OnStar Equals Scare Tactics

OnStar advertising is misdirecting customer loyalty

Since the inception of Onstar...

1996 was a great year for Generel Motors offshoot, OnStar.  The business was never heard of, the clients were the "elite" Cadillac customers - surely these customers would be easy enough to satisfy, and not price sensitive enough to care what OnStar costs.

2000 was a marginal year for OnStar.  The product was installed in so many new vehicles that General Motors (ie. Government Motors) was ill-equipped to handle the volume.  The first year "free" subscriptions were easy to give away - yet return customers failed to renew.  What the heck does OnStar do?

Invent new technology that is a "gotta have" or at least a service that is perceived as a gotta have -- with the development of Personal Calling, or Hands-free Calling, OnStar thought they were on to something.  Offering in vehicle call options (as if no one ever heard of using a Bluetooth headset, or now the Billy Mays touted Jupiter Jack).  Once again, OnStar has lost that defining service that created the demand they needed to develop would be renewals.

2008 and beyond.

Look at the commercials that GM, and in part OnStar are running.  Look at the theme of scare tactics that they consistently rely on to try to convince you how invaluable this service can be for you.  "If you are in an accident and you lose your cell phone, and get disoriented, what are you going to do?"  Panic like a schoolgirl evidently. 

What the heck did we ever do without OnStar?

Are we all becoming lemings to the sea- unable to see this crap for what it is?

GM, if OnStar is so great - please publich actual renewal percentages.....

Adn by the way, how much longer is the federal gov't going to let GM run another business that has not made a profit?


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