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How would you like to choose what your salary will be? How about your salary and pay increases? Well this can happen if work as an independent contractor and not an employee of some company. And that, is called a Freelancer !

Freelancers pretty much dictate how much they will gain. It’s not a company that tells them what they’re worth! They also tend to have lots of opportunities available because of the many freelance websites that have new tasks posted every day.

A freelance web-site is like an e-bay for jobs. One of those web-sites is Elance. You can collaborate with Elance as an individual or as a business, for FREE, or for a subscription, going from $9.95 for individuals up to $39.95 for large companies, of course having more advantages (like more jobs you can subscribe to, more skills you can show in your resume etc.)the higher the subscription is. But don’t worry about that, you can earn quite enough with a FREE subscription, and as you get more comfortable with the site it will be your decision if you change to a paid subscription or not. But let’s see how all this freelance business works.

People need jobs done in categories like Design and Multimedia, Web Design, Programming, Writing and Translation, Administrative Support, Sales and Marketing, Finance and Management, Legal, Engineering, Customer service, etc. So they visit a freelance site and post their task description, the requirements for the task, and the amount they are willing to pay for it. Then the people registered as freelancers are able to see the project and bid on how much they want to be paid to get the project done, and the time it would take for them to do it. The project owners are inclined to work with international freelancers, so people outside U.S. are favorized. And that’s because most of them may be able to afford to do tasks at lower prices than others because their cost of living may be cheaper in their home country than it is in the States. The freelance websites also have payment processes in place to ensure that no one gets screwed.

This is a serious task, and by serious I mean thousands of tasks on Elance only, a lot of them paying $500, $1000 and even $5000 per job, so make sure that you bid on projects that you are capable of doing, and that you can finish in the available timeframe. Try to do the best you can, so that you get good ratings and get more jobs in the future. Working on projects is great, especially because you can choose the amount of time spent on them and the quicker you get the job done the faster you can start doing another one. Working hard and finishing jobs fast can get you a few hundred dollars in just a few days! So it is YOU that choose how much you will gain this month! So let’s stop wasting time and get those money you were looking for when you got our Online Working Project!

Later Update : More freelancer sites where you can get online working!

Considering that in my previous post about freelance jobs I used as an example Elance , which allows you as a free subscriber to only take on 3 projects a month, I was thinking I should submit a list of a few more freelancer websites so that by combining the jobs you find in all of these you can generate a nice monthly income for yourself. Some of them accept you for free, for others you need to pay, and some let you choose to be a free subscriber or a paid one. Either way, there are lots to choose from for everyone’s taste. So here it goes.

Get a freelancer - This website is one of the biggest freelancing websites, and the system goes like this : you go to the site, you create your account, and then at the bottom of the first page you choose one of the categories, one you think you can be competitive in. Under that category you will find tasks, and freelancers like you select the project , make an offer of how much they charge for it, and write something or give some examples of what they did in the past, to convince the user that posted the task to choose them. If you are new to freelancing I recommend selecting easier jobs so you can easily do them well, in order to get rating and so win jobs easier in the future. The site pays on time, it’s verified. The projects are mostly web design and programming but there are also some listings for other job types including data entry, support agents, virtual assistants, and more.

More sites :

Authentic Jobs

Contracted Work - tasks include administrative, business, graphic design, multimedia, legal, web design & development, writing, and miscellaneous freelance projects.

Freelance Switch - has jobs in web design, web development, writing, illustration, flash, and miscellaneous jobs.

Get a coder - programming and web design/development projects make up the majority of listings. Also has graphic design, multimedia, marketing, writing, legal, and administrative support jobs.

Guru - offers the opportunity to market to a global audience with minimal costs. Innovative features, such as an online Video Profile, give Freelancers a cutting edge platform to highlight their skills and experience to attract new business and retain repeat customers.

IFreelance - Lots of projects available in categories like administrative support, graphic design, legal, marketing, advertising, programming, writing, editing, and translation.

O-desk - a rapidly growing global community of buyers and providers that numbers in the hundreds of thousands, oDesk is changing how the world works.

Project 4 Hire - jobs in web development, software programming, and graphic design projects, writing, multimedia, and services.

Rent a coder - software or coding related jobs. Other types of projects listed include graphic design, marketing, SEO, data entry, virtual assistant, and writing.

Scriptlance - Mostly freelance programming or web design tasks. Also marketing, data entry, writing, and other projects.

Writerlance - Freelance writing jobs like article writing, blog and forum posting, copywriting, press releases, e-books, instruction manuals, technical writing, etc.


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