Economy Thrives In Omaha-Council Bluffs Metro

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Historic Omaha Thrives Even During Recession

This Metro Area is home to at least 823,000 people at the end of 2007. From 2006 - 2008, the number of jobs, including growth and turnover, continued to increase overall, despite entering a recession in the 4th Qtr of 2008.

Some industry sectors loss jobs during the Great Recession, but the jobs picked up in other sectors made up a larger number. The State Unemployment rate was only 4.0% in December 2008, compared to about 7.6% in the national average in December and 8.1% in February '09.

A Midwest Metro Area

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Best Recovery

In 2009, Forbes reported that Omaha was America's Best Bang-For-The Buck City and "America's Fastest-Recovering City."

Omaha Nation Pow Wow at Creighton University

Ak-Sar-Ben Rodeo

Best Jobs Cities

By 2010, Omaha, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa as a metropolitan area was on the Top 30 Cities for Jobs in America.

The economy of Omaha and Council Bluffs is supported primary by Service Industries, the largest of which are Transport and Utilities combined, Education & Health Services, and Professional Business Services.

American History - Success for 12,000 Years

Early Omaha: Gateway to the West- Omaha became a starting point or gateway to the rest of the American Territories that lay to the west. The Omaha public library system and higher education network had preserved this important history, updating it with new information as it is revealed.

The Omaha Nation of Indigenous Peoples were and have remained an important part of this history for 12,000+ years. Known as Umonhon Nation in their own language, they support an accredited school system and a wide network of social and community services to fight the barriers experienced by youth and families at-risk for poverty, violence, and addiction; as well as to promote and develop a green and sustainable lifestyle relevant to Indigenous customs and spirituality, particularly the reverence for all life.

The Umonhon schools begin with Pre-K to ensure solid language development for future language and mathematics abilities. These skills are boosted by arts and music, which have been proven to be a foundation for mathematics by major US research teams [supported by the Kennedy Center for the Arts], and a vital part of language, which in turn is a vital part of one's culture.

  • Language + Arts (including music) = Culture = The Personality
  • Language Arts + Fine and Traditional Arts = High-quality Mathematics Skills.
  • Developed Mathematics Skills = More highly developed language & arts skills

These elements must be simulated early on, in the Pre-K ages 3 and 4. Language and mathematics are developed on opposite sides of the brain - develop them both through added physical exercise for the whole body: swimming, gymnastics, dance (particularly ballet), certain martial arts, other.

Largest Employers & A New Oil Source

Economically successful American cities often host 10 major employers that outshine all the rest in business results. Omaha boasts a Top 15, with another four contributed by Council Bluffs.

The following Top Companies are also among the Top 25 Employers in the State of Omaha. Omaha may be the most successful city in the state.

All of these employers have at least 1,000 persons on the payroll. The Top 3 employ over 5,000 each, up to 10,000 and the majority are involved in Healthcare, Education, Food Processing and Distribution, and Transportation.

Employer To Watch: Green Plains Renewable Energy - $2,300,000 award to develop a vertically-integrated, low-cost ethanol producer. Click the link to view Career Opportunities.

Largest Companies

  1. University Of Nebraska Medical Center- Physicians and surgeons. 5000, - 10,000 people employed.
  2. First Data Resources - IT/computers
  3. Mutual of Omaha Insurance - Back on TV again in Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.
  4. Clarkson Hospital - Between 1,000 - 5,000 employees.
  5. Nebraska Medical Center
  6. Union Pacific Railroad - Transportation and freight.
  7. Con Agra Foods - Food processing. Bio-waste of some of these plants has been turned into oil (see Tyson, below). At the same time, this firm has been featured in the book Fast Food Nation.
  8. Oriental Training Company - Famous mail order house; hobbies, toys, gadgets.
  9. UNMC/UMAENT Hearing Aids
  10. Bank of the West
  11. Bergan Mercy Hospital - Alegent Health
  12. Creighton University - This school is the stimulus for many new greener technologies and new job growth for the future.
  13. Methodist Hospital
  14. Alegent Health Chest Pain Center
  15. Immanuel Medical Center

Metro Area partner Council Bluffs in Iowa adds her largest companies to the list of Top Employers with worker pools of over 1,000 each:

  • Council Bluffs Community Schools
  • Tyson, Inc. & Tyson Cooked Meats - food processing, known well for its Tyson Chicken products. Tyson's processing wastes are used in the West to make oil (petroleum) under 'high pressure-high heat' technologies, primarily in Texas. The cost of this production had been equal to drilling and refining.

Council Bluffs' economy further depends on the report-hotels and a number of smaller hospitals compared with those in Omaha. Both cities share a metro area worker pool.

