Online Stores-Generate More Revenue When Your Business is Closed

Sell your products online
Sell your products online

So what's in it for me

In the Internet age there is not one business that cannot benefit from an online presence. For salon or spa owners an online store is a necessity. It is entirely conceivable for your online store to generate more income as your store inside your salon or spa.

At a minimum, your online store should definitely have the same products that are carried in your salon or spa for clients that don’t have time to shop.

Expanding your online store to include other products that are currently not available in your salon or spa will bring in new clients because you are selling the products online that they are looking for. Always contact clients that purchase from you online to thank them for the sale and to find out if they are pleased with their purchase. This type of customer services for online shoppers will take the chill out of an online sale and replace it with the warmth of your salon or spa.


What's in it For Them?

Your online store should offer your clients the opportunity to purchase new products, frequently used products, learn about new procedures in detail and book appointments for services.

Your online store should offer many more products than are available for sale in your salon. Why? Because you do not have to purchase stock or inventory until it is ordered. The use of drop shipping can be set up in advance sending the product directly to your client as soon as it is ordered and paid for.

An online store is an overlooked income generator by salons and spas in part because more salons and spas should be retailing much more. Frequently small salons or spas will site lack of funds as a reason not to open an online store. An online store does not have to depend on physical inventory. Salon and spa owners can fill their online store much like a wish list as long as they can deliver the products within an acceptable time frame.

So, regardless of how you stock your new online store, the main thing is to get it going today. Take action. You've worked hard on establishing your business. Its time to take it to the next level with an online store.

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Midasfx profile image

Midasfx 7 years ago

If one was a great internet entrepreneur / salesman one could make a lot of money visiting salons and spas and selling them on this idea, that they need a online store with their products. You could host, and design their e-commerce stores for them for a small monthly charge. This could be quite lucrative. Thanks for the inspiration.

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 7 years ago from North Carolina Author

You are very correct Midasfx. Offline businesses need to get online now and get established, so when the economy recovers, they will be that farther ahead of their competition.

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