situations. Being 100 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico in the middle of a hurricane is a frightening experience for sure!

On the plus side it is very rewarding and exciting. The food is good, the quarters are clean and well kept, and the benefits and opportunities for advancement are excellent. It is not uncommon for a person starting at the bottom with no previous oil field experience to be making $40,000 to $60,000 a year, and that is for working only six months out of the year!

Entry-level offshore jobs start at $700 to $1,000 per week. Dishwashers and BR hands (who wash dishes, sweep and mop floors, put up inventory and do general house-cleaning in the living quarters) earn $700 per week.

Roustabouts (general laborers) earn $900 to $1100 per week. Other entry level positions are deckhands, oilers, welder helpers, cleaner painters and so on; and there are currently plenty of openings.

Here’s some helpful information you might like to know to help you decide if working offshore is for you.


The better your experience in your particular field or profession, the closer prospective employers will look you at. If you do not currently have any skill or experience that relates to the offshore industry, it does not mean you will not be hired.

There are many entry level positions available which require no previous offshore experience, these can be quickly learned. The most important thing is honesty. Do not misrepresent yourself, your experience, or your skills. For example, do not claim to be a pipe welder if you've only had experience on plate. Or, do not claim to be a diesel mechanic if the only experience you have is doing minor tune-ups in a garage.


The majority of entry level offshore jobs do not require a formal education as the employer is more interested in your ability to do your job well and learn quickly than in how many years you went to school. Some jobs, such as a ballast controlman, mud engineer, etc., require at least a high school education. Other positions, as they get more complex, will naturally require higher levels of education.


Benefits of companies involved in the oil and gas industry range from virtually nonexistent to excellent. The better companies will provide major medical insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, 401 K, programs, and profit sharing.

Available Positions

So, how does one apply for an offshore job? There are four ways to secure offshore employment. The personal physical search is the least effective, and any success is usually attributed to near luck.

A more affective way to search is through newspaper want ads. Key words will usually include the wordoffshore and usually 7&7, 14&14, etc. The ad will give a phone number and/or an address. These newspaper ads will be seeking entry level personnel as well as experienced hands.

The most effective way to job search is through a professional placement agency. Companies that offer offshore, maritime, or overseas jobs fall into one of two categories. The first is the kind of agency that places you in a job and charges you a fee for doing so. The other is the kind that sells you a list of potential employers and you are responsible for placing yourself.

Oilfield Sales

Working in the oilfield business can be very lucrative, particularly if you are in sales. I personally know a couple of people from Lafayette, Louisiana who are making six figures from their oilfield sales jobs. Not only do they make a commission off of their sales but they are also paid a base salary and get quarterly performance bonuses, trust me they make a ton of money. Some oilfield salesman even get paid a per diem when they have to go meet a customer offshore. Lets say they have to go on a rig for 3 days, they may end up making an additional 300/day just for having to go offshore, how sweet is that. So if you are a salesman and you're good at it, you might just want to consider giving the oilfield business a shot, its definitely one of the best offshore jobs around.

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cory 4 years ago

I lucked up when i found this page. I'v been thanking about going to work offshore. But didn't know were to start or what to exspect. Now i can thank more positive about the offshore life. Thanks for the info.

thomas Gonzalez 4 years ago

I am interested in off-shore jobs as a kitchen assistant.

i am lookin for a roustabout job or a floor hand job offshore 4 years ago

i am lookin for a roustabout job or a floor hand job offshore

lanena bennett 4 years ago

i lookin for a on shore i do not have to take the swimming have a twic card. fort worth tx.please! contact me

calvin jones 4 years ago

Hi my name is Calvin and I have been working on land rigs for almost 3yrs from floors up to a derrickman if any one can help me out this is my e-mail thank you

IAN M. DULLA 4 years ago

hi good day, i'm highly interested to apply as a an assistant electrician maintenance in offshore.presently i'm connected with elkhayt red bricks an electrical instrumenation control tech. pls.

jahangir khan 4 years ago

i am already working as crane optr in offshore rig if you have vaqancy crane optr sent me your datail with rotation & salery i have expernces 30 years my email my phone number 00923455267264

Billy Huckabay 4 years ago

I am currently working overseas in Saudi, I have 36 years with my company as a OIM but I have been told by several people lately that you may be looking to hire some Company men. I am greatly interested in this job. I can be contacted at Thank you in advance for the oppurtunity to apply.

AnthonyNguyen 4 years ago

My Name is Anthony Nguyen,

I just receive my twic card recently

about a month ago ,I'm looking for a job Off shore , so if anyone

is looking for a co worker

call me at 504 - 756-5193

or email me at thank you very much!!


I am currently working onboard Lucrecia Angur 4 , and will be interested to join a company . As this will help enrich my experience as a seaman. I am greatly interested in this job. I am 29years old and my contact is Thank you for this oppurtunity as i will present my certificates to you.

jeremy rosales 4 years ago

hi i like to work in offshore i have 2 experience seaman greek vessel my work ther is asst,cook i like 2 work their in off shore email me or call me pls dis is my email my number 639064267288 thank u i hope u call me.