Algae Oil - Alternative Fuel

Innovative Technologies

Top 10 High Growth Jobs

  1. Truck Drivers - just a bit ahead of #2, with over 12,000 openings in 2016 an increase of about 1,200 jobs per year.
  2. Registered Nurses (RNs) - Over 10,000 openings during the same 10-year period,
  3. Customer Service and Retail Sales Jobs
  4. All Food Prep & Service and related jobs
  5. Bookkeeping & Accounting
  6. Nurse's Aides and related jobs
  7. Office Clerks
  8. Childcare Workers and Supervisors
  9. Managers - A significant increasing need for managers in the Omaha Consortium of 5 counties has emerged.
  10. Business and Financial Services

Omaha Nation - High Reading & Language Achievement

Omaha Nation - High Reading & Language Achievement

Lewis and Clark witnessed the first American Pow Wow and Thanksgiving Dance that was recorded by white explorers. Omaha Nation danced to Whe'wahchee or Dance of Thanksgiving, in the presence of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1804, the year of the Losuisiana Purchase.

Omaha Nation Community Response Team works to raise healthy children, prevent youth involvement in crime and drugs, promote "well-briety" as a path toward healthy living away from all addictions and other health issues, and to instruct several training courses for healthier families in the traditions of the Omaha Nation.

Umonhon Nation Public Schools - Pre-K through 12 grade graduation. Special Education is included. Sports - The Chiefs and the Lady Chiefs.

The graduation rate for high school doubled from 2002 to 2007 alone, just 5 years. The dropout rate reduced by half from 16% in 2001-2002 to just 8% in 2005 - 2006.

Meeting or exceeding math standards in 4th, 8th, and 11th grades stand at percentages of 98, 85, and 78. For reading & language, they are 98, 82, 93 - excellent achievements for the school overall.

By 12th Grade, 83% or more of high school seniors meet or exceed writing requirements.

Nearly 100% of all teachers are high qualified under the No Child Left Behind guidelines and 11% have an earned Masters Degree.

The Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben grouped in 1895 to keep the Nebraska State Fair in Omaha after a directive to provide entertainment "other than saloons, gambling houses, and honky tonks." They patterned themselves after New Orleans Mardi Gras Krewes. A ho
The Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben grouped in 1895 to keep the Nebraska State Fair in Omaha after a directive to provide entertainment "other than saloons, gambling houses, and honky tonks." They patterned themselves after New Orleans Mardi Gras Krewes. A ho

Travel and Tourism

  • Ak-Sar-Ben Roundup and Rodeo - Famous and popular local event
  • Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts:
  • Dodge House
  • Durham Western Heritage Museum
  • El Museo Latino:
  • Fontenelle Forest
  • Girls & Boys Town
  • Heartland of America Park
  • Henry Doorly Zoo:
  • Holland Center Symphony Hall
  • Hot Shops Art Center
  • Joslyn Art Museum
  • Lewis and Clark Landing
  • Lauritzen Botanical Gardens
  • Old Market Entertainment District:
  • Orpheum Theatre - Broadway productions.
  • Strategic Air and Space Museum:
  • Pioneer Courage Park
  • River City Star:
  • Rose Children's Theatre
  • Squirrel Cage Jailhouse
  • The Omaha Children's Museum
  • Union Pacific Railroad Museum

Higher Education

  • Alegent Health School
  • Capitol School Of Hairstyling
  • Clarkson College
  • College Of Saint Mary
  • Creighton University
  • Custom Diesel Drivers Training
  • E Q School Of Hair Design
  • Grace University
  • Hamilton College
  • ITT Technical Institute in Omaha
  • La Rose Beauty Academy
  • Metropolitan Community College
  • Nancy Bounds International
  • Nebraska Christian College
  • Nebraska Methodist College Of Nursing & Allied Health
  • North American Travel School
  • Omaha College Of Health
  • Omaha School Of Massage
  • Opportunities Industrialization Center
  • Railway Educational Bureau
  • Randall School Of Real Estate
  • The Craftsman School
  • The Creative Center College
  • Travel Careers Institute
  • University Of Nebraska
  • Vatterott College
  • Xenon International School Of Hair Design

Omaha Sports

  • Omaha Beef - Indoor Football
  • Omaha Lancers Hockey - Council Bluffs
  • Omaha Royals - AAA affiliate of the Kansas City Royals
  • Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights Hockey - affiliate of the Calgary Flames
  • Creighton Bluejays men's and women's soccer & basketball, other sports.
  • Kansas City/Omaha Kings Basketball
  • University of Nebraska at Omaha Mavericks Hockey
  • College Level and Professional Wrestling Tournaments
  • American Taekwondo Association (ATA) events & classes, founded in Omaha in 1969
  • Ak-Sar-Ben Foundation livestock and horse events.

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