Rufus G 3 years ago

I have my Twic card, I am seeking employment in any entry level position. Please contact me 601-990-7313 or email me

Siluvai Antony 3 years ago

I am Siluvai Antony from Tamilnadu ( India ). Now I am staying in Mumbai ( India ). I am searching job for ROUSTABOAT, I have Five years experience also. Please call me if you have requirement, My mobile no is 00 91 9715348335 & my mail id is

Jason Mills 3 years ago

I am Jason Mills from Alabama, USA. I am searching for an offshore position as a rig electrician. I am willing to start out at an entry level position in order to prove my worth. I have my TWIC and passport. Any help would be appreciated. My email is thank you.

Ray Augustus 3 years ago

I am Ray Augustus and I am looking to work off shore, I do have a TWIC card, I was In the U.S. Navy, I do have experience in deckhand, security, galley and engineering work. What is it it that I must do to get a job working in offshore?

CONNELL BARRON 3 years ago

Hi my name is Connell Barron i am looking for a job i do have my TWIC AND SAFEGULF IM A COOK u can call me at 850 241 24 71 or

zarrien alexander 3 years ago

Hi my name's zarrien and I my self am twenty years of age, and fore the last couple of weeks Iv been looking fore an opportunity on an offshore oil rig. Im a verry hard working indivigual but for this kind of work I have no previous experience.Im from shreveport louisiana, and my area code is 318 71104 if by eny chance an employer was to see this site I assure you that im verry dependable, hard working, and a good lisiner, as well learner. my number's = 318-676-0803 or 318-404-4199. ''please keep me in touch.

Terry Hallcom 3 years ago

Looking for a Chief Engineer's Job in Texas , That's a Chief Engineer OSV 3000 itc , @

Jerome Tucker 3 years ago

I 've have a twic card and is looking for entry level work offshore . I'm a fast learner and will go above & beyond for a career in the oil industry

Christy Miller 3 years ago

Hi, my name is Christy Miller. I am 39 years old , have Twic, Osha, Gulf and Safety qualifuications. I am interested in a position offshore cooking,utility hand or Br. Please call at 225-301-8878, or 225-572-7898. Thanks and I hope sincerally to get a job.

Terry Bradford 3 years ago

I'm 37 years old. I been working at a hospital for 10 years and I'm very interested in working offshore.

Kristopher Taylor 3 years ago

Yes ive been wanting to work offshore for the longest. I am 28 years of age and want to start a career offshore i have a twic card. Its seem like this the job i can retire from and take care of my 5 kids. It dont matter how long i will be gone just want to take care of my family. Godbless. My number is 4094545192 or u can reach me at 4092255337. Thank u

charles clayton 3 years ago

Yes i am looking for a welders helper job. My number is 5807037206

carl benson 3 years ago

carl benson a.k.a. chef homeboy ardee with twic card and safegulf card in hand activly seeking employment please contact me at in regard to

travon 3 years ago

Hey I'm Travon I been in the plant business for a while now and I went to college for process operator but I'm looking to change y career Im very interest in the offshore career but I have no experience so I wanna start myself from the bottom to the top I don' care if I start off a dishwaser or helper I jus want in so if com across this please give me a call 409-499-9546

Tonya 3 years ago

Hi my name is Tonya im looking for a offshore job, galley hand, br, cook, utility hand, housekeeping etc. I have my twic card will someone please help me out my # 3187926541 thanks

Alexis 3 years ago

Hello my name is Aulezus and am looking for employment to work offshore doing entry level or Galley Hand, Catering, Housekeeping ect. Am a great team worker.Safe Gulf Card. I can leave out to work anytime. My information to get in contact with me is below Phone: (251) 655-9035

Thanks Have a Great Day.

Larry Scott 3 years ago

Im try to found out where do I go to get my twic card from so I can apply for work offshore I live in Alexandria la my phone number is 318-308-7063 Thanks A lot my god bless you

Keith Walley 3 years ago

Hello my name is Keith Walley and I can currently working off shore. I love this work and all that comes with it. My schedule is 28/14. I have good pay and benefits, but what I want is a one for one schedule. I have mechanic experience (many years). I currently work my job is Gun Mechanic. If someone is looking for someone with experience and a one for one schedule please call me at (423) 464-1017 or email me at Thank you, Keith Walley

kyle 3 years ago

trying to do the dishwasher or anything need a job asap

kyle 3 years ago

trying do dishwasher or anthing really need a job asap contact me at 3182272868

Jorge Rodriguez 3 years ago

Hi am Jorge Rodriguez like to work outshore I have 12 yrs Extrience of painting & SAN Blasting . Can I the oprotunaty to work outshore thank you .......My #Is 956-590-2015 Can I a text or my email is u

samuel rajakumar 3 years ago

sir iam i.t.i fitter 6 years exp [power plant&sugar mill-4 years,ice cream machine mfg company-2 years] stcw-95 course,lmv driving. i want job for offshore oil rig or roustsbout jobs. my email id mobile no +919788848408

ctukes 3 years ago

Hi I have extensive culinary training and experience, TWIC, PEC(safe gulf) card and I definitely want to get on board 3 to 6months at a time. If anyone can help in pointing me in the right direction, it will be greatly appreciated and please email me at for my work history references and resume.

Anthony Haizel 3 years ago

Looking forward to be hired as Galleyhand or waiter at rigzone,have working experience contact(233 244 580 939,233 261 026 972) email

Hasman Hasyim 3 years ago

Hi,I am Hasman Hasyim crane operator.I have Stage 3 crane operator license,HILO,Oil&Gas crane operator License,and some other Training course,if any suitable job for that position,kindly contact me at :+62 812 6758 1097 or Email to thanks.

james nurse 3 years ago

hi I would like to find an offshore job somewhere in Louisiana I have my twic card but I can't find any applications online i'm from the gulf coast ms. someone please help me I would like to work in the kitchen washing dishes or cleaning if you have any openings email me at THANK YOU!!!!!!

KELLY MELANCON 2 years ago


david johnson 2 years ago

I'm in rock springs Wyoming and looking to go back home I have worked in gas plants and qep plants and I been on some pipelines as a welders helper plz call me at 307 922 1987 or email me at so I can find out what I would have to do thank you

kevin evans 2 years ago

I am looking for, a offshore job, floorhand. call me at 512 535 8456, or

cameron zack 2 years ago

i just got my twic and happy about it 8yr cooking and 10yr handyman. i would love to have this opertunity i well start from bottom

jose hernandez 2 years ago

A highly talented painter with huge experience,seeking a permanent full time position that will utilize my vast experience in sandblasting and painting.Experience in sandblasting,spray painting structures,tank's,pipe rack's,using stagging, spider,and man lift.Worked at citgo,ppg,Invista refinery for Brock service.NCCER certified,withTWIC.9yr experience.(337)563-9659

James Harris 2 years ago

Im looking for a better opportunities in the work force im very hardwoker and I have worked construction all my life and I would like to better my self please give me a call on my cell phone my number is 443 991 3695

Charleston Bolton 2 years ago

HI MY NAME IS CHARLESTON And I am ready to start my career in offshore.I have a TWIC card I ready please give me a call at 832-988-0968. Thank u.

Chris 2 years ago

Good Afternoon, I'm interested in getting on an offshore rig. I'm new to the field but have a solid medical background. Willing and able to work my way up the ladder. I have my TWIC but need to know where to get the Z card. Any help would be great! Thanks in advance.


Bienvenido dalisay jr 2 years ago

good morning sir/madam my name Bienvenido dalisay jr im looking for offshore job,i have work experience at gen.cargo ships word wide.

im 3rd license 31 years old.i have no experience in offshore but im trying and see do any work onboard like in previous job this my email

thank you for this oppurtunity sir/madam...godbless

harold valmeo 2 years ago

im looking for a job as a welder,gtaw smaw,,this my email add.

shadab 2 years ago

I'm welder supervised iti pass 12 years experience my

Brad Dickey 2 years ago

I have my twic card and I'm looking for an offshore job .I'm a welder proficient in arc mig and some tig.Also experience millright. I have 8 years experience. Email is, phone# 7069629771. Great work ethic ready to go.

Jonathan Randle 2 years ago


Great Information

rajdeep roy 2 years ago

hi sir , this is rajdeep roy from kolkata/india..i am a fresher candidate .i have done welding course from donbosco technical institute..i have done stcw course,huet.n i have my passport.ideally i would like to start work within my trade as an(welder)otherwise i would be either to begin work in an entry level position therefore i am seeking as a position in platform or roustabout.

rajdeep roy 2 years ago

hi sir , this is rajdeep roy from kolkata/india..i am a fresher candidate .i have done welding course from donbosco technical institute..i have done stcw course,huet.n i have my passport.ideally i would like to start work within my trade as an(welder)otherwise i would be either to begin work in an entry level position therefore i am seeking as a position in platform or email id is

Lashonda Rose 2 years ago

Hello my name is Lashonda Rose . I am very interested in working off shore in the kitchen . I am an excellent cook. I am a real country woman so everything is from would think your grandmother was there. #225-448-6335

junius l babineaux 2 years ago

i junius l babineaux would like to have a good job and i work offshore for a very long ,could you help me out

safeer 2 years ago

Hallo my name is safeer I am verry indrested work in offshore I am worked same fiel 5years mecanical helper and tduk triver

if suitable job for the possition kindly cotact me

My no 0097338136445

Zachary Rhoden 2 years ago

I've been looking for entry offshore work i have twic and z card but no experience working offshore live in Pensacola Florida so i would rather work in Louisiana but will go else where if i have to can someone give me so information please


Johne758 2 years ago

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Gabriel Meyer 13 months ago

I'm a qualified mechanic looking for an offshore job in the engine room as a floorhand and work my way up to motorman-rig mechanic to chief mechanic phone me on 073 736 4382/044 693 2273

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